10 Best Plant Care Apps for Android & iOS

by Donna Herring

Best Plant Care Apps

Growing and caring for houseplants is not a new hobby that many use as a way to create a productive activity with less stress. The interest is increasing significantly, and to support the needs, there, these best plant care apps are created to help plant-parents learn and explore the perks of growing beautiful houseplants. 

From experienced to beginner plant-parent, people now look for apps to help them manage the plant care plan in order to get satisfying results from this nature-related hobby. 

But being a houseplant caretaker is not only about smiling at the greenish or colorful plant, it is also about the routines of watering, repotting, and examining the health of the plant just like parents to their children do each day. 

Find yourself the most suitable plant care management app to guide you better doing the routine. Here they go!

10 Best Plant Care Management Apps Ready To Serve Plant Lovers

Best Plant Care Apps For Plant Identification and Management

Whether a novice or experienced, these apps that bring identifier features will help introduce more to the plant world. Not only good for education, but you’ll find ease in managing plant care plans with various kinds of activities to help you enhance your plant-parenting skills. 

1. Blossom Plant Identification

Blossom Plant Identification

This is one of the best plant care apps that will help plant-parent or interested plant-parent to identify plants, succulents, trees, and flowers. Of course, users should take a proper photo of the plants they want to help the app identify more accurately.

Make sure to get proper lighting, and capture the important parts of the plant like the leaves and the bud. This app will generate not only the name or the origin of the plant, but it will stock users up with important information about the needs of that plant for steady growth. 

Users can get a broader knowledge while searching for the plant variety. This app has a free trial mode for great features.  Explore those with the unlimited amounts by paid subscription per month or per year :

  • Customizable reminder for watering, fertilizing, repotting your plant
  • Use search tool to search a plant name and get detailed information about the plant and caring strategies
  • Take notes of the plant-caring journey 
  • Maximize the use of light meter to measure the light levels and find best place for your plant-child

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2. PictureThis – Plant Identifier


Carrying an identifier feature, PictureThis offers an excellent function of accuracy, fast speed and ease for users to find out about more than 17 000 plant species through users’ hands.

That is possible through functional advanced AI technology. This app also delivers some useful tips and reminders of plant-caring to its users. Users can get access to beneficial tips to better cultivate and take care of their plants. 

This plant care apps comes with AI technology, which allows gold or premium subscribers to diagnose and find out their sick plant. Users only need to take a proper picture of the parts of sick or diseased plants from different angles and in a whole mode. PictureThis will help users to identify the cause and give suggestions for treatment. 

Check out other features by subscription that may correspond to your needs as a plant-parent :

  • Unlimited plant identification
  • A one-on-one conversation with horticulture specialist
  • Notes and record of diseases and growth of plants

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Best Plant Care Apps For Plant Care Routine

From watering, trimming, fertilizing to repotting, all of the routines can accidentally be skipped. Missing the routines of doing fundamental care can trigger risk to your green companion growth. Get help with the best daily plant care management below!

3. Plantiary


Like a gardening assistant, Plantiary can help you to keep the routine of caring for your plants on track so users won’t miss the important procedures and strategies. 

By using the plan identifier feature, users are suggested to take pictures of their plants and make a personal house garden in the app. This step will let the app recognize users’ green companion, and set a caring calendar schedule for them. Plantiary will also notify or give you some plant caring tips in the app and bookmark it, according to users preferences (they can turn off the notification if they will). 

Other features users should know from Plantiary :

  • Plant pictures to let users add their plant-child with their picture, give each plant a name to make it easier for users to spot which plant needs which care. 
  • Let the users know how much sun, water, and good food for the plants
  • The section about the location of plants: the app allows users to name the location and group the plants to make it easier for caring routines.
  • Plant care history to track the  caring history and let learn from mistakes
  • Adding personal notes of the caring journey of users plants

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4. Florish – Plant Care Companion

Only available for iOS, Florish goes further than just an ordinary daily plant care app. The feature they bring is great for people who just want to start having green companions in their house. 

With the light meter, this app will estimate the light intensity in different areas of the user’s house and help users to recommend suitable plants for those spaces. If users find a plant that they like, they just need to order it on Florish web store who will then deliver it to the consumer’s place. It’s really just a click away. 

In case the users already have their plants that can’t be found in the app’s database, simply submit the picture of their plant to the app in order to have watering notification reminders regularly. 

This free plant care app also offers other features :

  • Description of a plant with its healthy condition look-liked, caring instructions, and knowledge about common issues that causes them to get ill. 
  • Discover section for the tips and design trends to get inspired while caring your green companion

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5. Planta


Impressive plant caring assistant, Planta is! Novice plant-parent can be more reassured by giving their care to the plants. Planta will give its users a step-by-step guide on plant caring journeys. 

This app will give you plant recommendations based on users’ skills. With the Planta plant scanner, it will give you users information about treating plants and gardening. Much more to it, users can use various educational materials related to the plant world. 

Journaling users and their plant growth journey is always exciting and might be mandatory for some users, so Planta let this happen to their users with Plant Journal.

Discover of how much this app can do featuring :

  • Smart care reminders: tell Planta all about your plants (the variety, location, the weather, light, etc and let this app generates the caring plan and notify you of time for watering, cleaning to repotting the plant
  • Placing suitable plant-based on the light intensity of the space with a built-in light meter has
  • Dr. Planta to help you treating well your diseased plant

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Best Plant Care Apps For Daily Reminder

If you only need a simple routine management helper for plant-caring activities, consider one of these best two plant organizer apps at your disposal.

6. Gardenia – Plant Organizer


With a simple but useful fundamental function, Gardenia will provide users with botanical information and gardening tips of more than 90000 plant species. 

This app is fully free for use, users can customize reminders to do basic plant-caring tasks with ease. Users only need to add the app’s database to their list. The app will then specify the ideal levels of water, sun exposure, fertilization, soil type for their green companion.

It will also indicate the minimum temperature to let the plant survive and the blooming season. The good feature of Gardenia also is :

  • A wider range of caring tasks: applying pesticides, sowing, harvesting, and pruning, in addition to watering, fertilizing, and repotting
  • Giving weather information based on the location, including temperature, humidity and rain for gardening-oriented needs

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7. PlantNote: Plant Daily & Water Reminder


Another plant care management app that serves basic needs. Users will find the UI is a quite minimal design with less distracting buttons. 

To use it, users only need to submit all their plants, the database of PlantNote is very broad. After adding all the plants, users need to customize each plant card with details like the amount of sun exposure and moistures needs, and location, etc. 

Use the features to help you manage the plant-care plan :

  • Set reminders for each plant individually (watering, fertilizing, repotting and other cares defined by users)
  • Track the progress of each metrics to view the previous feeding time and how much time left for the next session. 

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Best Plant Care App For Experienced Plant-Parent

More experienced plant parents may need a plant care management app that is both simple and more personalized. Vera may be the fittest to that objective. 

8. Vera – Plant Care Made Simple


Delivering an experience in more like journal-approach, Vera allows the users to create their own plant-caring schedules. Users only need to submit information about their green leafy companion to the app, add a brief note, even give them name and avatar, and describe more about the location and or the adoption date. 

Those details take a role as journal entry, and once it’s done, the app will lead users to log any activities based on users experiences. Vera allows users to create personalized schedules for each caring activity and reminding them to not miss those activities. 

Aside, experienced plant-parent can enjoy other features Vera offer :

  • Write along every concern related to the growth of the plant
  • Use the Library Vera has to absorb beneficial articles, blogs, for tips and tricks about plants

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Best Plant Care Apps For Inspiration

Enriching the plant-caring journey experience and getting inspiration when taking care of plants are necessary. Rather than just act as a plant care reminder, these following apps for plant care will bring more value to your plant-caring experience.

9. Lovely


Plant-care tasks will be such a lovely time to spend for plant-parent with the help of Lovely (currently available only for Android users). This app for plant care compiles all the necessary features in one place, ready to serve the users.

Users can collect and create the data of their plants in one place, giving them a proper profile from the name, room location, reminders, and photos! As your plant-care assistant, Lovely will let you set up care routines, and it even creates automatic journal entries for each metric (watering, fertilizing, etc).

The journal features can be used not only to take notes, but users can add photos of their green companion growth. Download Lovely to enjoy more of your plant-caring activities with its feature :

  • Handpicked articles about plant care tips, design, trends, 
  • Care tips and recommendations of over 300 houseplants from its catalog
  • Inspiration to decorate the interior with plants

Download on Google Play

10. My Garden

My Garden

My garden will suit users who not only aspire to take care of decoration plants, but beyond that, this app will suit users who aspire to build and grow their productive and organic plants in a larger area than an indoor area.

This app is also known as a social media for gardeners. The first step to use it is quite easy as informing the app of what kind of gardening users are interested in and let the app collect additional use information related to local conditions. 

Based on the type of gardening, location, temperature, and season users are in, the app will then suggest and give ideas for plants or gardening projects to flourishingly grow. 

My Garden provides users some beneficial with optimized features to :

  • Help users monitor their existing plants, in case users, have already planted their plant
  • Get step-by-step instruction, from plantation to post-plantation stages, and plant care reminders in My Garden section
  • Follow other gardeners and share knowledge, be inspired of gardening project and save it in My Garden section
  • Improve gardening knowledge and skills curated tips for different species and plants
  • Track your plants growth and share the joy with other plant lovers

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Each plant user may respond differently to its surroundings and grow different results. By getting support with an app for plant care, one tries to give a better life to their plants.

Who knows, that one or some of these apps on the recommendation list are a gem for plant lovers and parents which can level up the experience and journey of taking care of plants. Don’t waste more time hesitating to use these apps, just try it out, and let others know what your opinions are!

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