13 Best Pregnancy Workout Apps for Android & iOS

by Donna Herring

Best Pregnancy Workout Apps

Are you looking for the best pregnancy workout app? Well, you are in the right place because below you will find a series of workout apps that suit all pregnant mothers in the world.

More than anything, keeping your body moving while you are pregnant is more than a necessity. You will do the strongest push and still deal with lots of stuff after delivering your baby. This is why you cannot stay still during your pregnancy.

Well, in this article, you will find the best prenatal workout plan as well as other exercises you can do to prepare yourself. Some of them are free but you can unlock advanced features by signing up for the paid subscription in the first place.

Exercise during Pregnancy

Is it even possible to work out during pregnancy? Of course, it is possible. Exercising during pregnancy helps you to improve posture and get rid of common discomforts.

According to those who exercise during pregnancy, they didn’t feel backaches and fatigue. Other than that, keeping your body moving will help you to gain more stamina when going into labor. So, why don’t you plan your workout routine from now on?

Best Pregnancy Workout Apps for Android and iOS

Below, you will find a series of apps that help you to exercise before delivering the baby. You may also get the best post-pregnancy workout app on the list below.

Instead of being strict to exercises to prepare you for the D-day, you can give kegel exercises a try as well. Some apps even come up with nutrition plans and diet tips to keep you healthy and sane during pregnancy.

So, here is a list of the best apps to be your partner during your pregnancy both for iOS and Android devices.

1. Baby2Body


Are you looking for some free pregnancy workouts? Well, Baby2Body happens to be one of the best yet well-known apps that allow you to have a home workout before and after giving birth.

Other than showing you a list of workout plans for pregnant mothers, this app also comes up with workout plans for people in general, mindfulness workout, and enjoyable recipes you can try at home.

You would love this app because it comes up with everything you need to follow during pregnancy. Other than joining the workout plan, you can listen to podcasts and coaching classes too. All you need to do is to download Baby2Body on the Play Store or App Store and enjoy all the features!

Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

2. Tone It Up

Tone It Up

If you are looking for a pregnancy safe workout app then Tone It Up or TIU is something you should take a look at. The exercises created on this app are designed and developed for all expecting mothers. Thus, it will be smooth for you to give the workout a try.

All plans and programs are suggested by top fitness trainers along with the built-in community. Women should support women, right? Well, this app is proof for sure.

Also, you can do all the movements at home safely. Are you interested in giving this app a try? Go grab Tone It Up on the App Store and Play Store now!

Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

3. Aaptiv


What workouts are OK during pregnancy? There are quite a lot of movements you can do even though you are pregnant.

In case you are not sure enough, Aaptiv will give you a series of recommendations for workout during pregnancy. Feel free to talk about it with your doctor in the first place, after all.

Aaptiv, on the other hand, comes up with an excellent yet useful thing that you would love. You will only spend seven minutes per session because it encourages small yet consistent routines in the first place.

Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

4. Oh Baby!

Oh Baby!

Is there a fitness app for pregnancy? Of course, there is – and Oh Baby! happens to be one of the best apps on the market.

This app comes up with a series of workout plans you can do for a week. Other than that, the app will sort the developmental milestones which you can show to your obgyn.

Oh Baby! works like a pregnancy app but with a series of exercise recommendations that will be good for your body and safe for the baby. More than anything, this app gets updated regularly so that you may expect lots of good things in the future.

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5. Prenatal & Postnatal Workout

Prenatal & Postnatal Workout

On the other hand, this app offers a complete program both for before and after pregnancy. Other than that, this after pregnancy workout app will be very helpful to keep you energized after giving birth.

Other than doing a series of exercises, this app also offers yoga classes you can follow at home. Every exercise will last about 20 minutes, after all.

Thus, you don’t need to spend too much time on exercise while still keeping your body moving in the first place. Give this app a try and you will find out how impressive this app is.

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6. Yoggy Healthy Prenatal Yoga

Yoggy Healthy Prenatal Yoga

Meanwhile, if you are more into yoga instead of workout, Yoggy Healthy Prenatal Yoga will be an interesting option to try. You will get a regular practice of yoga that is accessible through your phone.

And more than anything, this prenatal yoga app will not cause or bring any difficulty in the first place. Doing this exercise will be much more helpful later in your life, especially if you are expecting.

According to the app, Yoggy will help you to connect your body and the baby through a nice stretch. Thus, if you are looking for a way to be relaxed while having a bunch of more benefits then this app will do a favor.

Download on the App Store

7. Prenatal Yoga: Down Dog

Prenatal Yoga: Down Dog

This one is a pregnancy workout app free that you can grab on the Play Store and App Store. As its name suggests, this app will show you more about yoga instead of workout plans.

Still, you will get lots of useful things by using this app, especially if you want to keep moving while carrying your baby. Prenatal Yoga: Down Dog comes up with three different levels that determine the intensity.

Other than that, you can pick your plan, whether it will be restorative or full practice yoga exercises. To make the session easier to follow, you can pick a voice that will guide you during the practice.

Generally, the free version of this app is enough to give you a series of yoga sessions. However, lots of advanced features are only unlocked if you go with the paid monthly subscription.

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8. Kegel Trainer PFM Exercises

Kegel Trainer PFM Exercises

As its name suggests, you will learn a lot about kegel by downloading this app. Instead of focusing only on a pregnancy workout program, Kegel Trainer will help you to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles.

Just like most workout apps, your virtual kegel trainer will remind you daily when it is time for doing some exercises. The sessions are easy to follow, which will give you a lot more fun than you may think.

Other than that, you can pick the session, whether it will be 30 seconds or three minutes. You won’t go above three minutes in the first place, considering experts agree that it won’t be effective.

For those who are up for adventures and challenges, Kegel Trainer PFM Exercises will keep up with you every day. So, you should give this app a try.

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9. Pregnancy Exercise and Workout at Home

Pregnancy Exercise and Workout at Home

If you are looking for a pregnancy exercise and workout app that helps you to workout at home then this app will help you a lot. You will find useful things when it comes to exercising for pregnant mothers.

All exercise plans come up with easy-to-follow instructions. Yet, you have to get through every instruction carefully and precisely to get the most benefits of each session.

More than anything, all sessions provide videos and pictures along with descriptions to help you follow the instructions thoroughly.

Download on the App Store

10. Studio Bloom

Studio Bloom

Are you regularly joining yoga classes? Well, if you are kind of missing your yoga studio then you can try Studio Bloom. For now, this app is only available for iOS devices

While the app is free, you can upgrade the plan for USD 28.99 per month. By signing up for the paid plan, you will get tons of interesting content to keep you moving.

Studio Bloom has at least 100 workout plans and useful videos that help you to walk on the journey of motherhood. Other than that, the app will keep you challenged everyday – reminders will appear daily.

Also, what does exercise mean without proper meal plans? Studio Bloom has prepared anything for you. So, you should hit it, though.

Download on the App Store

11. Juna

How many days should a pregnant woman workout? Well, you can ask that question to your doctor. Another way is by downloading Juna and finding the answer on your own.

Juna is generally a workout app that comes up with interesting plans for pregnant mothers. You can download the app both on the Play Store and App Store for free. Yet, feel free to upgrade your subscription for USD 19.99 per month.

If you are signing up for the paid plan, you will get a series of programs for those who are trying to conceive. Other than workout programs, you will get meal plans and nutrition tips too.

For pregnant mothers, Juna has designed more than 200 workouts for each trimester. Meanwhile, if you are looking for kegel sessions then you will get lots of them too.

All in all, Juna is what you need when it comes to workout apps for pregnant mothers. Feel free to give it a try, for sure.

Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

12. Glo Yoga and Meditation

Glo Yoga and Meditation

On the other hand, if you are looking for a pregnancy exercise app that also promotes yoga then Glo is an interesting tool you should take a look at. The plans and everything you find on this app come from a world-class studio.

Generally, this app is not specifically designed for pregnancy but it has programs for that. On the other hand, you can keep using this app after pregnancy or even though you are not pregnant in the first place.

Glo Yoga and Meditation is not a free app. It does have a free trial but you have to sign up for the paid plan – USD 22.99 per month. The price tag may come up a bit pricey but the classes are worth your money.

Other than yoga, you can join pilates and meditation classes. All you need to do is to grab this app on the Play Store or App Store, depending on your device.

Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

13. FitOn


Are you looking for a prenatal workout app that allows you to do everything at home? Well, Fit On can be an option to consider, for sure.

Other than giving you a series of workout programs, this app also helps you with your diet plan. The app will calculate how many calories you have burned and how much you can eat per day.

Don’t worry because this app also comes with pregnancy programs. Thus, every plan for pregnant mothers is specifically created by putting safety as priority.

Another interesting thing you would love from this app is its program to lose weight after giving birth. All in all, FitOn provides you with everything you need when it comes to pregnancy workout.

Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

Final Thought

Working out is necessary even though you are pregnant. There will be many ways you can try to keep moving even though you carry a human baby inside your womb.

Why should you workout in the first place anyway? Well, keeping your body moving will help you deliver the baby smoothly. Other than that, your body needs a proper plan to maintain your health – just like other people do.

Other than using the best pregnancy workout app, you should keep an eye on your diet too. By that, you will have a pleasant experience during and after giving birth.

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