8 Best Home Inventory Apps for Android & iOS

by Donna Herring

Best Home Inventory Apps

Having a list of your personal or home inventory list organized is an essential thing, especially when you want to move or just to get a grip of where your stuff is after all. Conventional ways of listing the inventory may not be a real convenience nowadays, therefore using the best home inventory apps is known to be helpful to manage the task.

Controlling or tracking where the stuff is or moved starts with listing all the items down, their location, and saving the data in one fine place so you know that you won’t lose them, these tasks can be somehow stressful, especially if you need to kind of note down all the details meticulously. 

Best Home Inventory Apps To Arrange Your Stuff Delicately

The household inventory apps that are now available in the Play Store or Apple Store are very innovative, they make those management tasks more enjoyable by giving features like a wide range of categorizing, the ability to add pictures and tags, or with barcode scanner. 

Some of them go beyond that by providing side features that remind the users to be aware of warranty, lend or borrow stuff, and share them with the family member or property tenants. Explore the hand-picked list below to see which management app suits your taste. 

1. HouseBook


HouseBook is a home inventory app that helps its users to remember where their belongings are, certainly useful for those who forget things easily. Intentionally created for stuff that relatively has a ‘permanent home’, this app is very effective for your household inventory management.

When you create the inventory list, all you need to do is to input the items, capture the photos and add their location. With these easy steps, the apps will then store the information on the cloud and remember those data. Once you need to locate your stuff, you can ask Google Assistant (with select countries/languages) to search for you. 

The inventory becomes way more convenient for you and your housemate since you can share with them, so do business inventory well. Find out what this household inventory app can do :

  • Share inventory with clients, in case users run a business
  • Keeping the “ Before” condition, if you are a landlord
  • Share the household inventory with a tenant since you are an Airbnb host to your tenants
  • Free usage for 100 items or less, upgrade to premium to get access to save 300 items, 2 houses, and create multiple images per item. 

Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

2. Sortly


This personal inventory app can get you an easy way out of sorting, organizing, and tracking your household or even business inventory. Sortly is known for its sleek and modern user interface. Within its simple user experience, you can access your inventory app instantly. 

To make your inventory list, you can save the inventory of your stuff into a folder, name it by its location (rooms), condition (in or out), types, or any other category based on your choice; and easily create a sub-folder to make it even easier to locate. 

For each entry, you can add up to 8 images of the stuff. To find them instantly, users can add tags or notes. The app also allows users to link a QR code or barcode to items or folders they want. All of the mentioned features will simplify the process of searching for the stuff you need.

More with their in-app scanner, it will help you to move or make an update about your items instantly. More about this app you’d fall for :

  • Data saved in the cloud gives you access to recover your inventory data within 30 days in case of users delete an imperative information
  • Record detailed information of each item from price, serial number, warranty expiration date, SKU number, and many more
  • This free household inventory app lets you access it through different devices, be it a  tablet, smartphone, or desktop. 
  • Import data using their import template, and export the data  in CSV, PDF format or with dropbox 

Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

3. Memento DataBase

Memento DataBase

If you look for a more personal inventory app, Memento Database is surely one of the best to answer your needs. It offers solutions from keeping a track of personal belongings, hobbies, and even small to medium-sized business inventory.

Organizing inventory will be much more enjoyable with the features it has. Users can group and sort or filter the items data can be done with any kind of fields with Memento DataBase, with twenty-nine configurable parameters. To enrich the recordkeeping to your taste, as a user, you are allowed to add as much information and tags as you wish to each group of items.

Synchronize your data with Google Sheets in case you want to edit the database with an offline option, the app also offers a backup feature to make sure users prevent losing the data, and restore the loss if any. Find the other features it will give to you :

  • Use barcode to search for entries
  • A wide range of fields types you can choose from text, checkboxes, buttons, currency, images, signature, calculation, JavaScript, etc
  • Performing data analysis like aggregation, charting, grouping, sorting, filtering, by any fields
  • Aside from its home inventory app function, it also has efficient and multi-function features as a substitute for many apps to do tasks like personal finance and shopping, time management, travel planning, medical and sports records

Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

4. Itemtopia


Itemtopia is an all in 1 home inventory management app you wish for! Not only to save and keep tracking of household stuff, but this free household inventory app is also useful for keeping your eye on all of your house and home aspects from clothing to pet health and growth track.

From homeowners, landlords, collectors, small businesses to students can organize their personal stuff with this app. It is also available in 11 different languages for 80 countries around the world. 

It allows users to use it by multiple people and devices simultaneously or create a Family account to use it together with your family member. With the ‘My Life’ feature, you’ll be able to sell all of the data of your home inventory, services, and family information records. 

Use it and discover the following features that help you track and if you manage your stuff :

  • Adding notes (documents, internet plan details, cellphones) to and copies of expenses receipts to any items, pets, family members, and services. 
  • Add photos, receipts, warranties and remind you to do some home protection tasks.
  • Add reminders, photos, notes to your car’s services, NHTSA (Automatic Recall Notification)
  • Track receipt and all your saved items 
  • Report of your total asset values, purchase receipts, expenses records

Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

5. MyStuff


Managing your stuff with MyStuff is a smart choice, especially if you are very detail-oriented. This app allows its users to record the details of each of the items, from personal collections, such as books, or to high-value items. 

The Dashboard lets you find all your items with details in one place. You can record the personal, small business, or home inventory manually to the apps,  add the product barcode or even create a customized barcode if needed.

MyStuff can also help you plan your budget to purchase things like clothes or some other collection since users can add purchase dates, places, and prices and let you remember them right. It can also help you to track lend/borrow stuff so you won’t miss any of them anymore.

Exploring the easy user interface and find out some of its valuable features to help you manage your inventory :

  • Quick backup and restore the data of your personal, home, and small business inventory
  • Share complete details of the stuff you want with images
  • Use the searching option to find your favorite stuff
  • Categorize things with some predefined categories or of your own categories
  • Add, edit, delete any items, from small one to big, any kind of purchase you want to keep track with 

Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

6. ZenOwn


ZenOwn is specialized to help its users declutter and organize their things. With this app, you can track especially the warranties of your personal items and collect all the invoices without losing them anymore.

Users can simply add the product to the apps by using one of these three ways possible: capture the receipt to let the app records all the details, and keep it within 24h; automatically save all the product info by scanning its barcode; or, forward your order email to [email protected] if you shop online. 

With its features, you’ll find zen in :

  • Get a reminder of the warranty before it expires, you won’t miss the claim anymore
  • Keep all the purchase and product detailed information in one place
  • Collect the best out of a product of your preference with useful product video-tips
  • Get special offers if you add a product from one of their partnered brands

Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

7. Magic Home Inventory

Magic Home Inventory

Aside from being organized, or you want to declutter, Magic Home Inventory helps you to manage the household inventory really well. This free personal inventory app allows its users to organize their stuff by breaking down the list from property >> room >> item >> item. 

Users can also create a list of items just like when writing them down on a piece of paper. Through that arrangement, it keeps an easy way to find out which item is stored where. Magic Home Inventory is useful for you to locate remote storage in case you have one, or when your family member or housemate wants something and you want to show them where it is.

This app has an import/export feature and lets users back up, or transfer the inventory to another storage location then facilitate you to track which boxes for which items, very useful when you’re moving. Below are key features that make this app stands out :

  • More than two thousand and five hundred hand-picked keywords to aid categorization
  • Custom camera which helps users to select items on the picture
  • Advanced search to let users find their stuff immediately
  • Fifteen categories with well-defined finer categories for more than three hundred variation
  • Moving items in any container you want

Download on Google Play

8. Home Inventory Everspruce

Home Inventory Everspruce

As one of the best personal inventory apps on the list, Home Inventory Everspruce presented only for iOS users is completely free with its cool feature. You’ll get an interesting experience while noting down, sorting, and organizing your home inventory list. The way you add the items on the list is particularly by capturing the picture. 

First, capture the area where you have boxes then give it a name. You need to capture the boxes where you want to store your items and name them. Afterward, take a picture of each item that belongs to a box. 

Try its feature to convince yourself about how useful this app is to help you organize and track your stuff :

  • Add up to fifty entries, all of them will be placed in cloud storage
  • Powerful search to help you find the stuff immediately
  • A quick filter with the location, box, or tags
  • Tag the items to define a custom collection of items
  • Mark “Check Out” of an item when you are done with it and return it to its initial place
  • Create, print, and scan QR code labels
  • Export your items database in CSV or PDF formats

Download on the App Store

Several apps mentioned above offer a paid subscription for users, allowing them to unlock features that facilitate simplicity to the management and track tasks of home inventory. Some of them stay as free home inventory apps with basic but reliable features they bring to the users.

Picking the most suitable one based on key features you need, then consider the side features that can cover all the goods and possessions management, and which of them supports your current purpose (moving out, decluttering, tracking the stuff before lending the property, etc). 

One important thing to keep in mind, within the database of the inventory of your belongings generated through the best home inventory app chosen, always tries to naturally update it by deleting, adding an item so you won’t mix things up. 

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