11 Best Random Number Generator Apps for Android & iOS

by Donna Herring

Best Random Number Generator Apps

Use the best random number generator apps to give you unpredictable numbers for statistical sampling, cryptography, or computer simulation on mobile device. They help choose from a set of numbers and provide you with random numbers from either limited or unlimited distribution.

Online number generators are abundant but they require internet connection to work. On the other hand, most random number apps support offline mode that allows you to generate a number without internet anywhere anytime. But which apps are the best?

Best Random Number Generator Apps for iOS & Android

There are dozens of apps that will give you a sequence of numbers quickly and easily. However, not all apps are similar so you may need a reference to help you find a good one. Take a look at these apps and get one for your Android or iPhone.

1. Random Number Generator Plus

Random Number Generator Plus

Generate numbers in every way you want with this app. The multipurpose number generator has a beautiful and simple interface that makes it completely easy to use. No permissions required so you can use it right away after downloading.

By default, this generator allows you to customize numbers you want to get. You can either exclude specific numbers, sort the results by order, or even show the sum of the numbers. Built-in copy feature is available to attach it to your clipboard.

This best random number generator app is suitable for a variety of purposes thanks to numerous features it has. For example, dice rolling mode comes in handy to roll a dice virtually. Set the number of sides you want and let it do the rest.

Coin flipper are incredible features with which you can flip as many coins. With shake detection, you can enjoy a realistic dice rolling experience. If your eyes are tired, apply dark mode so you can get a darker color scheme and better battery life.

Download on Google Play

2. Random Generator by Apps n Blue

Random Generator by Apps n Blue

Released by Apps n Blue, Random Generator is a simple application to provide you with random numbers for various purposes. Whether you are creating a password or working with statistics this app comes in handy to give you a sequence of number.

There are several key features to find on the app. Other than serving as number generator, it can help you with dice rolling, coin flipping, and roulette so you don’t have to do it manually. With just a single click, you can generate numbers and other random results.

Additionally, this number generator app comes with the ability to repeat the numbers. Other customizations are supported such as generating up to 9 numbers and generating unique random numbers each click. It also gives you control of the content if you want to include letters.

Another interesting feature is the ability to choose a sound. Pick a sound and it will be played when you generate a random number. Plus, it supports multiple language interface so you can use this app in a language you know.

Download on Google Play

3. True Random Number Generator

True Random Number Generator

True is a powerful app to generate numbers randomly, adding to the list of the best random number generator apps for Android. Designed with a simple and user-friendly interface, you can use it to create random values for any purpose.

This app uses advanced algorithm that will help you create random numbers. To use it, all you have to do is click the button and in a matter of seconds this application will provide you with random values. Good news, it is completely free to use.

In addition to generating random numbers, you can use this app for other purposes like coin flips, decision making, and dice rolling. It also supports some situations that require random numbers such as playing powerball or working with cryptocurrency.

Coming with basic features, this app comes in handy to generate random value with just a tap of a button. Not to mention it is completely lightweight with a small download size so you don’t have to worry about phone performance overall.

Download on Google Play

4. Randomizer


Here’s Randomizer, the best free random number generator app that will help you create random values in a number of categories. A pack of randomization features include numbers, dice, lots, colors, and any situation that needs random result.

One thing that sets Randomizer apart from other apps are easy to use and user-friendly interface. It comes packed with plenty of features that will help you obtain random values for various purposes. Whether you want to generate simple numbers or lot draws, it has got you covered.

Randomization made simple with Randomizer. Once downloaded on your Android phone, you can directly use this app to generate random values. First, decide what you want to generate, simply tap the generate button and let this app do the rest.

If you can’t decide a number or if you don’t bring a dice with you, Randomizer comes to the rescue. This application is reliable to generate random things from various categories so you don’t have to do it manually. With a simple design, it is completely accessible to anyone.

Download on Google Play

5. Number Generator

Number Generator

Do you need the best random number generator app that gives you an ad-free experience? Get this app on your Android and generate random values conveniently. Designed with practicality in mind, it comes packed with a bunch of features and functionality.

There are four different screens that promote easier and faster access. Every screen comes with shortcuts so you can use it with convenience. It also supports different purposes to generate random numbers, pin codes, or play dice rolls.

Furthermore, Number Generator has a Lucky Touch feature that lets you generate number only by clicking the Generate button. It also comes with history with which you can see random values you have generated previously—this app remembers the results.

Best of all, Number Generator is completely free to use. In spite of being free, you can enjoy generating random numbers without being distracted by ads. It also has a simple interface that makes it super easy to use.

Download on Google Play

6. Random Number Generator by FrostaByte Developer

Random Number Generator by FrostaByte Developer

This is one more recommendation for Android users who are in search of the best random number generator apps. Brought to you by FrostaByte Developer, this app has a user-friendly design that makes it super easy to use. Get random values with just one touch!

Using this app, you can generate random numbers from your mobile device without internet connection. Get the numbers that you need anywhere anytime with it. Plus, Random Number Generator app is suitable for a variety of purposes like creating passwords or statistics.

In addition to quick one-touch operation, it supports number customization. Feel free to customize your number to your heart’s content and let this app do the rest. Once everything is ready, you will find several results and feel free to choose the best one.

For your ultimate experience, Random Number Generator allows you to change background color. Choose a background color that suits your mood and generate random values for various purposes.

Download on Google Play

7. Pretty Random 2

Pretty Random 2

Pretty Random 2 is the successor of the random number application known as Pretty Random. Similar to its predecessor, this new version is designed to be a simple random number generator for Android phones.

Pairing user-friendly interface and a complete set of features, it becomes one of the best random number generator apps for all users. It is also convenient to handle several tasks from generating random values to picking a random choice.

There are many other things you can do with Pretty Random 2 such as rolling dice, and other exciting things. Get unstuck when choosing a random winner, or finding a password with Pretty Random 2.

Best of all, this application is free to use. But if you want to get more items than the default version, it contains in-app purchases.

Download on Google Play

8. Random Tools

Random Tools

iOS: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/random-tools/id1021648948

Random Tools is a random number app that really works. Made for iPhone users, this tool allows you to generate random numbers so you can save time to do it manually. It also supports many other purposes such as choosing a random winner and rolling dice.

This is a very useful app made for randomness. Made with a simple interface, it is powerful enough to help you get the tasks done. Not to mention it has a small download size that doesn’t put extra burden on your smartphone and causes slow down.

Other than generating random values, Random Tools has shuffle feature with which you can shuffle a list of anything from words to phone numbers and names. Also, it can be used to roll a dice for board games and others. It supports up to 5 dices per roll.

And if you want to pick random cards, this application has a special feature that lets you choose from a standard card set consisting of 52 cards. If you think these features are useful, be sure to have Random Tools on your iPhone.

Download on the App Store

9. Random Number Generator – Easy

Random Number Generator – Easy

Generate random numbers in an elegant way with Easy. This free app has everything you need to provide you with some random numbers no matter what your purpose is. With just one touch on the button, this app works like magic to give you random values.

Abundant features can improve your experience when generating numbers. For example, copy to clipboard comes in handy to copy the generated number and paste it into another app. The random results also come with date and time so you can track when it was generated.

History feature records every number you have generated on this app. It allows you to access the history of the generated number at any time unless it has been deleted. One advanced feature is Prevent Duplicate with which you can prevent the numbers from being duplicated.

When it comes to visual, this best random number generator app features rotating colors that appear as you generate numbers. But if it distracts your focus, feel free to turn it off in the settings. You can also set sounds and vibrations that let you enjoy sound and vibration as it works to generate numbers.

Download on the App Store

10. Random Things Generator

Random Things Generator

Find a pack of generators in one app. As the name suggests, Random Things Generator allows you to generate random things such as number, card, dice, color, and coin. Pick your favorite generator and touch the button to start.

What’s more interesting is that you can make your own list to generate. Create your own custom list and start generating. Every single thing you have generated on this app will be saved in history. View your history at any time so you will never lose track of random values.

Random Things Generator app highlights a clean and user-friendly interface that promises easy access. It supports automatic synchronization with all Apple devices for practical uses. Best of all, this free app gives you an ads-free experience.

Download on the App Store

11. Random

Random, All Things Generator

If you are looking for a random number generator that works well on Android and iOS then Random is undoubtedly for you. This is an ideal app with which you can generate random letters, numbers, dice, coin, and even yes-no questions.

The randomizer is super easy to use. Only with a tap of the button, you can generate a new random thing to help you make a decision. Even if you need a little exercise, simply shake your device and it will respond by giving you random results.

This random generator is suitable for anyone who needs to generate random things from mobile device. Thanks to the clean UI, it is completely accessible.

Download on Google Play Download on the App Store


Generating random number made simple with random number generator. Even if you need to generate random things like dice and coin, some apps have got you covered.

Random is the best random number generator app if you are looking for one that works well on Android and iPhone. Meanwhile, Random Number Generator Plus could be your best option if you need a multipurpose generator.

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