9 Best Apps To Learn Italian for Android & iOS

by Jimmy Marsh

Best Apps To Learn Italian

Known as the origin of various pasta creations, Italy has also gained the attention from the world for its language. Many people are now attracted to add Italian to their new language skill bucket. What you need to do is to find the best apps to learn Italian to get you to excel in Italian language skill. 

Back in the ’90s, people would go to a language center or bookshop to learn a new language, sometimes it was hard since not all cities had a language center where you can learn all the foreign languages you want. 

Contradictory to what was then to learn a new language, within the technology, learning a new language experience became much easier as scrolling down your smart device’s screen. And, the challenge now is to choose which one suits your schedule, budget, and other preferences. 

Find the right one with benefits that match your needs below!

Best Apps To Learn Italian for Android and iOS

Italian Language App with Bite-Sized Daily Lesson

Some language learners can only spend a really short time in the daily learning process. The daily routines only allow you to spend less time on this interesting science. Therefore, the first category of the recommendation goes exclusively for the hustler with bite-sized daily lessons. with Here you go!

1. Pimsleur Italian

Pimsleur Italian

Paul PIMSLEUR, the initiator of this app, uses a more traditional approach to this app which makes you start a good habit or learn at a slow pace. When starting to use the app, the tutor will introduce the lesson in English. From the methodology used, this app is great for beginners in Italian. 

You’ll be introduced to the language not being a passive listener, you’ll instead be pushed to interact as you are learning in a class. The audio-based course will still motivate you to pronounce, recall or memorize the audio and practice it by responding to a native speaker.

What you need to know :

  • It gives you one free test
  • Easy to use since you will only have to complete 1 audio per day
  • Since Italian is also known for intonation, the audio course will teach you about this as well
  • With the paid app, you’ll also get the Speakeasy feature that allows you to practice intonation, rhythm, and intonation, Digital Flashcard feature to help you practice vocabulary and written skills, skill-building tools, and a service where you can download to stream the lesson offline. 
  • This app to learn Italian is great for you who can learn in a more private space as it assigns you some task requiring you to speak or repeat words out loud.

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2. Babbel


Babbel provides a daily dialogue-based lesson. The length is only 15 minutes per day, a small amount of time for the user. With this free app, users can choose their level, from beginners to advanced learners. The theme of the lessons they provide is quite large, from travel to work needs. 

With the realistic dialogue-based, you’ll get exposure from the day you start to learn a language learning process in an exciting way. Although the free version only provides you the first lesson from each course, you’ll have four options of subscription that you can choose based on the duration ( 1 month up to 1 year). This Italian language app is not only good to learn from zero but also to practice your existing competency. 

The feature that you’ll get :

  • Content that relates to Italian-speaking countries that helps you to discover more about the language itself as a complement
  • Easy User Interface, but including images to help you memorize the words you learn
  • Babble have the speech recognition technology that allows you to improve your pronunciation skills 
  • Use the review feature to remember the previous lessons and learn about the grammar as well
  • With conversation from the lesson, you’ll find the words and expressions in context with audio read by native speakers. 

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3. Rocket Languages Italian

Rocket Languages Italian

An app with a comprehensive Italian language app to help you boost your 4 language skills just like a rocket, this app is the answer! It offers lessons in audio format with a more structured build like a rocket system.

Rocket Languages won’t overload you with heavy grammar and words, it will give you more practical dialogues which let you learn the practical words as well. Not to mention that they give the users explanations about certain contexts when doing the dialogues for Italian speakers, and the way Italians interact.

What will you discover and love from this App are :

  • While it offers you interactive audio-based lessons, you’ll find that this app is learner-friendly. They provide various types of content from audio to writing lessons and even survival kit lessons. 
  • You’ll discover the most related subjects which are language and culture lessons to get into the language
  • The feature of Voice recognition to help you perfect your pronunciation for sure
  • A tutor that guides you, assists through the dialogues, asking you to repeat words to help you memorize your lessons.
  • Track the progress, reinforce your skill by reminding you of words and phrases that you are weak on so you can correct it until arrive at your best

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4. Memrise


Memrise is a perfect choice of apps to use, especially if you are a type of language learner who prefers using flashcards. This concept always brings fun, especially for the younger generation who get easily bored. 

Memrise will make you focus on memorizing words and expressions, this is good enough for beginners who need basic knowledge. With a really bite-sized lesson, containing only 3 words per lesson, it will be super easy for you users to develop the Italian skill.

Memrise offers you some beneficial content like :

  • A fun way to immerse yourself in the language with a new approach showing how people from the street use the expression. It helps you speak casually in Italian
  • Various tests on your choice when reviewing your vocabulary
  • A daily reminder that you can set and guide you to build a good learning habit while reviewing your vocabulary
  • A broad range of fun activities to develop your Italian skill
  • Competitive cost for subscription-based on duration

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Gamified Italian Learning Journey

Building a good learning habit is important when learning languages. Some of the Italian language learning apps prepared their app for users to be addicted to the journey, making learning more efficient and fun at the same time. 

5. Mondly


Optimizing the use of the newest technology like augmented reality and chatbots, Mondly offers you to discover and develop Italian skill with a game-like approach as well. 

Mondly is available for beginners to advanced users. The lessons are ready to be adopted by each learner. The app brings people to learn Italian together online. By competing with friends or even strangers, the learning journey will be both more fun and somehow challenging. 

The great things you will find about Mondly are :

  • Simple and concise explanation about Italian grammar, as the core of the language structure
  • A new approach of combining words and text that fit maximum length capacity for users to memorize
  • Reconstruct the words, phrases you learned into conservation using your own voice with Natural Speech Recognition feature
  • Absorb more knowledge about Italian verb conjugation with only a tap on Italian verb on your screen
  • Follow up your progress using the intelligent reporting featured in the app
  • Participate in Weekly Quiz, to keep you motivated during your learning journey 
  • A broad range of topics for beginners, you can choose a topic from travel, color, etc

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6. Drops


This one offers you a gamified experience while learning Italian as well, with a User Interface that attracts you to stick to it right away. Drops is great for beginners. You will actually learn with games like flashcards in order to enrich your Italian vocabulary.

The activities that Drops create are more likely multiple-choice or spelling exercises to lead you to memorize the vocabulary well. Turns out, users can choose to use the free version where you can access one lesson for 10 minutes per day, or if you want to explore more interesting topics. 

With Drops as your Italian language supplement to your Italian learning journey, you can get the experience of :

  • Handpicked practical words, learn useful expressions with various themes for daily use
  • New words come with a translation in English and even pictures that depict the word
  • Quick learning lesson with addictive and short games

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Grammatical Approach for Beginners

Learning a language with a grammatical approach is good to do from the beginning. It will allow you a more profound understanding of the structure aspect before going further with the language. Try this app below if you are curious about this approach. 

7. Lingodeer


If you need closer to the traditional approach to your Italian learning, like grammatical parts, Lingodeer is there for you. Along with the vocabulary studies, there will be a grammatical explanation to give you knowledge about the Italian structure.

While the lesson with a grammatical approach may be ‘strong’, the UI design is quite simple and pleasant. If you find yourself loving the method Lingodeer has for users, you can choose for monthly, yearly or even lifetime access. 

Lingodeer allows you to :

  • Solidify the foundation of the language skill through the structure of the language approach, it prepares users to a profound understanding before immersing themself in the language
  • Have a more structured learning journey with a linear curriculum 
  • Reinforce listening and speaking language skill with recordings by native speakers
  • Download your courses for offline learning according to your preference
  • Side tools such as cultural stories, flashcards, quizzes, and target learning to enliven the learning process.

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Tutoring Italian Learning Concepts

If you find yourself as a more advanced Italian learner, and/or are more comfortable when learning with a buddy (be it a teacher, tutor or just a casual learning buddy), you can choose one of the following apps that match your needs. 

8. italki


Want more exposure for speaking skills rather than enriching vocabulary with flashcards? Italki challenges its users with this objective since practicing is more exciting. Through this app to learn Italian, you can reserve a lesson with a registered Italian teacher, tutor or language partner. 

With this kind of Italian learning process, you’ll get a chance to experience an interactive lesson for more advanced Italian learners. 

Use Italki and you’ll get to :

  • Connect and  schedule an Italian lesson with an interactive format, in virtual room conversation format,
  • Use the notebook feature to get your writing skills be reviewed and corrected
  • Learn Italian speaking skills from anywhere and anytime, paid per lesson, you don’t need for subscription

Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

9. Tandem


As an active language learning community app, Tandem will help you find an Italian native speaker to team up with you to explore the language skills. Works like social media, but specified for language learning, Tandem will match you with people who can fill the weak spot you have, just like a puzzle. 

While the efficiency of the learning journey really depends on you and your partner’s commitment (p.e: time), you can enjoy the learning time while making new friends. 

Tandem provides you services that help you to :

  • Improves your vocabulary, since you are already an advanced learner, sometimes you face difficulties finding the right words, the app offers a translation feature to help compose a complete sentence
  • Enrich your grammar knowledge with message comments and correction features
  • Gender filter of speaking partners for learning purpose 
  • Take a more flexible lesson journey or master the language quicker with a certified professional tutor for one-on-one lessons. 

Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

Whether going to learn Italian for a casual objective or to more immersion and exposure to Italian culture, work, or travel purpose, these apps mentioned are basically having the same customer purpose.

 As a user, be mindful to choose from the beginning, you can go from considering the learning style to the cost: free Italian language app or paid one, and to which point you can afford. 

Choosing one that suits your learning style from the beginning will help you more to get through the whole learning process, making a good investment for self-development. 

Otherwise, the apps won’t make you a master of Italian over a blink of an eye, it takes time, courage, and maintaining consistency. Set your goal and do your best during the journey!

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