9 Best Green Screen Apps for Android & iOS

by Jimmy Marsh

Best Green Screen Apps

Talk about videos, movies or image production, there is an editing process that pros or beginners will need to do. In terms of editing or producing, green screens are now a common element to have. If you think about editing or taking a video, always having one best green screen app on your devices is suggested.  

There’s a conventional approach to making a green screen by dividing the main object in a video or image then taking out the background and replacing it with green color, or using a constructed green screen image or video as overlays on video or image. The editor will then remove the green background which is called keying. 

Here are some of the top listed AI green screen apps for Android and or iOS users, read it carefully!

Best Green Screen Apps For Different Experience

Powerful Features

1. PowerDirector


PowerDirector got the Play Store Editor’s Choice as the best full-features video editors and video market in the market. The app was claimed to be built with speed and utility in mind, in order to give the consumer a smoother, snappier and more fun editing experience while using it.

While the interface is simple and user-friendly, as one of the best green screen apps, it also provides professional editing features, with monthly updates. Besides, PowerDirector is also equipped with a built-in stock royalty-free library from which users can find essential elements like sound effects, images to their video easily. 

Users can choose to use the free version or unlock unlimited updates, features, and content packs by using the premium version (paid). Within the premium version, access to content stock for commercial use will be granted. 

Let’s figure out some of its key features that can support your video making or editing needs from a green screen app :

  • Keyframe controls: the most recent updates you get to adjust the transparency, rotation, position, and scale for picture-in-picture, and masks
  • Replace background with green screen editor using chroma key with easy steps to do
  • Multi-layered editing by creating double-exposure by overlaying videos and blending modes
  • Various effects and transitions to enrich your videos 

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2. KineMaster


The ability to edit videos on a tablet, smartphone, or Chromebook is not only a dream nowadays! One of the must-try green screen apps that you can use to edit or make your videos is surely KineMaster.

KineMaster, equipped with impressive tools, allows users to cut, splice, and crop videos, and create more exciting visual effects with color filters and adjustment. 

It has keyframe animation tools and lets you use it to add motion to layers, and the alpha mask feature, unparalleled to other green screen video editor apps in app stores.  

Some of its features that will help you are :

  • Chroma Key Feature: the one that will be useful for overlaying videos, photos, and text, users can import multiple multimedia at once since it supports multi-layer. Set up the green screen and you’ll be ready to take a real-time video!
  • Add voice-overs, sound effects, or voice changers
  • Use EQ preset, ducking, and volume envelope tools to produce fascinating audio
  • Import and export project files
  • Go to the ‘Get Projects’ menu to download and re-edit the project if you want to

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3. Stop Motion Studio

Stop Motion Studio

If you are passionate about making animation movies or clips, Stop Motion Studio is the right choice for you. This paid app is also good for beginners who want to give a go on creating animated movies or clips. 

Not only offers a simple-to-use user interface, but Stop Motion Studio will also give the users an animation guide in order to get the animation objects on the right track without drama. Less possibility to lose time if you have hundreds of frames, it also provides an interactive timeline. 

Exporting edited video directly to your Youtube channel is also easy with this app, you can continue doing the project using Windows or Mac systems afterward. As one of the greatest video editing apps, Stop Motion Studio also makes it to be one of the green screen background apps. Following are some of its appropriate features :

  • Using the chroma key/ green screen feature to change the background automatically, you can do it by importing background from any source you want, making the figures fly or pop-up from anywhere you imagine to be
  • Improve the sound quality for the created green screen video with a built-in tune by adjusting volume and clearing away unrelated extra noise
  • Apply foregrounds, backgrounds, aspect ratios, and face effects to enhance your movie

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For Hollywood Movies Fans

4. iMovie


If you are into the Hollywood movie styles, and you want to experience creating one photo or videos alike to those of Hollywood, then using iMovie may be the right choice you have to try.

This free green screen app is exclusively available for iOS users. iMovie actually provides users with 14 templates of Hollywood movie trailers with wonderful graphics. Users can record trailer videos with iMovie and use one of the available templates. 

The features of iMovie make it easier for you to add a green screen, split-screen, and picture-in-picture. The green screen feature can be used for both images and videos, as you wish. Users can also make overlays by adding pictures with transparent backgrounds. 

Explore more of the features you can expect from this well-designed green screen app by Apple :

  • 4 point mask effects
  • Customizable green screen effect
  • 13 Apple-design video filters ready to be used and 8 unique themes to produce beautiful movies
  • Slowing down or speeding up the videos
  • Record your video in real-time
  • Use the AirDrop or iCloud drives to access or transfer projects amongst your Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, or iPod)

Download on the App Store

5. VivaCut – Video Editor


VivaCut is a newcomer on the block but already claims to bring all the features of video editing for users. The features you need to get your video editing task done are quite impressive to mention. Some of them include the multi-layer timeline with zoom for frame by frame through overlays video editor feature.

Its advanced video editing tools, like blend video, let users mix videos using the blending modes, like multiply, screen, soft light, etc. You can create double-exposures and striking Youtube videos by combining clips altogether (picture-in-picture).

When it comes to saving or downloading your produced videos, either for Youtube, Instagram, or TikTok, VivaCut provides you options from 720p, 1080p, or 4K. And, you can save them directly with transition effects to your device’s gallery.  

Take a look at some of the VivaCut professional editing features you can get :

  • Use the green screen/chroma key feature to mix videos and get a result of Hollywood-level movies alike. You can adjust the accuracy of a green screen background changer, and reset it if needed
  • Use mask feature for a full-screen video editor for Youtube, from linear, mirror, radial, oval, rectangle, for the scene. 
  • Try the keyframe animation, apply to mask, video collage, text, stickers, etc for an additional aesthetic aspect to your video
  • Use the audio extraction to extract audio from any video
  • Enhance video quality from color grading aspect using the video adjustment features from contrast, brightness, saturation, hue, temperature

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Simplicity At It Best

6. Chromascreen by Rocket Jump


A simple green-screen you may need for your post-production, Chroma Screen is the answer. This one is not built for editing purposes, but in terms of VFX workflow and as a screen replacement.

With the simple features it offers, filmmakers will earn more time generating the green or blue screen during the production and for post-production. Available with two versions: free app or pro paid version,  users can figure out the features below :

  •  Choose a green or blue screen and generate the screen with keyable tracking markers with simple steps on tablets or smartphones
  • Control and custom the markers, colors of green and background, etc

Download on Google Play

7. Green Screen Studio

Green Screen Studio

Another basic green screen background app is presented for iOS users only, which is Green Screen Studio. This app is a good one for photographers editing. While the editing apps may not be advanced compared to other apps mentioned earlier in this article, the key features themselves are good enough to bring good results to the image you want to edit. 

Within the simple and user-friendly user interface, Green Screen Studio brings basic photo editing features to accompany the key feature, like blemish, red-eye, and some photo effects to edit images. 

Talking about its key feature which is the green screen, this app allows its users to manually remove the background if the background is considered as not good enough to be in the image or video selected. 

Take a look at its features :

  • Use the automatic green screen for your green screen
  • Combine more than two photos and use the background image you want 
  • Operate the zoom feature to get the detail of the edited video or image to get a finer result

Download on the App Store

Additional Tool

8. Green Screener

Green Screener

Green Screener is not a green screen app that produces the green screen in your devices, it was created to help video-makers to get the perfect light and produce the right green key for the video-making process.

Designed with science by the creator of Hollywood Camera Work Training, Per Holmes, this app breaks down the green screen into bands, which can not be done by the light meters, and makes it easier to adjust the lighting.  It makes the lighting work go smoother and produces an even green key for the video, helping the video editor avoid the haircut process.

Comes with only a paid version for both Android and iOS users, this app will surely help video makers deliver finer green screen effect videos only with the camera and tablets or smartphones. 

Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

For Tech Savvy

9. AI Green Screen

AI Green Screen

Many technologies are now using AI-based systems. It also applied to the green screen app, with the AI Green Screen by Haveepaja. Positioned as the AI green screen app, just like the name said, this one is currently available with early access only for Android, and is useful for editing images or videos. 

The app works with semantic image segmentation, by letting the AI detect the image object or the background then the user only needs to pick the effect they want to add. Users can directly pick the image or videos they want to work on from their device’s gallery. 

This app has three different levels of detecting sensitivity which is focused on people only, the default mode detecting people and vehicles, and all objects. The green screen background app feature it has allows the users to create their own Whatsapp stickers too! Just to let you know how much the app offers with the features :

  • While AI is the main key feature, users still can do the traditional chroma keying process by building a mask based on image transparency
  • Swap background of image or video. With a fully automated green screening, users can replace the background and get an image to video export. You  get the audio from the background video as well
  • Mask Editor to extend the mask t created by the AI-generated mask and perfect the result as you wish
  • Send media (images or video) to AI Green Screen 

Download on Google Play

Some of the apps mentioned have only basic features but maybe the one that you’re looking for. Some of it may be only added to the green screen main feature but will help you a lot during the production or editing process. Compare each one of the apps to get the most suitable for you. 

For some reason, do not forget to learn about how well the app will go through different devices. Concerning editing features, how does it manage to let you share the results or change the device during the editing process? Each of the best green screen apps will give you different experiences with their features. So choose one that is closer to your approach. 

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