11 Best Autotune Apps for Android & iOS

by Thalia Woods

Best Autotune Apps

Do you love singing? But what if your voice is a bit out of tune? Well, don’t worry because these best autotune apps will help you to create amazing sounds.

In this article, you will get a series of information about apps that help you to correct the pitch. Most apps on the list below also come with other features that allow you to be as creative as you like. Besides, some of them are free – which is a great deal!

The Best Autotune Apps to Unlock Your Creativity

Today, you can run a pitch correction online app effortlessly. Both the Play Store and App Store have plenty of apps that allow you to be creative to mix music. Below is a list of apps that help you to create and mix music effortlessly.

1. Starmaker

All the karaoke lovers would love this app as much as they love karaoke itself. You can use Starmaker to correct your pitch after recording your voice. However, these options might not be as bright as other apps mentioned on this list.

Still, Starmaker is one of the most decent pitch correction apps that come up with enough features. As simple as it sounds, Starmaker has a user-friendly UI design and even beginners can operate the entire thing effortlessly.

Compared to other advanced apps on this list, Starmaker deserves a spot when it comes to the most effortless app to correct your pitch. You can apply the effect through one tap – well, it is not quite pleasant for novice users. Still, you have to give Starmaker a shot.

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2. Auto Rap

Auto Rap

You might have known Smule, especially if you love karaoke that much. Nowadays, Smule has widened its wings by releasing several apps that allow you to correct the pitch and apply autotune. The most popular pitch correction software from Smule is called Auto Rap.

As the app’s name suggests, Auto Rap is an excellent choice for those who love rapping and want to make it more fun. You can record your rapping, correct your tune, and engage with the community through one app.

One of the most interesting things about this app is that you can talk and the machine will turn it into a rap piece. Auto Rap, indeed, has a feature that matches the beat and auto-tune. This app will help you to improve your rapping skill and create super-awesome music.

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3. LE03

There might not be many free autotune apps for iPhone available out there. The most common option is that you have to pay for the services in the first place. However, if you are a professional then this app will help you a lot.

For now, LE03 is one of the apps for a perfect pitch that are only compatible with the iOS system. Also, it will be a perfect additional app to create and mix your music. According to users this app offers a clean autotune and there is no need to use any artifact in the first place.

Even though the features are quite rich and easy to implement, LE03 won’t be a complex plugin for iOS devices. You can even change the autotune speed to change the sound. More than anything, LE03 is a perfect DAW tool you can rely on.

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4. Tune Me

If you are looking for the best free auto tune app for Android then Tune Me is an ideal choice. As its name suggests, this app will help you to tune your voice to the music. It comes with a series of features that will enhance your vocals and mixing quality.

And if you need to correct your pitch then you can choose an effect on the library. The only thing that might be a turn-off is the app’s obsolete UI design. However, the editing tools are robust, powerful, and excellent for those who need a mobile app with specific features.

Feel free to add and apply effects on your recorded voice. Also, you can adjust the timing and the effect seamlessly. As mentioned earlier, Tune Me is an excellent app for Android – it also means that iOS users should take a look elsewhere.

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5. Voloco


Are you looking for some decent voice changer apps? If so then you should consider using Voloco. This app is quite popular among online vocalists, both on iOS and Android platforms. It comes with a bunch of features that will spoil all those people who love singing.

Voloco offers services that help you to correct vocals and make a record out of your voice. Other than that, you can use the app to correct your pitch even if you are karaoke-ing. One of the most interesting things about this app is its seamless yet effortless process.

All you need to do is to record your voice and let the system carry out the rest. Once you have recorded your vocal, you will see a track with your voice along with the editing section. After that, Voloco will let you adjust the entire thing through the tools on your screen.

This app has an autotune feature, which will help you to adjust your pitch. Yet, you don’t always need to use this feature, especially if your voice is nice already. All in all, Voloco is a robust app that allows you to do anything you like for free – in-app purchases are available.

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6. Spire


One of the autotune apps free that you can try is called Spire. This app is available for iOS and Android devices. By using Spire, you can record your voice and music just like in a studio. It also means that you can use minimal tools to get the optimal result in any way possible.

Similar to most apps on this list, you can use the autotune feature to correct the pitch. Other than that, Spire comes with a series of tools that allow you to apply various tools just like other professional apps.

However, the free version has tons of limitations. As long as you are good with the basic editing features then you may go with the free app, after all.

Generally, Spire is a one-stop platform for music creators. You can record your voice and the instruments through one app, as well as writing the lyrics. All in all, if you are willing to spend your money on this app then you should give it a go.

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7. Rap Chat

Rap Chat

Meanwhile, you can say that Rap Chat is the best free auto tune app for Android and iOS platforms. Even though it comes with “rap” on its name, it doesn’t mean that the app only accommodates rapping. You can use this app for various types of music and vocals.

Just like most apps on this list, Rap Chat comes with a series of features that allow you to edit the music and vocals. For the vocal part, you can apply special effects so that it sounds as what you prefer. Those features and effects also include autotune – which are adjustable.

However, you can only use music that is only in the database of Rap Chat. It means that you cannot record other music in the first place. But don’t worry because you can record your voice as much as you like.

Later, you can edit your voice by using tons of tools offered by Rap Chat. Other than that, you have the liberty to include effects and mix the entire thing. You will never know how amazing Rap Chat is without giving the app a try.

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8. Audio Editor

Audio Editor

Have you heard of an app called Audio Editor? This app is such an amazing tool you should give it a try, especially if you want more than just an autotune app. You can edit your music by using this app and get a decent result.

Generally, this app allows the users to do various things as much as they like in the first place. Even though Audio Editor offers a subscription plan, the free version is rich enough to get everything done.

Compared to another autotune app iPhone on this list, Audio Editor comes with a steeper learning curve. The functions and features are a bit complicated but the results are worth your efforts in many ways.

Thus, if you are willing to learn on operating this app in the first place then you should consider using Audio Editor. The free version is more than enough to edit your music, after all. It will be a worthy investment in many ways.

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9. VoiceSynth


This app is specifically designed for iPhone and iPad. Once you download this app, you will get to enjoy the experience of using a professional synthesizer. Other than that, you can say that VoiceSynth is one of the best pitch correction apps for iOS devices.

The features, such as auto pitch, speed-shift sampling, and vocoder will blow your mind. Thus, you can sing like Daft Punk effortlessly. You can even play a funny voice without doing much effort by using this synthesizer.

However, VoiceSynth is not a free app. You have to pay USD11.99 to enjoy all the features offered but you get to bring the app anywhere you are, considering this is a mobile app. So, if you are looking for experience to play synthesizer then you should give this app a shot.

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10. VocaLive


For all iOS users who look for an auto tune app download then you should take a look at VocaLive first. This app is fantastic and will help you to discover your talent at singing. Well, this app has at least 12 vocal effects that will be fun to try on.

On the other hand, VocaLive encourages you to practice and improve, which is very helpful for everyone. Once you’ve recorded your vocals and applied the effects, you can create your own presets.

Many users consider VocaLive as a useful tool to start your singing hobby. It allows you to sing along to your favorite tunes and then give the entire control to you. By that, you can adjust the pitch. On the other hand, the Live Mode helps you to hold a mini concert.

All in all, VocaLive is an excellent app to correct your pitch, especially if you are an iPhone user. The free version comes with a bunch of features already but you can always upgrade what you get through in-app purchases.

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11. Style Studio

Smule also develops an app that allows you to apply various audio – and video – effects for free. Thus, if you are looking for a decent auto tune mobile app then you should consider trying Style Studio.

This app will work really seamlessly on Smule. By using this app, you can add effects both on the voice and video that you will upload on Smule. And if you are looking for pitch correction apps for Android then Style Studio can provide you with that.

Style Studio has a wide array of library collections when it comes to funny audio templates and visual effects. You won’t be stuck with your karaoke – both video and audio – if you already have this app on your phone.

This app offers various features, such as:

  • Tons of customizable audio effects and video filters
  • You can be as creative as you like to enhance both the audio and video.
  • Create and share your creations to other Smule users.
  • Change your voice into something different with the app’s preset sounds. You only need one tap to make the effect makes change

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It could be a bit difficult to find apps with pitch correction, especially if you aim for the free one. However, it is not impossible to try all the premium features through a trial – a few of apps mentioned above come with a free-trial version, after all. More than anything, the presence of apps that help to correct pitch is such a huge help for music makers. 

And if you love making music or singing but need help then you should consider one of the best autotune apps mentioned on the list above. Similar to choosing other apps in general, make sure that your choice comes up with all the features you need in the first place.

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