12 Best Push-up Apps for Android & iOS

by Jimmy Marsh

Best Push-up Apps

Known to help build upper body strength, push-up is one of the body workouts everyone can do almost anywhere. For beginners or even pros who are trying to start or achieve a new strong body result, some best pushup apps are ready to accompany the workout journey in the correct manner. 

Body exercises like push up, in general, will help someone to gain body muscle mass or weight. Push-up can be maximized to develop the upper body parts like shoulder, triceps, chest. But in fact, when it’s done in the correct manner, it will have a good impact on your core stability and strength as well. 

Not to mention that push-ups are always one of the positioning parts of martial arts to improve good body posture. It can boost the cardio, and form correct breathing habits. 

So in case you are now triggered to perform or reinitiate this exercise, read and learn first about push-up apps to assist you do it in the correct manner to optimize the result ahead!

12 Best Push Up Challenge Apps for Android and iOS

1. Just 6 Weeks

Just 6 Weeks

Help yourself find a comfortable spot, bring your smartphone and spare about 10 minutes a day, that’s all you need to start performing push-up exercises. 

This is one of the best free push-up apps that will accompany you to hit 100 push-ups in 6 weeks, just so the name is. Users only need to start the application and pass the beginning level in order to let the app identify users’ current status. Users will get the training from the third week after hitting 20 push-ups. 

This push-up app won’t let you confused about how to start training yourself or how much you should start it, it will give you a recommendation of 5 approaches with specific interval times. Users can still customize the functions. 

Aside from the simple and clean user interface, Just 6 Weeks offer other features :

  • Workout schedule reminder
  • Statics to track your progress in a form of list or beautiful chart
  • Selections of level depend on the result of the physical test
  • Seven programs that can be combined

Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

2. Push Up Workout

Push Up Workout

Starting a training using Push Up Workout app will let users count the number of repetitions, and calculate the calorie burnt during every exercise. Users should pass a test and push up to hit the maximum number before really starting the training program. 

Another feature that makes exercising with this push-up app like exercising with a personal trainer is how the app plans the training program with a tailor-made for users based on age and body status. The plan will be split into 6 different levels, and to move forward, the level will be broken based on training results. 

Push Up workout offers some great features for users like the following :

  • Proximity sensor counting, users can touch the screen with nose or chin to make it start the counter
  • Training with 5 different approaches
  • Correct the training by choosing the level of how the training was done : easy, medium, hard
  • Freestyle mode available, recorded 
  • Entering training data manually 

Download on Google Play

3. 100 Push Up Workout

A push-up challenge app that needs you to take the exercise seriously. Users only need 10 minutes to spend for 3 days each week to do the challenge. 100 Push Up Workout is basically a fitness application providing body workouts with push-up training system. 

Users should pass a test before starting the training where based on the test results the app will suggest a training program users can choose. For each program, users can see the rest time, and after should follow the mode of rest and proper nutrition recommended. 

Follow the class eagerly, and use these features to help you get the best results:

  • Reminder and calendar to get you to build and maintain a good exercise habit
  • Track your physical activity
  • 11 program of training options
  • Accompany users to do the warm-up and stretching session
  • Change a program for unsuccessful training 
  • Easy storage and fast-statistics

Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

4. 0 – 100 Push Up Trainer

0 - 100 Push Up Trainer

A very simple and easy digital coach to take you to start to perform push-up system training. The user interface is simple with a Start button in the middle to help you go and choose the training program. 

Users need to answer a test before choosing one program with a certain required number of push-ups, out of 12 programs that are offered by this push-up app. At the bottom of the page, users can track the number of push-ups, level, status, and the program chosen. It will optimize the challenge for the users since users are not allowed to change the program until they finish it. 

Enjoy some of the additional features to make the exercise more lively :

  • The pre-configured time between the approaches can be extended to 30 seconds or stop.
  • Change the time interval between session
  • Achieve badge and awards for completing a program

Download on Google Play

5. Zeopoxa Push Up Workout

Zeopoxa Push Up Workout

If 100 push-ups seem to be quite common, try to use the Zeopoxa Push Up Workout app to challenge yourself with 200 push-ups! This push-up app won’t only be a chest workout tracker or fitness tracker, it will help you to achieve your body goal faster.

The Zeopoxa Push Up app makes the training program more serious by bringing advanced graphs like four different exercise levels: week, month, year and all. Not only, but you can calculate your BMI with a built-in BMI calculator. It will motivate you to continuously move forward to achieve the goal. 

The app offers some beneficial benefits to their users like:

  • Proximity sensor on your phone only with bring your body or face close to the screen, or touching the tip of your nose to the screen, help you count your repetition
  • Automatic countdown timer to help you be aware with rest time between workout set
  • Voice coach to get feedback
  • Advanced graphs for push up, time and calories users burned, 
  • Set personal records and beat it
  • Practice and training mode

Download on Google Play

6. Push Up Coach

Push Up Coach

Push Up Coach for Android has more flexible push-up training. When users start with this app, users should select their gender and total number of push-ups they want to do. The app will then design the program plan.

It lets users practice with different levels of challenge. After the first training day, users can rectify the first training program according to the level (too easy, just right, and hard).

Push up Coach also give the users :

  • Access to monthly training data
  • Access to share the achievement to different social sites

Download on Google Play

7. Pushups Coach 

Push Up Coach

Pushups Coach will introduce users to push-up postures using words and pictures, so you can get and practice the correct posture by looking at it. Slightly different from Push Up Coach for Android, the iOS version has many functions for iOS users. 

Both non-beginner and novice can start the exercise journey with this app while spending only three workouts a week. Novice users can start with 10 minutes and/or 10 push-ups. For a non-beginner, they can choose three different levels from beginner, intermediate, and advance level. 

This app also allows users to customize the training plan if they find it too hard or too easy, or when they have finished the default plan offered by Push Up Coach. 

Other benefits to try on are :

  • A tool to track users progress
  • Built-in timer
  • Custom push-up reminder
  • A feature to share users training with friends
  • Supports WiFi and Dropbox backup dan restore
  • Graphs for each push-ups and calories burnt

Download on the App Store

8. Push ups: 100 Push Up trainer

Push ups: 100 Push Up trainer

The push-ups counter app, as well as a push-up challenge app by Fitness 22 LTD has a different name available for Android users and iOS users. The name for Android users is Push Up : 0 –  100 Push Ups, and the name for iOS is Push ups: 100 Push Up Challenge Trainer.

The app promise is to help you hit 100 push ups in ten weeks by making you do the exercises 3 times a week during 20 minutes for 10 weeks. Users indeed should be determined and motivated, but the app will help to bring the motivation as well. 

Try out the features of this push-up app on your Android or iOS devices, you’ll find :

  • The simplicity of using it since the coach will tell users when to start and rest through the audio play
  • Three different levels with a counter, knee or full body push-ups
  • The apps find the average for all time approaches, calories users burned during workout
  • Tools to monitor the workout progress
  • Motivation by earning badges and wins

Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

9. Pushup Perfect

Pushup Perfect

Pushup perfect is quite new and perfect for users who want to explore more types of push-ups. Instead of training users on a traditional type of push-up, it trains the upper body parts like the whole shoulder, hand, and spine muscle system to gain more strength. 

The apps will motivate its users using the daily challenges, and let them see the progress of other users. As a free push ups app, Pushup Perfect by Black Coffee Apps will do much for users :

  • Offering over 13 push up styles
  • Providing the video tutorials to do the push-up from 4 different angles
  • Voice coach to keep accompany and fast feedback
  • Feature which acts as a push-up counter app using proximity sensor
  • Graphs and statistic

Download on Google Play

10. 22 Pushups

22 Pushups

22 Pushups makes its users learn about other styles of push-ups, as for iOS, OliveX HK Limited creates a push-up challenge app that makes its users compete and challenge other users. 

This push-up app also offers different workout modes for advanced users, from push-ups for times to interval training push-ups. All the active energy from the workout session is also saved to Apple Health. Users should record a video from each workout session.

It can bring more fun to users with other features you’ll discover :

  • Unlock a new coaching voice by completing 5 days of consecutive push-ups. 
  • Coaching program to build up from 1 to 100 push ups
  • Going social and bring social contribution on raising awareness about PTSD  with completing 22 push-up

Download on the App Store

11. Push Ups Counter

Push Ups Counter

If you are already a regular push-up workout and only look for a push-up counter app to keep the motivation around, just download the Push Ups Counter delivered by Michael Bosch on Playstore. 

With a well-designed user interface, the app brings an easy way to help users count the push-up repetition. Users only need to set the parameter based on time or quantity of push-up repetition, place the device closer to the head or chest, push the start button and start to do push-ups, lowering the upper body parts until the display on the screen goes out. When users hit the parameter plan, the app will notify them. 

Download on Google Play

12. Push Up Counter

Push Up Counter

Within the same main purpose as Push Up Counter for Android, this one is brought to users by Intersect on iOS. Users can easily use it by placing the phone or device close to their face or other upper body and hitting the Start button, focusing on exercise while the app does the math. Users can also count on iPhone screen tap. 

Apart from doing the repetition count, this best push-up app can also record active energy and synchronize workout to health. It can display the workout history and even estimate the calorie number. 

Download on the App Store

Within an increased dynamic way of life, people try to find an easier and shorter manner to stay in shape. Well-designed apps are now quite numerous available on both iOS and Playstore ready to accompany users to stay fit and healthy. 

Based on the list above, find one that is not only easy to use, but presents features that will bring more challenges for you to stay motivated to maintain the good habit of workout the body with push-up exercise. Maybe with a combined program or with a chance to compete with other users.

If by any chance, you had another best push-up app to be recommended or reviewed, feel free to mention and let other users know about it by leaving a comment on the column below. 

Stay healthy everyone!

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