11 Best Caller ID Apps for Android & iOS

by Thalia Woods

Best Caller ID Apps for Android & iOS

Caller ID apps help you prevent pesky calls from unknown numbers. The advent of technology has found a way to reveal information of callers even if they try to hide it. Get the best caller ID apps on your Android or iPhone and get to know who is calling you.

The apps are basically designed to help you manage calls and messages including identifying unknown calls and blocking spams. Since everyone deserves a safe, friendly and trustworthy communication environment, caller ID apps allow you to put disturbing and unnecessary calls at bay.

Best Caller ID Apps for Android and iOS

You don’t have all day to find a caller ID application that really works, that’s why you are here. Indeed, finding a good phone app to manage your calls and messages can be a bit of a task. Help yourself with the following reference and pick one that suits you the most.

1. Whoscall


Whoscall offers a safe and reliable environment to communicate with your loved ones. Featuring caller ID and block function, it comes in handy to identify incoming calls, block spam calls and messages, and provide trustworthy call and message service.

It boasts of a massive database consisting of 1 billion numbers globally. For this reason, it promises a powerful identification of incoming calls and messages from unknown numbers so you can pick up important calls only.

Furthermore, Whoscall comes packed with a built-in dialer to search unknown numbers before dialing out. You can also benefit from the Whoscall call interface that gives you quick and easy identification for incoming and outgoing calls.

More importantly, this app is able to identify callers even when you are not connected to the internet. Simply download the offline database and control your callers anytime anywhere. Whoscall is free to use but a premium upgrade is available for more features and ads-free experience.

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2. Truecaller


Trust your convenient communication with Truecaller. One of the best caller ID apps that lets you identify and block unknown callers, robocallers, telemarketers, and fraudsters. Thanks to advanced spam detector that automatically block and protect your number from spam.

Other than that, the top-notch caller ID app can identify and show you who is calling even if the number is not saved in your contacts. Get to know the callers before you answer so you can get more prepared. It also provides you with a VoIP feature so you can talk to your friends for free.

Are you concerned about data security and safety? Truecaller comes packed with history backup feature with which you can backup contacts, messages, and call histories to Google Drive. Even it works for blacklists and settings.

Smart messaging is another main highlight on Truecaller. It automatically organizes SMS into spam, personal, or another category. You can also use the Group chat feature to chat for free with loved ones.

Truecaller offers free and premium versions. Premium version unlocks exclusive features such as ads-free experience, advanced blocking, incognito mode to hide your profile, and many more.

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3. Hiya

Hiya is a multipurpose caller ID application to improve your communication experience. With it you can block calls, detect fraud and spam calls, and manage contacts. Providing reliable protection, no need to worry about unknown calls or fraudulent calls.

Being a trustworthy call blocker, it automatically blocks spam calls and deliver spam alerts when you receive an incoming call from fraud numbers. It also gives you the option to report spoof calls to the community.

Additionally, this best caller ID app comes with a number lookup that gives you context on a caller in real time. It helps you figure out if someone on the other side is a friend, fraud number, or robocaller so you can make a better decision before picking up.

One amazing feature you can find on Hiya is virus protection and phone security. Powered by an advanced phone spam protection engine, it identifies and blocks telemarketers, debt collectors, or fraud calls. Not to mention it lets you manage contacts and add address to your phone book.

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4. Verizon Call Filter

Verizon Call Filter

Keep spam calls at bay with Call Filter from Verizon. This useful app can do a lot of things such as manage incoming calls, block spam calls automatically, and report unwanted numbers. It promises convenient communication and peaceful quality time with your loved ones.

Call Filter highlights a number of key features including real-time alerts on incoming call to avoid spam calls; spam filter that automatically send spam calls to voicemail; and call blocker to block unwanted calls from any numbers similar to yours.

Personal block list comes in handy to manage unwanted calls. And if you don’t want to receive any incoming call from international numbers, it has got you covered. Plus, it lets you search spam database to see if a number has been brought to your spam list.

Plus, this best caller ID app has the ability to update your contact seamlessly. If you are not really into contact management, you’ll definitely love this feature. Call Filter is free to use but you can subscribe with real money.

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5. AT&T Call Protect

AT&T Call Protect

A reliable caller ID application to discard threats. AT&T Call Protect is available until January 2023 and you can migrate to AT&T ActiveArmor to get better protection. There are plenty of benefits you can find on this best free caller ID app.

When it comes to features and benefits, this app has much to offer. Auto fraud call blocking becomes the main highlight to detect and block calls from fraudulent numbers even before they reach you. It also offers spam risk call blocking that blocks spam and send them to voicemail.

Put telemarketers and survey calls at bay with nuisance call alerts. Using this feature, you can label nuisance calls and you will receive alerts for incoming calls. It also comes with personal block lists to block unwanted callers.

AT&T Call Protect takes your security seriously. It has a device security feature that protects your data from mobile threats. More importantly, breach report alerts will inform you if data breaches occur.

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6. Me


Me gives the best protection to your phone. This best caller ID app combines sophisticated technology and beautiful design, providing you with a convenient way to figure out the real name of a caller. It also ensures your safety by sending alert for robocalls, fraud callers, or spam calls.

Compared to most caller ID apps, Me is slightly different. Besides serving as a caller ID and spam blocker, it works as a social network to renew connections with friends. Use it to check who have your number in their contacts.

Similar to other social networks, Me allows you to explore friends’ and callers’ profiles. Get to know if you have mutual contacts, leave comments on other’s profile, and keep updated with the latest posts on your social media.

Other than that, Me is equipped with a smart technology that says the name of the caller out loud. It also has a flash feature that can be enabled on incoming calls. With a simple and intuitive interface, Me improves your communication experience.

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7. Robokiller


Block robocalls and spam calls with Robokiller. With the ability to filter and control incoming calls, it helps you get a peaceful, trustworthy, and safe communication. Besides automatically blocking robocalls and spam calls, it adds them to the blocklist so they can’t reach you.

Spam calls are annoying. If your phone rings constantly from spammers, use Robokiller to solve the problem. It features a spam filter that reduces spam calls by 99 percent. It also comes with blocklist that updates automatically to give you optimum protection from telemarketer and robocallers.

There are many other things you can do with Robokiller other than blocking spam calls and robocalls. Save new number in the Allow list so they will be kept in your contact list. You can also view the missed number in the Calls list.

Do you expect an important call from a new number? Use Pause Blocking feature to disable spam blocker temporarily. If you are done, continue to use the default settings. It’s good to know that this feature works not only for calls but also text messages.

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8. NumBuster


If you are looking for a caller ID app that is completely free, NumBuster is surely for you. Providing safe call management, it detects and blocks spam calls and text messages. No more disturbance from robocalls or unwanted callers anymore.

With million users globally, NumBuster is one of the best caller ID apps for Android and iPhone. It comes loaded with features ranging from automatic protection against spam callers and robocalls, incoming calls block, and automatic phone number lookup.

Built-in call history log allows you to view incoming calls and contact lists. Simply enter the profile of the caller and see his tags, names, and even rating. Additionally, the developer constantly updates the social blacklist with new features.

This app requires internet connection to screen and block calls, so make sure your device stays connected. Use NumBuster for free for safe communication.

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9. T-Mobile Scam Shield

T-Mobile Scam Shield

Brought to you by T-Mobile, Scam Shield is a phone protection app to prevent scam calls, unknown callers, robocalls, and more. It is powered by supercharged network technology that helps defense against scammers, identify them, and block them before they reach you.

Scam Shield has a variety of useful features. In addition to scam block and scam reporting that become the main highlights, it has a caller ID to see who is calling before you pick up. You can also benefit from the Allow list feature to prevent trusted numbers from being blocked.

Scam reporting is another feature you’ll love on this app. It identifies suspicious fraudsters and callers so they won’t be able to call you in the future. Verified business calls are available to allow trusted businesses to call you.

You can use either the free or premium version. Premium Scam Shield gives you access to premium features like personal number blocking, reverse number lookup, and voicemail to text.

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10. Showcaller


Showcaller is the best caller ID app to reveal the identity of unknown callers, especially their names and regions. It has been trusted by millions of users throughout the globe, making it one of the most widely used call protection applications.

Other than identifying true caller name and region, it works effectively to avoid spam calls, robocalls, and telemarketers. Even it automatically records any incoming and outgoing calls with HD quality if you enable the recording mode.

It is simple, fast, and completely easy to use thanks to its sleek and clean interface. It is also a powerful phone dialer that features fast T9 search in your calls and contacts. Offline mode is supported by offline database, providing accessibility without internet connection.

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11. CallApp


Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.callapp.contacts

Block number, identify caller, and record call with just one tap with CallApp. It is a caller ID application that is powered by Advanced caller ID technology, allowing you to identify unknown numbers before picking up. Now you can choose important calls only from people that you know.

CallApp also supports spam call blocker that lets you stop robocalls, blacklist numbers, protect from scam calls, and manage advanced blacklist. It’s time to banish telemarketers and robocalls that keep your phone ringing.

When it comes to call recording, CallApp has automatic call recording feature with which you can record calls automatically. What’s interesting, you can record scam calls and make a report about it. Designed with a user-friendly interface, it improves your communication experience.

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Caller ID applications are made to protect you from spam calls, telemarketers, and unimportant calls from unknown numbers. Truecaller is the best caller ID app that promises convenient communication. Thanks to abundant features from caller ID to VoIP for free calls.

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