8 Best Garage Sale Apps for Android & iOS

by Jimmy Marsh

Best Garage Sale Apps

Finding a  particular item with a competitive price may happen when you step into a garage sale or yard sale event. Finding the nearest location, with the right specification to your taste, may be difficult. Therefore best garage sale apps are then created to simplify the process. 

Sometimes it becomes somehow tiring to find what you look for by hopping from one garage sale to another, considering time, energy, and other aspects. It’s great to explore the neighborhood but better if you can find them without wasting much time doing so. 

So, instead of hopping from one yard to another garage, why don’t you try to check online if an item or product you want is available around you, which comes along with a good price? You can really do it right now by downloading one of the most prominent and related to your need in terms of finding garage sales stuff.

Below are some of the best garage sales finder apps you can use, some of them let users sell and list their own used but incredible items, ranging from jewelry, home decor to gadgets. Check them out!

Best Garage Sale Apps for Selling and Buying Items

1. Swop It

Swop It

Sometimes, you’ll find that you don’t need some of your stuff anymore, and kind of need another item. Instead of buying it, you may wonder about bartering it with someone you know or someone who has an item you need. 

Swop It – Local Swap Deals, one of the best garage sale apps on the list, facilitates you to make a trade and swap for products you want to have or you don’t like to keep anymore.  You can list various types of products, from baby stuff to home appliances. Instead of listing those products for sale, you can just offer to exchange the item. 

Swop It provides simple steps and features to help you do the exchange of products:

  • Steps start with listing the products, choosing the product you want to get, and discussing the swap details with users
  • Browse the program then find your choice and locate it
  • Create group exchanges, discuss the details via chat or in-app audio or video calls

Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

2. KSL Classified

KSL Classified

Using KSL Classified, users can do garage sales easily in a fast way. The listings on this garage sale app are very numerous. Not only, but users can find beyond garage sales products.

KSL Classified takes a role as a marketplace for both new and used products, including cars and homes.  It also provides users with information about the local services providers to help you do some projects if any.

Aside from the products, this app also facilitates users to find job opportunities. The job section in the apps will post about new job openings every day! Users can submit their resumes directly from the app. 

The followings features will be a help for your garage sale program :

  • Take images of your product and post, create or edit a product video with those images easily before posting and listing it, create the lines of description
  • With the homes section, view and find rent and sale properties around you
  • Locate new or used cars, toys, cell phones around you easily
  • Secure chat between seller and buyers to discuss  the product

Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

3. Wallapop


Using Wallapop, as one of the best yard sale apps, you’ll find the joy of selling and buying secondhand items around the neighborhood. You will not only find secondhand items that fit your needs according to your preferences, but through Wallapop, you’ll be able to make use of your own used items by selling them. 

The steps to sell or buy are made so easy and simple with this app. As a seller you only need to capture some proper photographs of the product, then post them in the app. Buyers, on the other hand, can get information on items they are looking for based on their location, so they can explore the perks of selling and buying around the neighborhood. 

The next step goes as simple as discussing the product via chat features and meeting up between buyer and seller in a local area like a coffee shop to get things done. Another good thing is that the app won’t show your real location or address, otherwise, it shows approximately ½ to 1 mile from users’ current location. 

Download the app and explore more features to enable you to experience the most of using a yard sale finder app :

  • A wide range of categories goes from cars, vintage accessories, babies & children, sports & leisure, books, house & homes to electronics, facilitate users find their products in a facile manner
  • Get the best secondhand items with an alert that you create based on your search, you’ll get the app to notify you about it
  • Find, choose and buy a product from another region or city get them shipped to your location without leaving your home with Wallapop Shipping, it’s really a good garage sales finder app
  • Safe & secure payment and money-back guarantee using its shipping system

Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

4. Listia


Listia is another peer-to-peer trading marketplace, one of the best garage sale apps you can get in the market. Through this app, users can make purchases, sell and/or trade the stuff they want with their unused items. 

The first thing you should do is to declutter your unused product, list them all, capture its photographs, create a product description then post it to Listia. By listing that unused stuff, you’ll earn points/credit. It becomes more interesting since you can turn those points or credits earned into jewelry, clothing, gadgets, books, and any other items you’ll love to have. 

More listing and giving, more stuff you can purchase for free. Find out other things you can do with Listia :

  • Create auction and offer up kinds of stuff for sale
  • Within the good geolocation attribute, you can find out what is being given away by your neighborhood. 
  • Bid and purchase on products you want 

Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

5. CPlus Classifieds

CPlus Classifieds

Accessing multiple classified websites for garage sales or yard sales can be challenging. CPlus Classifieds can take off that pain point and facilitate a smoother and more effective way of searching not only garage sales items, but more like mobile craigslist. 

Like another mobile craigslist, it has job openings, yard sales, garage sales, and cars sales. You can look up all types of classified ads, for multiple cities at times with your device.

The types of view of your search are also varied, you can choose a format of photo with description view, photo grid view, photo album view, maps view, and big photo view. 

As a garage sale finder app, this one brings many features that will help you to either sell or purchase your stuff:

  • Creating ads and classified to buy, rent, sell, products and services with native in-app posting
  • Edit, renew or repost your ads, manage multiple accounts using iPhone
  • Geo-location allows you to find treasure in nearby cities
  • Update your search on the result page, including category, filter, sorting, and many more

Download on the App Store

6. Garage Sale – Online Yard Sale

Garage Sale

Just as the name represents its main purpose and function, Garage Sale helps users to organize and host an online yard sale with ease. Online here means you don’t need to drag out your unused items for the garage sale.

As one of the best yard sale finder apps, this app has a simpler but empowered feature for your garage sale event. Users only need to decide which items in the house are unneeded anymore but still functioning as they ought to, and let the apps do the technical parts for garage sales. 

The steps one needs to follow are taking the photos of items they want to sell, deciding on the price of each product, adding a short description to it, and sharing them online through the Garage Sale app.

Some main features to facilitate your garage sale are:

  • Basic photo editing in-app, to zoom in or move the selection, upload from your device gallery
  • Pick one from 10 different templates of various photo frameworks, with attached pricing and details with different locations and styles to make it more attractive
  • Share the post online with some simple clicks to several social media of your preference, or even via SMS/MMS or email
  • Garage Sales provides the possibility for you to tag prices in multi-currencies by default: one is with the main currency you set up, and a conversion to another currency of your preference

Download on Google Play

7. VarageSale


If you look for a yard sale app with some innovation aligned with today’s technology, VarageSale is the thing that is suitable for that need. VarageSale facilitates users to sell, purchase, and get connected with people around the neighborhood in a fun and safe way.

Each of the users is ‘real-people’ since every user should make an account to be able to operate the app, it will get connected to their Facebook account. 

Not only, but VarageSale takes credibility as one thing that matters for them, so in addition, they manually review users before users can get into the buy and sell stage. Aside from being efficiently optimal as one of the garage sales finder apps, it also offers safer alternatives. 

Use VarageSale and let’s explore this garage sale finder app to  :

  • Local classified based on dividing products into some groups: baby gear, clothes, shoes, furniture, jewelry, electronics, home decor, and many more.
  • Earn extra cash by sorting, taking pictures, listing, and selling your unused yet good items, you may find a great deal 
  • See member ratings and averages time for they to respond inquiry before sales
  • Send a message to members, and schedule a meet up with them without the hustle-bustle

Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

8. Garage Sale By Map

Garage Sale By Map

Finding nearby garage sales or yard sales becomes much easier if you give it a try with Garage Sale By Map. Created and only available for iOS users, currently, it uses more than 70 000 sales combs around the USA, like Gsalr.com, Oodle.com, Weekendtreasure.com, Craigslist.com, and Estatesales.org to provide you the best garage sales near your location.

As one of the popular yard sales finder apps, Garage Sales By Map presents an awesome interface that allows you to find the closest garage sale location in maps. 

With this feature, you also can see yard sales that happen in another location, great for you when traveling or to share information with your family in need to get some items.

Some other features that are also positive about this app are :

  • Get full direction to reach each sales location you find on apps
  • Add sales to your favorite list and access it later
  • Find sales for specific items
  • Filter sales by the day of the week
  • Post your sales of the unused or unwanted products you have and make money with it

Download on the App Store

You may find many more available garage sales finder apps in both the Play Store and Apple Store that aren’t on the list. Well, the apps mentioned in this list are hand-picked with better ranks and reviews to bring insightful reviews to your hands.

Before deciding which one is the best and corresponds to your taste, check out how the listings go if you also want to sell. In terms of purchasing, make sure that the app does support users to provide a safe transaction process, from discussion to the schedule of a meetup or shipping. 

If you have another consideration or yard sale app that is more prominent in terms of features and user experiences, let other readers know by sharing your comments in the column below.

Happy shopping, everyone!

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