11 Best Handwriting To Text Apps for Android & iOS

by Donna Herring

Best Handwriting To Text Apps

Within the shift of technology your communication devices have nowadays, you can do pretty much almost everything you need on a daily basis. Not only making calls, capturing images but writing notes are now applicable. If you wish to digitize your handwritten notes, you might want one best handwriting to text apps for Android and iOS on your device.

These apps will be beneficial for those who still love to write down their notes, pouring down their thoughts with handwriting. It allows you to write down what you want while going paperless and get easier access through your mobile devices.

Let’s find one out of the 11 best apps down here, below!

11 Handwriting To Text Apps You’ll Want One

These apps mentioned here are categorized into 3 parts: the easiest, the one to support your creativity, and the one with the basic features. Some of them are only available for iOS or Play Store, but most of them are available for both iOS and Playstore.

Handwriting To Text Apps Easy for One Who’s Busy

Easy interface, easy to use, easy search and finding feature. Pick up some of the right choices to find ease in the middle of the hustling business.

1. Pen to Print

Pen to Print

A must-have item on your devices, Pen to Print will deliver your handwritten documents into a digitized version without a hustle. The first and foremost thing to do when start using the app is to give it your handwriting sample.

The app will scan, detect and recognize your handwriting sample. Pen to Print has much to offer as convenience for the busy users such as :

  • An easier access to edit and search features
  • Convert your handwriting into a digital file
  • Detect the meeting diary, transform it to table format and let it synchronize with your calendar
  • The premium version allows you to edit text, share on messaging apps, use it on Google Docs or Microsoft Word
  • Good on detecting words and putting them in order to make a sentences

Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

2. Pen Ultimate

Pen Ultimate

Evernote, the number two on this list has undoubtedly gained attention and loyalties from millions of users around the world. Evernote, known as a note organizer and daily planner, has a dedicated note-taker app called PenUltimate available only on AppleStore.

It provides you easy access to your documents with the synchronization of all your devices. As for the handwriting to text feature, within, it offers you :

  • Minimalist user interface for comfortable use
  • Evernote scannable function
  • Camera scanner to scan and organize your important doc, as your handwritten notes based on topic, project or even category as you wish
  • Easy sync and search for all your notes and documents
  • Connected to Google Calendar
  • Working with any part of the page you’re in without being distracted

Download on the App Store

3. Rocketbook Apps

Rocketbook Apps

Organized and efficient handwriting to text apps is Rocketbook app quality. It is best for you who are a real daily hustler. With OCR technology-based systems, it helps you to save and find your handwriting text inside the app, and even getting a full transcripted-page version via email is possible for you.

Rocketbook apps is made to be paired with Rocketbook product that allows to :

  • Write endlessly with reusable book, savior for an eco-living supporter
  • Scan Rocketbook with the device’s camera, or scan a whiteboard using Beacons
  • Take backup and send notes you take and share to cloud destinations, including project management tools such as Google Drive, Trello, OneDrive and many more
  • Use your handwritten text as a title of the filename

Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

Handwriting To Text Apps That Bring Fun To Your Digitized Handwritten Notes

Going efficient with digitized handwriting doesn’t mean limiting your creativity and losing the fun part. Explore these apps that spark your creative side while handwriting important notes.

4. Myscript Nebo

Myscript Nebo

Aside from the feature of turning handwriting to text, digitize it, Nebo could provide you with many things beyond your expectations. This app has an incredible identification feature to recognize any text, and then turn it into a digital text version. A worth-paid app that solves your problems.

Nebo provides you with note management that allows you to be creative with adding sketches, annotating pictures, it even generates you graphs or diagrams which can be saved to your device gallery if you want. Other features that you’ll love about Nebo :

  • Split a text into paragraphs
  • Mark relevant information
  • Convert your notes, reports, or sketches into a digital document file
  • Fix any mistake by yourself from the detected and digitized document
  • Write, edit and erase with your stylus pen
  • Save your document in various format: Word Document, HTML or PDF

Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

5. INKredible


One of those free handwriting recognition apps that you should give a try is INKredible. It is incredibly easy and simple to use, just like the name of the app itself. You can just write on your iPhone or Android’s smartphone using your fingers without a UI or button that may distract you.

If your device screen is small, no worry, because INKredible lets you use a special tool to make the writing experience easier for you, according to your preference.

INKredible is instead offering you to have :

  • An experience of writing on paper-like screen mode, you can modify the tone, the texture of the paper background, mix writings with pictures from your phone
  • Modifying the instrument, saturation, and even size of your writings
  • Organize the documents into collections and based on topic categories
  • Variation of free tools presented on the left slider menu bar.
  • Allows the user to attach a snapshot from the gallery of the device

Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

6. MetaMoji Note

MetaMoji Note

MetaMoji Note is available on paid version, and a lite unpaid version for both Android and iOS users. No wonder if this app gained recognition through multiple awards, and got recognition as #1 Productivity App in Japan!

Taking notes can’t be more fun than when using this app! It lets users take note and to-do list, convert it into PDF format and easily save it on the cloud for more accessible way to share it by email or social media platform. MetaMoji is known for its amazing features like advanced handwriting recognition and its ability to Annotate PDF and Office documents.

With unlimited access to premium tools like optional ink, papers, note styles, you will note only able to create a paperless doc, but you can enhance your creativity to make :

  • Digital scrapbook
  • Create greeting cards, invitations, flyers
  • Review, edit, and documents or share feedback by email

Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

7. Super Handwriting

Super Handwriting

Free app with super vector quality for Android users? Use Super Handwriting to take your notes and convert it to text then turn them into PNG, JPEG, or PDF format.

This app makes you write on the screen using your fingers which gives you impressive writing on screen experience!

Another premium features that will surprise the users are :

  • Possibility to add multiple pages, so users will have a paper book-like notes – great for a large note-taking!
  • Change the background format
  • Write and drawn with a pen tool with 4 different pen style, and modify the size and color
  • Erase correcting the mistakes with erase, undo, redo tool
  • Clear things in the note using the Clear Drawing Tool
  • Insert, resize, rotate additional elements on your notes, like images, geometrical shapes

Download on Google Play

8. Good Notes 5

Good Notes 5

Better for iOS users, Good Notes 5 has 5 starred reviews along the way! The app grants you the access to move, rotate, modify the color or resize your handwriting. When you want to erase a mistake, you can use the smart eraser tools, erase only a part or entire stroke to your needs.

After all, you also need to organize your documents and Good Note 5 can arrange them by folders, letting you create subfolders to your liking.

You can create a digital notebook and have it with you across all the Apple devices, from Mac to iPad with the mouse/trackpad and iPad pencil.

What’s good about it are :

  • It has Shapes tools to let you create perfect shapes or lines
  • Navigate through imported PDFs with existing hyperlinks
  • Export instantly your documents into PDF with the drag and drop feature
  • Mark up your PDF documents

Download on the App Store

Handwriting To Text Apps: The Basic for Learner

9. Pen Reader

Pen Reader

Another handwriting to text app that you should put on your list is Pen Reader. It has proof to maintain its quality over time. You can convert your handwriting or let’s call it this time manuscript into a digital version. Anything you write on the screen will be converted as a full-on document.

The way this app scans your handwriting is quite interesting: write down a word by placing a letter on top of each other to let the app recognize your handwriting and detect the word.

With this basic handwriting feature, Pen Reader have a great offer in :

  • Detecting a word with high-speed
  • Suggesting a correction through its spell checker
  • Allowing you to start new notes directly from your screen
  • Detecting and recognizing a partly-written word

Download on Google Play

10. Text Scanner OCR

Text Scanner OCR

The name of the app speaks for what feature it brings to your device and life! Text Scanner will turn your documents, images and digitize it for you. By the reviews of users, one has said that the scan result of the document is extremely accurate.

As for your handwriting, if you have it in document format, the app will scan it for you and convert it to a digital file. What you should know about the app :

  • It has a high-speed quality reading feature to let you save time.
  • Detect document with 102 different language
  • Reading text with different background, making it easier for your task
  • It lets you edit and share the OCR result you get
  • A chance to copy the text on screen using screenshot image
  • Scan and extract text from multiple images in the background

Download on Google Play

11. Gboard – The Google Keyboard

Gboard - The Google Keyboard

A very basic tool that the majority of device users will have is this one. All you need to do is launch the app from your device when you need to write down a note. Working well for small or big screens, it offers you an efficient and easy user interface.

What you’ll love from the handwriting to text feature the app has are :

  • Impressive level of scan and detect a word from manuscript or handwritings
  • Chance to mix it with emoji from the keyboard
  • Writings in cursive and printed letters mode
  • Recognize multiple languages

Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

There are numerous apps with the purpose mentioned you can find both in Playstore and iOS. The variety of the features they offered are also splendid. Whether the free version or premium, you can choose based on your needs and preferences.

Just so you know, the three best handwriting to text apps for Android and iOS mentioned here are very useful not only for professionals but also for students. Share your opinion or experience using one of them in the comment column below!

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