9 Best Floor Plan Apps for Android & iOS

by Jimmy Marsh

Best Floor Plan Apps

When it comes to remodel or renovate the whole house or some part of the house,  it’s better to translate imagination into reality by creating the floor plan. That start will be much easier by visualizing it in some kind of pre-draft. Best floor plans apps are now bombing mobile devices in response to that call.

Trying to explain ideas of property layout is important but it is a quite difficult start to begin with. Even for a professional architect and interior designer, visualizing the property floor plan is a complex task so it’s a normal condition for common people to find it even harder.

The floor plan creator app is not only good for common people with the need to transform their imagination into the first outline of reality they look up to, but it can be useful for architects and interior designers to have one handy companion in case of having accidental pop-up ideas on the go.

Here are some recommendations of floor plan apps people can make use of visualizing the property layout ideas.

Best Floor Plan Apps to Help Visualize House Plan Ideas

Best Floor Plan Apps with Powerful Features and Tools

If you love to discover various features to create the first-floor plan for your property construction project, consider this one out of many that stand with powerful features to help you translate ideas and visualize the essentials.

1. Planner 5D

Planner 5D

This is one of the best floor plan apps that will let users create projects from scratch or use the ready-made project to home, cafe, and even gym design. Users have no restriction on the floor design, with many essential features they can choose for kitchen, bedroom, bathroom to the living room.

Users also can make a landscape plan for the outdoor area, do the interior design ideas. All of the tools are ready to let users explore freely the design of walls, stairs, windows,  even the complex parts of designing construction.

Planner 5D even allows users to experience the detail of their designs using the technology to edit, render and view visual graphics in 2D, 3D, and virtual reality format!

Get yourself a grip to those powerful features of Plan 5D :

  • Updated catalog with over 5000 items of furniture, appliance, collection
  • Easy interface: just drag and drop items you desire on basic floor plan, observe then edit, change the size of the item of your preference
  • Available for online and offline utilization
  • Get ideas with Chromecast
  • Participate in theme-based design battle

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Best Floor Plan Apps with Details

Detail-oriented people can find help from these two best floor design apps below, especially if you have no experience in building a floor design, these apps can guide you through the process.

2. Floor Plan Creator

Floor Plan Creator

Offering the ease to use the app online, designing the floor plan from anywhere, anytime, that’s the objective brought by Floor Plan Creator. For common people who just want to visualize their imagination, Floor Plan Creator brings detailed experience.

This app offers users a predesigned floor plan to help them build a precise floor plan, with wide ranges of choices to pick. Each project user’s design can have many rooms with different shapes on a straight wall model. Users are allowed to determine the dimension line, modify the size and the distance.

This app renders the design ideas into 3D tour mode. Users can unlock its premium feature with paid-version; it will give them a feature to export the design into various formats from image, PDF to print to scale.

Explore the perks of being an accidental architect with its special features :

  • Automatic calculation of level, walls, rooms areas
  • Measurement in imperial and metric units systems that bring convenience to see it like in a realm of architecture, or with laser meter for more accuracy
  • Providing symbol library for doors, windows, furniture, electrical, fire survey.

Download on Google Play

3. Home Design 3D

Home Design 3D

Design your own detailed and attractive floor plan including the interior using Home Design 3D. The app is suitable and effective in any device utilization when creating the house plan.

If you consider yourself to be more curious on details like the wall, door rather than the architectural perspective, Home Design 3D may be the fittest option of house plan design for you.

This app accompanies users to build their floor plan design by determining color, textures, size, angles, and objects in the entire house plan. With easy 4 steps indicated, this app offers you tools to make enjoying the floor design process :

  • Draw the plot, room, dividers with 2D or 3D mode
  • Create corners, modify the thickness or height of walls
  • Add necessary parts like doors and windows with fully-resizable pieces of joint
  • Easy user experience: just drag and drop the elements desired
  • Photorealistic 3D rendered
  • Use the compass function to indicate the light at different times of day and let you see the results on day and night time
  • Cross-platform compatibility to let users continue their project on other devices
  • Share project to various cloud channels and to the Home Design 3D community

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Best Floor Plan Apps AR Related Capability

Most satisfying experience using the technology of AR, these following house plan apps will let you feel it with that capability. Look through your smartphone compatibility with AR, and dive into the floor plan tour experiment.

4. Magic Plan

Magic Plan

If your android smartphone has a gyroscope and AR core, and you want to optimize its utilization, consider making a floor plan with them and combining them with Magic Plan. In addition to the traditional way of designing the floor plan, Magic Plan allows the users to scan their room or rooms within the smartphone’s camera and build the entire floor instantly.

With the support of laser meters, this app helps users to measure the dimension of a room, too. To each dimension, the apps can describe it close to perfection and intensify the look of the wall and floor. Further, users can get material cost estimation since the app will help to do the math.

Magic plan gives access to using all features for two projects, with no time limitations. But to have full access for unlimited projects, better to use the paid subscription. Users will find benefits of :

  • Creating a proper house plan by adding furniture, record, custom form, 360° images
  • View the floor with virtual tour capability in 2D or 3D mode
  • Collaborate with teams in creating unlimited projects
  • Access the Magic Plan API

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5. AR Plan 3D

AR Plan 3D

AR Plan 3D uses augmented reality technology to deliver an innovative measurement and combine it with a classic floor planner. Thanks to the virtual tape measure, this floor plan creator app gives you a chance to better measure perimeter and height, in metric or imperial units, in creating a design floor that suits the best user’s home.

With that ability, AR Plan 3D also supports users in calculating floor square, wall square, and other values to get material quantity estimation.

Floor plan creation becomes much easier with the below beneficial features :

  • 3D floor planner with all measured dimensions
  • Designing side view of floor plan using 2d side view floor planner
  • Floorplanner archive to store users floor plan measurement
  • Share creation on users social media or in an email attachment

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6. Roomle 3D And AR Room Planner

Roomle 3D And AR Room Planner

Roomle looks to give its users a new experience in building floor plan design with the AR Room Planner and all the features it offers. It offers ease in drawing and sketching floor plans by scale with fingers using iPhone (as if iPhone 6 plus). By scanning with the smartphone camera, it lets users get a measurement of the space.

This floor plan creator app is ideal for users who’d love to try layouting the interior as well. No wonder that this app gained attention among professional interior designers with its engaging and high-quality visuals.

Find yourself wow-ing while using the following cool features of Roomle :

  • View 3D furniture catalog of more than 2500 items, updated regularly, observe every detail of each furniture from every angles with a real-time walk around with ARkit
  • Done with viewing the 3D furniture catalog, move to configure the furniture according to color, form, size to your liking
  • Visualized and review the furniture and decorative ideas in 3D mode, Roomle assist users to help with furniture purchasing decision, even to buy them online or finding similar products within their growing network of retails
  • Share the plan project via social media or an email

Download on the App Store

Best Floor Plan Apps with Picture Based Inspiration

Sometimes, to plan your floor design, it’s easier to find ideas and adjust it to your preferences. In case you are considering that approach, two of the house plan apps below are great choices for you.

7. Homify


Homify connects its users to the latest trend of interior design with numerous ideas in its collection. Users only need to select and filter the style of decoration in the room that they want to remodel. Users can pick from newest to all-time popular for each inspiration.

The apps will generate the most related pictures to enrich users’ inspiration. Those pictures can be saved by pinning it in an idea book. Having pictures that may seem very interesting for you as users, you can get connected to a professional architect to help you plan the floor remodel project.

Just click the most head-turner pictures you get to access the profile of the concerned architect, interior designer or other professionals and connect with them for your project.

Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

8. Houzz


Houzz doesn’t offer the floor plan drawing features, but it comes with high-resolution samples of plan and interior design pictures. This completely free house plan app provides more than 20 million high-resolution pictures of inspiration, Users can select them by style, location, or room.

Using the sketch feature, users can draw right on the pictures they prefer to build their own creation on a house plan. The home design photos can be shared with family, related or professional in-house plans.

Houzz offers many other cool features to help you save time during floorplanning :

  • Shop online for house products and materials with a wide range of choices
  • Use Visual Match by Houzz to buy and purchase the product and materials directly from home design photos in Houzz
  • Observe how the product goes in your space using the View In My Room 3D
  • Connect and collaborate or hire the home design or renovation professionals throughout the app
  • Connected to Houze Community to discuss and get feedback about home design and renovation topics in the Advice section

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Less is More Floor Plan Apps

With a preset floor plan and interior designs layout, users can do more beyond their expectation with less time. The app below best suits the basic need in terms of transforming house plan and interior design to a visual look.

9. Room Planner

Room Planner

Going less is more valuable sometimes, and Room Planner has all the basic features to help you visualize your ideas in an easier and quicker way. Room Planner delivers pre-designed floor plans made by industry professionals to its users.

The floor plan creator app works for online and offline usage, according to users’ preferences. Not only functional for floor planning, but users can also transform each of their home decor ideas into visualization. Room Planner has a 3D virtual reality mode to let users enjoy better visualization of their plan.

Amazing features it has to deliver a simple but complete floor plan and home design app for its users such as :

  • Create your own plan, change furniture and decorations to your preferences
  • Observe your design from different points
  • Create a photo-realistic snapshot
  • Access to full furniture catalog for about 5000 collection
  • Unlimited numbers of room to build
  • Accessing realistic HD renders (Paid subscription )

Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

Some of the floor plan creator apps mentioned were also popular and functional amongst the home design and renovation professionals or enthusiasts. It can be an alternative help for a quick draft.

These best floor plan apps can help you to better communicate the ideas of house remodel, renovation or interior and exterior design with professionals. A few tips to choose one of them is to consider which best fit the ideas based on main interest, preference, capability, and visualization goals.

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