10 Best Logic Games for Android & iOS

by Jimmy Marsh

Best Logic Games

Logic games are made to feed your brain and improve your thinking skills. These games might sound less interesting from the name but they offer more fun than you think as long as you get the best logic games on your mobile device.

Designed with strategy and challenge in mind, these apps bring mind bending puzzles and obstacles you have to solve. They keep your brain fit and level up your problem-solving skills at a time. And of course, they are great to play while you relax.

Best Logic Games for iOS and Android

Logic games don’t have to be serious and boring. Some developers make it with fun animation and amazing graphics, providing you with a relaxing atmosphere to unwind. Most logic puzzles and games are suitable for all ages so you can play with your family.

1. Cut the Rope 2

Cut the Rope 2

Cut the Rope 2 is the second part of the popular logic puzzle series with the same name. This game is free to play and it promises an amazing yet challenging experience. Featuring mind bending puzzles and obstacles, it is good to maintain an agile brain.

This app adopts real-life physics to build tricky levels. Your task is to master each level which eventually helps you improve problem solving skills. Combined with beautiful graphics and interesting sound effects, Cut the Rope 2 becomes one of the best logic games to try.

There are 168 new levels of rope cutting to accomplish with 7 new characters that will help you solve the puzzles. You can also customize the character such as choosing new hats, finger traces, or favorite candy. Easy gameplay makes it hard to put down.

If you are done with mind boggling works and cutting ropes, you can move to Om Nom Stories that provide you with exciting adventures. Enjoy these cartoon series without leaving the app for free. Cut the Rope 2 offers in-app purchases for more items.

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2. Sudoku.com


Sudoku is a popular Japanese classic game that trains your mind with number. Solving sudoku daily can keep your brain active and it also offers a pack of other benefits like reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s. And now you can play sudoku from your mobile with Sudoku.com.

This logic game for Android and iPhone is ideal for beginners and advanced players. Supporting offline mode, it ditches pencil and paper so you can play this game at any time anywhere. Take this brain training on the go whether you are on a bus or at the airport.

Sudoku.com features more than 10,000 number games available in 6 difficulty levels. Beginners can try easy level to medium sudoku while advanced players will be happy to try giant level. Each level comes with default features like auto-check, hints, and duplicates.

Join daily sudoku challenges to earn unique trophies. You can also challenge yourself by trying to find your mistake. If you want to play it in a traditional way, Sudoku.com has a Notes feature that lets you make notes just like you would on paper.

More features are available on Sudoku.com such as statistics to track your progress, unlimited undo, auto-save, and erase to remove your mistakes. You can also choose color themes to improve your sudoku.

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3. Brain It On!

Brain It On!

Do you need the best logic games that highlight physics puzzles for daily brain training? Get Brain It On and solve mind boggling puzzles on your Android and iPhone. More puzzles are constantly updated so you will never get bored with the app.

This best logic game allows you to compete with friend to win a crown. You can also choose from multiple ways to solve the puzzles. Use a method that works best for your brain and see how it helps you solve the problem.

Brain It On gives you the option to share unique solutions so you can compare with friends. Unlock each level by earning stars and accomplish all puzzles. When you are done, you will get your thinking skills improved.

Made with a clean and sleek UI, playing a mind game is so much fun with Brain It On. This app is free to play but it contains disturbing ads that may get your nerve. You can use real money to purchase no-ads option, unlock all hints, and unlock levels earlier.

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4. Logic Master 1 Mind Twist

Logic Master 1 Mind Twist

Featuring unusual and tricky question, Logic Master is among the best free logic games to train your brain. This is a brilliant app that requires high thinking skills, use of memory, and ability to think out of the box to solve the puzzles.

The combination of addictive gameplay and amazing graphics makes you stay in this game for hours. It comes packed with more than 260 puzzles to solve, so you can try different puzzles as you progress. Cognitive score evaluation helps you evaluate how you get the problems solved.

The best logic game doesn’t have to be serious. It has awesome graphics and fun sound effects that boost your mood. Plus, it promises easy control with one finger touch or drag. Whether you want to compete against players or time, go for it.

Logic Master supports offline brain game which means you can solve problems without internet connection. Thanks to high quality puzzles, you can improve concentration and memory while having fun.

Thinking outside the box needs practices and Logic Master can help you out. This app is free to play but it offers additional items to purchase with real money.

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5. Fun Escape Room

Fun Escape Room

Fun Escape Room is a fun mind puzzle app to keep your brain active. This outstanding app will help boost your logical thinking and ability to solve problems and accomplish challenge. It is also entertaining, allowing you to enjoy every quest until the end.

On this app, your task is to escape room by searching hidden clues and solving tricky brain teasers. You will also need to crack the code and brain test to unlock doors and escape the next room. There are 100 rooms to open to claim your victory.

Fun Escape Room as one of the best logic games for iPhone and Android has a variety of useful features. Use hints to unstuck and continue to the next room. It is also designed with beautiful graphics and fun animation that redefine your game experience.

This addictive logic game hides more than 700 tricky puzzles that you have to solve to win. The difficulty level increases as you progress so you can ask help from your partner, friend, or family. Available for free, this app is suitable for all ages.

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6. Cross Logic

Cross Logic

Here’s Cross Logic that is handpicked to be one of the best logic games across platforms. This brain teaser lets you engage your brain and have fun simply by tapping your finger at any time. Solve the logic puzzles and see if you can win the game.

As the name suggests, it is loaded with tricky puzzles to power up your brain. It also has logical mysteries you can solve to win the game. Use the most of your brain power to complete the game and see how far you go through it.

How Cross Logic works is pretty simple. Download this app for free on Google Play or App Store and open it. Find brain puzzles and brain teaser you have to solve and progress through levels. You can also find grid riddles to level up your mind.

Beautiful graphics and amazing sound effects are among reasons to choose Cross Logic over other brain puzzles. Discover high quality puzzles to test your brain and win the logic game. You will never get bored of playing this game as it has tons of puzzles to solve.

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7. Where’s My Water? 2

Where’s My Water? 2

Following the success of Where’s My Water, Disney released the second version known as Where’s My Water? 2. Still featuring Swampy and Allie, join them on their exciting adventure to solve physics-based puzzles.

Find 3 new locations including the Soap Factory, the Sewer, and the Beach—each of which offer amazing experiences. The gameplay is similar. Your tasks are to cut through dirt and guide Swampy and friends to fresh water or purple water.

This best logic game has more than 100 levels to bring your brain to the next level. It also has challenge mode with which you can replay the levels. One interesting feature you’ll love about this version is Duck Rush level that lets you to dig rapidly and get tons of ducks.

In case you get stuck on a level, use hints to solve the puzzles. You can also complete various achievements to get special-themed ducks.

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8. Math


Math is a logic game to upgrade your logical thinking and problem-solving skills. Featuring different levels of math games, it’s like bringing your brain to the gym for brain exercises. Reveal your math talent through numbers and geometrical shapes and stretch your mind.

This app is suitable for players of all ages. You can use both basic and complex mathematical operations to answer all questions. With just a little addition, it makes math so much fun. From subtraction to multiplication and division, it has everything you need to improve your brain.

How to play Math is completely simple. Designed with the IQ test approach, you will need to solve the relationship between numbers. You may also need to complete the missing numbers and recognize patterns.

Math riddles and puzzles are free to play. Anyone can access this game for free and get hints to help answer the questions. 

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9. Infinity Loop

Infinity Loop

Infinity Loop is an addictive mind-boggling game to boost your logic skills. Combining puzzle and logic game, your task is to create looping patterns or connect multiple things. It may sound easy but you may need more time to accomplish a task.

But don’t worry. You don’t have to be Einstein to play this game. Besides improving your brain capacity, this app is designed to manage your anxiety. It helps you relax by clearing your mind and remove stress. This is why Infinity Loop is addictive.

As the name suggest, this best logic game has infinite levels. You can play over and over again without getting bored. Your goal is to connect the lines and corners to create perfect connections. Enjoy the satisfaction and relaxing sensation when playing this game.

But if you move to dark mode, the gameplay is rather different. You have to disconnect all connections and break the lines without leaving a piece connected. Whichever your preference, Infinity Loop helps boost your logical thinking and relieve your stress.

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10. Meow Tower

Meow Tower

Nonogram, also known as picross, is a popular picture logic puzzle game that works effectively to keep your brain working. Adopting nonogram puzzles, Meow Tower is a fun picross game that helps maintain a healthy mind.

On this app, you need to decorate your cats’ room. Solve puzzles so you can buy new furniture and expand the cat tower. You can also meet stray cats and befriend with them. Some cats will tell you a secret so you have to be nice to all of them.

Meow Tower comes with highlight features such as hundreds of challenges with increasing difficulty levels as you progress, unique cats, nice furniture, and mysterious stories. Best of all, it supports offline mode for brain game on the go.

If you worry about data security, Meow Tower offers cloud data backup so you can play the game without losing levels across devices. This app is free to play but you can upgrade the content with in-app purchases.

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The Takeaways

Logic games don’t have to be unattractive and brain draining. Now you can find fun mind games that offer mindfulness benefits and happiness at a time.

The best logic games above have different genres so you can pick one that suits you. If you love it in a storyline, Where’s My Water? 2 and Cut the Rope could be the best option. But if you want a classic and simple one, Sudoku has got you covered.

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