9 Best Ski Apps for Android & iOS

by Jimmy Marsh

Best Ski Apps

Winter is already in season and ready to give you a chance to enjoy the slopes! Back then, getting prepared for skiing was some kind of torturous task to do. Thanks to the best ski apps, preparing to spend a run on the slope while skiing is just a tap away!

Holiday is about the preparation to get to the destination, and so does skiing. All sorts of touchpoints along the journey from planning trips to capturing all the details during the hit on the snow track can be easily anticipated just by downloading a specific app to your smartphone.

Craft a memorable skiing journey this winter holiday with support of ski apps, just take a comfort seat, spend a little time scrolling down this article before deciding which one out of that many apps fit your skiing preparation the most.

Best Ski App for To Get You Prepared Before Snow

Best Ski Apps to Plan Your Ski Trip

Don’t go skiing without proper knowledge of where to go, spend the night, price and accommodation. Seems like too much, but being spontaneous getting to a ski destination during the winter holiday season is not a really good idea. Plan your trip prior to making the most of the ski holiday experience with the help of this suggested app.

1. Skiresort


In order to spend a good energetic time skiing, avoid the hassle by planning your trip first. Skiresort is a great app to help you do this duty. Claiming to be the world market leader for snow report and ski resorts, Skiresort app provides all of the necessary information to assure the traveler planning their ski journey ahead.

From data of worldwide ski resorts, piste map, test report, snow depths, accommodation, ski rental to the ski lessons for your holiday, the pack is ready to serve you. Those data are regularly checked and enriched.

Available for iOS and Android, users can get use of the following great features to plan their ski worldwide trip :

  • Built-in route planner to help users find their way to their accommodation
  • Book online for ski rental and ski lessons
  • Information about slopes, lifts, ski pass prices, and opening time
  • Finding your favorite ski resorts based on Biggest ski resorts, Highest ski resorts, Best ski resorts, Open slopes, Snow depth and Best weather filters;
  • Save data of your favorite ski resorts, access to your favorite ski resort offline, and favorite region or countries
  • Get suggestions for your next ski holiday under Shake it section or Tips to find attractive ski resorts

Find Location

There is always a risk where someone loses the way during the ski holiday on the slope or even outside the slope. You don’t want to spend time and energy looking for your family or companion under the snow during the holiday. Prevent and anticipate that risk by using ski map apps like one of these two.

Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

2. Maprika


Use the GPS and linked to your mobile map apps, Maprika is saved to your smartphone memory, you can use it offline in case you lose internet connection. Users can download the run map to phone memory in order to access them without an internet connection barrier.

This ski map app pins a “You Are Here” sign to help you detect your location right away. Finding the location of your family in ski resorts becomes easier with the help of Maprika.

Find out more about the service Maprika offers to users:

  • Find nearby attractions close to your resorts,
  • Observe snow reports, local weather, and even Twitter feeds for resort maps
  • Discover more than 14000 ski resorts, hiking and biking trails, even theme parks and universities campuses
  • Share your location to family and friends or companions, set up meeting points during the ski holiday

Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

3. Fatmap


Best digital buddy for your adventurous ride, Fatmap delivers the most detailed 3D maps to help not only skiers, but also for mountain bikers and hikers.

With the free ski map app version, users can access the standard features. But the most genuine part of this app, which can be unlocked with the paid version, is high definition satellite imagery and advanced analytic tools of slopes,  gradient mapping, and avalanche zone alert to help users plan and navigate their ski route better!

Fatmap paid-version also offers download functionality, to avoid getting lost even when losing internet connection.

Curious about what more Fatmap can do for you aside from all of the things mentioned above? Here you go :

  • Navigate the marked ski runs and lift to plan
  • Search and find the right route for you or get inspiration from communities
  • Create and share custom waypoints, use peak names or other map data to orientate yourself, and set your next route plan
  • Track and understand the contour before making a decision
  • Get real-time snow condition reports, and so on

Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

Weather and Snow Forecast

Without proper snow to land and run, skiing can not be done perfectly, or at least skiers can get the best moment to their ski experience.

You don’t want to miss the best snow conditions, nor do you want to get stuck in the thickness and freezing out of breath trying to understand your surroundings. Use the weather and snow forecast ski apps to prepare your gear and enjoy the feel of running on the best snow.

4. On The Snow Ski & Snow Report

On The Snow Ski & Snow Report

Skiers try to really look for the best snow conditions to have better skiing experiences. On The Snow Ski and Snow Report is the snow report app that helps users to stay in the loop of information to learn about the snow and weather forecast of ski resort users want to visit.

No kidding, this app provides snow reports and weather forecasts from over 2000 ski regions around the world! Users can also find the nearby ski areas using GPS.

Stay informed and use this app to get you in touch with the snow through its features :

  • Compare snow reports on your favorite ski resorts with live webcams view, or photos from fellow skiers on the thickness of the ski region
  • Powder alert if your favorite ski resort gets new snow
  • Powder finder from nearby ski location of new snowfall
  • Mountain overview with snow graphs and statistic history
  • Trail maps with GPS enabled

Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

5. Open Snow

Open Snow

Open Snow focuses on creating a better weather forecast and letting the snow find you, it gives users a detailed and regularly updated weather forecast and snow reports.

Open Snow delivers a comprehensive overview and comparison of latest ski conditions, snow reports, and your favorite mountain’s cam with hourly details.

Explore some of the features offered by Open Snow below :

  • Guidance and suggestion to get best skiing location by local weather forecaster and The National Weather Service around US and Canada, written on Daily Snow forecast
  • High-resolution map to let users track storms with the last update and estimation of the past 24h snowfall map, snow report, season-to-date snowfall map, and snow-depth.
  • Customize snow forecast and reports alert
  • Snowpack graph and analyze and OpenSummit all access

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Best Ski Apps to Cope Better With Surroundings

Observing your surroundings is the best way to cope with it. When it comes to skiing, coping with your surroundings allows you to enjoy the time on the slopes the most. This cope with surrounding ski appsy is the best for you.

6. Peak Finder

Peak Finder

With your fingertips, camera on your smartphone and aid from Peak Finder, you can visualize your surroundings. This app also offers an interactive manner to observe your surroundings to find a spot for skiing or the tallest peak.

If your smartphone has a gyroscope and compass sensor, this paid app can overlay the camera images with panorama drawing to give you more exposure.

This app also lets users recognize mountains around them, the elevation of mountains nearby, tag photos, and give the place a name. With the feature of Peak Finder, users can do much :

  • ‘Show me’ function for visible peaks
  • Select the less prominent peaks using digital telescope
  • Functional motion sensor and compass
  • Show users the lunar and solar orbit in order to get rise and set times
  • Daily update of peaks directory
  • Offline service

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Safety Use

Skiers should always be aware of their safety, either by observing their surroundings and also by learning what happens around them during the run on the snow. Some providers came with a safety ski app to give a hand for skiers in preparing the safety plan or suggest a rescue mode just in case.

7. Cairn


Cairn is known to be the best safety and tracker apps to many outdoor sport activities, from camping to skiing. The app is very easy to use, only takes a minute away to set it up and ready to serve you.

With Cairn, you can share your activity plan easily as well. It lets users stay connected with others outdoors, most of all, it allows users to know where to get cell coverage. Users can also download topo maps specifically designed for outdoor maps.

Cairn serve best as ski safety app with these benefits below :

  • Live tracking to let your contacts your GPS location during your activity
  • Timings, and notification to your contacts if you are past due
  • Rescue advise to your contacts if intelligent rescue initiation should be made

Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

Ski Tracker

This type of feature, the ski tracker app, will help skiers examine their progress and goals when performing on the slope, and set new goals and achievements to the next level.

8. Ski Tracks

Ski Tracks

The user interface design may not be the modern and sleek style almost every app today offers, but the benefits are qualified as the best ski tracker apps you can have in your hands. SkiTracks is specifically designed for winter sports. It uses GPS to track its users’ movements on the mountain.

Another good thing it offers to users is battery-saving capacity so users do not need to worry about running out of battery during skiing. With the updated version, this best ski tracking app lets you explore new runs with gamified challenges.

The features as ski tracker app are very various close to complete :

  • Built-in camera to capture pictures while scrolling through the app
  • Storing your favorite trails
  • Examine your own statistic from top speed, oute, elevation, total ski distance, total runs to terrain profile users have, and compare the daily activity and see the progress, and even compare it with your friends

Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

Best Ski Apps with Digital Coach

Improving your skills at each run on the slope is now also easy with the presence of a handy digital coach. Take a look at what this innovative app can do with you in progressing and build confidence day by day to hit the slope with better skills.

9. Carv


While beginners are most commonly known to better take private instructors or ski lessons during the holiday, without belittling the role of ski instructor or ski lesson, Carv is a good option for intermediate and advanced level skiers.

Carv is a free ski lesson app linked to smart insoles which has to be placed in ski boots. It observes users’ technique by using the advanced motion and pressure sensor with meticulous details. Carv provides real-time voice-based instruction and lets users find out their SKI IQ after each run they have.

Try Carv link to your smart insole to get the fun of its advanced features :

  • Track and view running summary of your ski IQ for number of days
  • Detect your Personalized Focus Area and follow up your new high scores with the Achievement section
  • Generate personal ski technique, get personalized advice to improve your skills
  • Learn through interactive drills and videos set out by top professional coaches
  • Participate in Cars Ski Challenges and find your maximum edge angle
  • No smart insoles? Don’t worry, you can use Carv to track your speed, distance, number of runs and turns, and many more!
  • Compare your data numbers with friends, family and pros

Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

Thanks to technology, today’s skiing preparation and experiences are so much better than it was back in a one or two decade ago. Over time, seeing how much different features each app brings for skiers shows the developers are really into leveling up the game for ski sport.

From only a weather and snow report ski app to book your resort and get a lesson, all of them are just mind-blowing. And all of the possibility of great experiences those best ski apps may create for its users are really just a tap away.

Just keep in mind how close the technology of those best ski apps is to perfection, still be alert of its limit and try to be really well prepared before hitting the snow and run your skiboard down the slope.

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