11 Best DJ Apps for Android & iOS

by Jimmy Marsh

Best DJ Apps

Are you into mixing music or DJing? If so then these best DJ apps will accommodate your hobby. Today, you can turn your smartphone into a smart tool that allows you to adjust the tracks and many more.

In this article, you will find information about the best tools to mix music. Most of them are free and come with a bunch of free features. Yet, many sophisticated functions may require you to provide extra bucks.

Best DJ Apps That You Should Try for Mixing Music

If you are looking for a decent app to help you with mixing music and audio tracks then you should read the list below. Some apps are available both on the App Store and Play Store while some others only work on a specific operating system.

1. GarageBand


When it comes to the best music mixing app, GarageBand deserves a top spot. Before other apps were popular, GarageBand has been the choice of everyone – especially among those who use the iOS platform.

This app comes up with useful features and sophisticated functions that will make your creations legit. Other than that, the creation system is highly user-friendly. It is no wonder that users love GarageBand in many ways.

Other than that, you can create podcasts by using this platform. Even though you are a novice, GarageBand will support your learning stage. The wide collections of tracks, effects, and instrument patches will flatter your creative mind, for sure.

For now, GarageBand is only available for iOS and Mac platforms. You can grab this app for free but upgrading features are available through in-app purchases – starting at USD4.99. More than anything, you will fall in love with GarageBand right after installing the app.

Download on the App Store

2. djay


Are you looking for a virtual DJ app that supports you to create cool stuff? If so then you should go check djay. This app is quite popular among music mixers, considering you can use djay on both android and iOS devices.

This app is developed by a German company named Algoriddim. Everything you find on this app will amaze you in many ways. From the turntable and mixer to the music library, djay has a wide collection that will spoil you.

Other than that, you can integrate music from Spotify and iTunes. Also, even though you make everything from your smartphone, the quality is the same as what you get from a desktop. djay also comes with live microphones and MIDI controllers.

It is no wonder that users love using this app to mix their creations. However, djay is not a free platform. It costs USD 19.99 – might not be suitable for newbies. Yet, if you are serious with music mixing then djay is worthwhile.

Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

3. Traktor DJ

Traktor DJ

When it comes to the best music mixer app, you cannot stay away from an app called Traktor DJ. As its name suggests, you can mix music as you want – just like how professionals do it. This app is developed by Native Instruments – a company who’ve been developing software for digital music creation as well as vinyl emulation.

TraktorDJ was initially software for bigger devices. But today, you can enjoy all the sophisticated features offered by this app on your phone. However, this app is only available for iOS users. You will most likely find all the things you need from a DJ table.

There will be a lot of effects, sync options, and many more. Also, you can enjoy MIDI controllers and mappers through your iOS devices. Awesome, right?

Keep in mind that this fancy tool is not a free platform. The mobile version costs around USD10 while the desktop app costs USD99. The price tag might not suit beginners. However, it will be such a trait and investment if you are serious with music mixing.

Download on the App Store

4. Edjing Mix

Edjing Mix

Have you heard of Edjing Mix? Some users prefer this platform as the best DJ app for android. But don’t worry – this platform is also available for iPhones. Initially, Edjing was software for desktops. As technology improves, the app is also available for mobile devices.

According to users, Edjing Mix is highly user-oriented and intuitive. It has at least 20 DJ functions and effects that will make your music lit. You also have access to the app’s virtual mixer for free. To make the entire thing more fun and exciting, you can customize the skins.

Generally, the free features are enough for those who just started the music mixing journey. However, you can go with the buyable functions and features to make your music sounds more sophisticated.

It might not be the most ideal app for beginners, considering there is no built-in tutorial on this app. However, you would love to use Edjing Mix as your companion if you know how to use this app. Also, you can install Edjing Mix both on android and iOS devices.

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5. Cross DJ

Cross DJ

On the other hand, if you are looking for the best DJ apps for android, you should take a look at CrossDJ. This app has been around for more than a decade now and people love this platform a lot.

CrossDJ comes up with a series of useful features, such as MIDI controllers, loops, samplers, and many more. This is why creating and mixing music will always be fun with this platform. According to the company, this app utilizes the Maquillage technology that makes the output unique.

By using CrossDJ, you can mix music from borrowed tracks on SoundCloud. Since this app gets updated regularly, you will find improved music collections from time to time. Other than that, the effects are quite rich.

Whether you are using iOS or Android devices, CrossDJ is available – you can even get the desktop versions too. It is free to download but paid upgrades are available for various purposes.

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6. Virtual DJ Remote

It won’t be hard to find the best DJ apps for Mac on the internet. On the other hand, if you need a virtual DJ tool that allows you to be more creative than usual then you should consider trying Virtual DJ Remote.

Other than mixing your music, this app allows you to broadcast your mix live. This app also supports wireless connections. As its name suggests, you need the VirtualDJ software to make the remote works – you will get the explanation later in this article.

However, this remote app is not free stuff. It costs USD9.99 – yet, this app is rich in functions and features. Other than that, you can adjust the configuration of the app effortlessly.

Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

7. PocketDJ


If you are looking for a song mixing app for android then you should give PocketDJ a try. This app has been downloaded by more than 2 million people on the Play Store – but this app is only available for android users.

According to the test, PocketDJ will let everyone who wants to mix music do their hobby. If most music mixing platforms are only designed for hi-end phones with sophisticated specs then this app will perform smoothly on phones with lower capabilities.

Also, you can refer to this app as one of the best DJ apps free available on the market nowadays. Even though the features are simple, all of those are quite powerful and useful. It comes with real-time scratch effects that will make your mix lit.

Meanwhile, you can upgrade the features and other things on the app. The paid version only costs USD2.99, after all. Such a good deal, right? All in all, PocketDJ is a perfect tool for beginners or even novices who want to enjoy music-mixing experiences.

Download on Google Play

8. Music Maker Jam

Music Maker Jam

If you are looking for some DJ apps download ideas then you should take a look at Music Maker Jam. This app is available to download on the Play Store and App Store for free. The company claims that this app is a consumer-driven digital audio workstation.

Similar to other DJ mixing apps on this list, Music Maker Jam offers various features that allow you to create sophisticated pieces. From unique sound effects and sound pool to MIDI editor, everything is available on this app.

Other than that, you can import your music and choose the quality of the audio. Later, you can share your work with your audience effortlessly. The real-time effects allow users to listen directly to how their music will sound.

You will most likely find what you need on this app. Compared to other apps on this list, Music Maker Jam may have limited sound effects. However, it will be enough for those who are just starting. It also comes with in-app purchases for extra features.

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9. MixPad


You might think that there are not many DJ mixing apps for android that provide world-class experience. Well, MixPad is one of those apps that won’t let Android users down. This app is available for both android and iOS devices.

Meanwhile, if you are looking for a reliable android app that provides a bunch of features to mix music then MixPad has everything you need. From audio effects and beat maker to VST plug-in support, it seems like mixing any music and turning them into what you like is effortless with this app.

MixPad allows the users to mix unlimited audio and voice tracks. Everyone may enjoy the process because they can craft beats with available sample patterns – you can modify the patterns later, during the mixing process.

However, this app doesn’t provide as many features as other professional-class apps. Other than that, MixPad is only usable for non-commercial purposes. Yet, this app is free and great for starting your music mixing journey.

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10. Pacemaker


It will be easier if you are looking for the best DJ apps for PC or desktop. However, if you need a reliable one for your iOS device then you should consider trying Pacemaker. This app was initially available for iPad only.

Today, you can access this app from your iPhone – well, android users should look elsewhere, for sure. Through Pacemaker, you can mix two music files together effortlessly. Lots of functions and features will flatter and spoil those who love experimenting with music things.

One of the most impressive things about Pacemaker is that you can access songs on Spotify and create a mixtape out of it. Later, you can share your creation with friends – non-commercial use only.

Pacemaker is a free app but you can always upgrade your features through in-app purchases. The only con about this app is that you cannot change the BPM rate from one track to another.

Download on the App Store

So, that is everything you need to know about the best DJ mixer app platforms for both iOS and Android systems. You can pick the one that suits your device and preference, after all. Considering some of them are not free, it is really up to you to go with the paid or free one.

Creating music and mixing the sounds that you like will be a super fun activity. Thus, if you are into that kind of hobby or plan to make money out of that activity, using the best DJ apps mentioned above sounds like a smart idea. Feel free to give each platform a try, though.

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