10 Best Camping Apps for Android & iOS

by Donna Herring

Best Camping Apps

Escape from the routines and bonding with new friends, and nature is still a favorite thing to do for many people for many reasons. Camping has been one of the best activities, especially if you ride your wheels to earn more memorable experiences. Considering hacks, tricks and trips, get one of the best camping apps to support the trip.

Using campings apps through your devices can be a game-changer to the whole journey, especially in terms of finding the right stops or campground, and even to use the camping time to mingle with nature by training yourself a few survival skills. 

So before listing your belongings, let your wheels stutter and hit the road, make sure you fill bagage of information with the proper one, and plan the trip using one of the best campsite finders apps or other camping apps listed in this article.

Let’s hit them one by one carefully!

10 Best Camping Apps Await To Assist You

Campers for Campers Help

1. FreeRoam


A basic need to do hobbies right is to share and join with the community that shares the same frequencies. Regarding camping or boondocking, FreeRoam is a top RV camping app where users can find resources of information by sharing with the community.

Whether you look for a campsite or an RV overnight park, this app will surely get you the information you need. Act also as a campsite finder source, FreeRoam claims to support 5th wheel, van life, skoolie, motorhome, travel trailer for their boondocks or camp needs. 

With the work of a joint community, users can watch the reviews videos from other users about campsites. With an optional feature, users will also get information for campers nearby, meet and keep in touch with new fellow campers, or boondocking lovers. See what happens once you operate this app on your devices with their features :

  • Easily collect information and find the right campsite that matches your standards. Find and make use of filters by weather, cell signal, safety, crowdedness, etc.
  • Discover the freshwater, cell phone tower, dumpsite, groceries, all the essentials to your camping activities
  • Locate places that allow an overnight park for RV
  • Plan the details of your trip from mapping out travel time, getting the best time to hit the road, to planning out stops along the way
  • Add photos and review of a campsite then share it with the community

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2. Campendium


Experienced RV campers designed this free RV camping app for other campers, letting them discover the free and paid campsites around the US. Finding the perfect fit campsite for you becomes much easier by using Campendium.

Long haulers RV campers can find the solution to arrange their trip, this app will tell them where they can find a free camp spot to spend a night on the way to the destination. 

Finding the wide range of campsites from a fancy RV park to a free remote campsite destination is invaluable for most Campendium users. The list gets regular updates to make sure users get the proper information. With Campendium users can take benefits of :

  • An extensive list of the campground from National Parks, National Forests, BLM, State Parks, County and City park, RV, and free campsites
  • Get the most perfect campsite for you by seeing the cell phones signal reviews
  • Add photos, comments to the campsite reviews, and decide which one is the most compatible for you by reading the reviews as well
  • Find out other information related to camping like essential gear, the boondocking techniques in their website blog. 

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In-app Campsite Booking Feature

3. The Dyrt

The Dyrt

The Dyrt is a campsite finder for areas in the United States, it compiles the list of more than 40 000 campsites around the countries, including reviews, videos, tips from fellow campers. This app is also built by campers for campers, with the help of a joint community to be the source of information. 

With the broad range of the list, users can search and find RV, trailer, tent, or cabin campsites around the US to spend some time in an outdoor or nature homestead. Users are allowed to search by using camper-style filters to then locate the nearby camp location. Distance or rating filters are also available as filters options. 

The Dyrt offers the features with the free and paid versions, which with the free version will get the most reviewed campsite in any camping app to get more insight, and also contact information for campsite and RV parks users can use to cross-check or ask for further details. In general, this app is also great since users can make an in-app booking. 

Pro version users will gain access following features:

  • Offline usage to see listings of campgrounds and maps
  • Removes the booking fee
  • Access to a discount for camping gear and campground
  • Trip planner for camping road trips

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Special For RV Goers

4. RV Park and CampsGround

RV Park and CampsGround

If you tend to be more at ease with RV rides and overnight and look for a great camping app for this purpose, RV Park and CampsGround is one of the best RV camping apps you can depend on. 

This app offers completely free usage and serves its user by using a local database. As one of its users, you can find the list of RV campgrounds: from public parks like BLM, State Park, KOA, more than 55 senior retirement communities, to family campground Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Parks. 

In addition to those varieties, users can also look and find commercial RV parks! Some more details to add up to your long-haul journey experience within its feature are :

  • Discovering friendly RV stops and shops: from Walmart Super Centers, Walmart Neighborhood Markets, Camping World, Garder Mountain, Dick’s Sporting Goods, RV Dump Station, Rest Areas, Welcome Centers, and Low Clearance. 
  • Locate many fuels stops to help you fuel up your buddy

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5. Park4Night


A spontaneous getaway with your rides, be it a motorhome, camper van or 4×4 can turn out to be a good option to clear your head from the business. 

Just like other apps that rely on peer-to-peer resources, Park4Night is a top-listed camping app for RV lovers that lets users to review the campground. More to it, users are also suggested to inform about the possible activities campers can do around the campground. 

Users can find varieties of good places to relax from forests, parks, beaches, and even creeks to spend time close to nature. With its paid features, Park4Night grants access to its users for :

  • Plan the trip itinerary
  • Choose a map, download it, and use it offline

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Learn and Earn Survival Mode

6. Offline Survival Manual

Offline Survival Manual

Whether going out just for a night or for long-haul, knowledge, and preparation are essential. No one ever imagines facing an emergency situation, but no one knows what will happen, so having a pocket of survival knowledge won’t hurt. 

Offline Survival Mode is a free offline app Android users can have, while with a slightly different name for iOS users, Survival Manual. It’s surely useful when facing an accident, but also during trips, camping, hiking, and other outdoor activities, a great camping app you can add to the must-have list. 

Users can explore not only theoretical knowledge, but the contents give some best practices that you can do in a calm situation. There’s no doubt that learning about the use of plants, survival kits, planning, or weather signs and hygiene will encourage you to better understand your surroundings. 

This app is clearly a decent companion to other best camping apps and your outdoor activities with important elements below :

  • Pack of finding direction using the sky and nature elements (moon, sun, and other means)
  • Extensive insight about plants, dangerous plants, and animals, 
  • List of information about building and lighting a fire
  • Education about basic medicine and tips and trick regarding equipment, tools, and weapon

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7. First Aid American Red Cross

First Aid American Red Cross

In addition to the Survival Manual mentioned earlier, First Aid American Red Cross can certainly be another buddy to assist you. While Survival Manual helps you to develop your knowledge about nature and train your survival skills, this app will guide users to train their skills to perform first aid scenarios. 

The case is brought in videos and animation formats, easier to digest by users. This app will also equip users with safety tips to deal with daily emergency situations or even natural disasters. 

In addition, users can make calls to 9-1-1 directly from the First Aid American Red Cross app. Surely a useful camping app to have on a smartphone. 

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Navigate Your Way

8. GAIA Map


Consider getting maps on your devices as a consistent accompaniment for your camping journey. You can find many maps to help you get your way for camping, but GAIA is considered one of the fittest for camping and many other outdoor activities. 

With GAIA Gps, users can normally navigate, track and explore the sites they want to visit, and accurately locate your location. Not only is it convenient for sports activities, but it is also appropriate for professional use as well. 

In the matter of camping, guides can use this app to mark routes, campsites, and water resources. This maps for camping app offers membership levels: free and premium subscription. 

Free members are not allowed to download maps and use them offline, but with a premium subscription, users will not only get access to download the map and read it offline but also access to map sources like NOAA weather forecast, ESRI World Satellite Imagery, etc. Explore the features below when you get it handy in your device :

  • Access to weather forecast, public land data
  • Leave waypoints and create custom maps
  • Plan overland, 4×4, or off-road routes
  • Use the apps to do outdoor activities in nature while camping from hunting, day hiking, to mountain biking

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9. InRoute


When going on a long road trip, it is important to make an optimal route plan. If the app is able to inform users about the weather condition, it will be the best one to have as a companion to your camping apps and gear. 

InRoute can be considered as a map recommended for the best RV camping app for campers to have since it is packed with extensive filters to road condition, weather, elevation, etc; it will be beneficial for RV or other 4×4 campers. 

InRoute offers a free version and paid one for users, both providing you not only route information but safety to more enjoyable road trips. One of the features allows users to export the routes to Apple Maps, Google Maps, Waze, and Navigon. Let’s discover more about its incredible features :

  • Voice-guided navigation plus weather condition alerts
  • Planning stops with interval search per miles/hours
  • Arrange the travel time with departure to layover times
  • Keep your favorite routes and places around, the app allows users to synchronize it among their devices and share it with companions or family
  • Custom routes or weather charts, also create routes with up to 150 locations available for the pro version

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List Your Belonging

10. Camping Checklist

Camping Checklist

Done with all the technical preparation for your camping and road trip? Don’t forget to pack your stuff and make sure to list the necessary essentials. 

If you are a newbie camper, or someone who needs assistance to do the task, reassure yourself by using Camping Checklist, this one mentioned in this article is currently accessible only for Android users but iOS users will surely find a similar one to this. Camping Checklist may be additional but surely the best camping app you would like to get for preparation. 

This app offers more than 200 camping-related gear lists, to make your preparation painless, by avoiding typing a list manually. In case you need to buy a tool or gear, this app offers an in-app purchase option.  What’s more, can you get by using this camping app companion? Check them out :

  • Cloud save and sync let you backup and share the list and help plan it together with family or friends
  • Users can custom the list with add, edit, delete items, categories or list; and make a quick add for item or categories from the same screen with Quick Add feature
  • Copy and move between list, categories, and items; and indicates the number of the items and its total to be completed

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Finally, all the preparatory things and must-have best camping apps are in hand, as a camping enthusiast you will need to check out the capacity of your device, the battery, and the data usage capacity to support the ‘magic work’ of each app you choose, and beyond that your condition both physically and mentally. Be sure to plan wisely and optimize your anticipation to make the most of your camping experience. 

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