10 Best Snapdrop Alternatives & Similar Apps

by Donna Herring

Best Snapdrop Alternatives

Snapdrop alternatives allow fast and easy file transfer between devices. Whether you want to transfer large files or you don’t have an internet connection to send via messaging apps, file transfer apps like Snapdrop come in handy to get your tasks done.

Find abundant benefits when using file sharing apps such as compatibility with any format, suitable for large files, rapid sharing, and offline mode support. Additionally, these apps work across platforms so you can transfer files from Android, iPhone, or PC. 

Best Snapdrop Alternatives for Android & iOS

There are a number of choices when it comes to apps similar to Snapdrop. Some apps work well across platforms but others only support either Android or iOS. Let’s have a closer look at the following review so you can make a better decision.

1. Zapya


Zapya is a file transfer app to share files of any format and any size. The cross-platform app works on Android, iOS, and PC without Wi-Fi or mobile data. Thanks to offline support, transferring files at any time anywhere is made simple with Zapya.

When you are back online, this alternative to Snapdrop lets you transfer files via web browser. Simply click the transfer icon and your files can be easily accessed by people throughout the globe. For your ultimate convenience, every transfer activity is free of charge.

Zapya has a variety of highlight features including expandable storage with USB drives. The new feature allows you to connect a USB drive to your device so you can view or transfer files from it. The latest version also boasts enhanced app sharing in .apk and .aab formats.

With Zapya, you can connect Android and iOS with just a few simple steps. Sharing bulk files and multiple large folders is just a click away. As a bonus, it supports phone replication with which you can instantly back up and transfer files from your device to another one.

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2. AirDroid


AirDroid is a versatile Snapdrop alternative designed with multiple functions. In addition to file transfer that becomes the main highlight, it is built with screen mirroring, file management, and remote control. All is available in just one app.

File transfer is a spotlight on AirDroid, allowing you to experience lightning-fast file transfer across devices. It promises a fast file transfer speed at 20MB/s under remote and local connections as well as uncompromising speed when switching to 4G, 5G, or even without internet connection.

Screen mirroring and file management enrich this app’s feature. Mirror your device to PC wirelessly so you can enjoy a bigger screen when watching videos, having a presentation, or playing picture slideshows. Meanwhile, file management lets you manage photos, music, videos, and more easily.

Many other functions are supported on AirDroid such as notification and SMS management, remote monitoring, and remote control. You can import phone numbers and click to make calls on PC or other devices.

AirDroid is free to use but the developer offers a premium version to unlock all functions and enjoy unlimited remote data.

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3. Transmore


Transfer files to other devices with just one tap with Transmore. It is a powerful file sharing app that helps you send photos, videos, music, and contacts to another phone or PC. Made with a clean and sleek interface, using this app won’t give you a headache.

On Transmore, you send and receive files using a security key. Once you select files to be sent, the key will be generated and you will want to enter it on paired device. If everything is fine, your files will be sent in a few seconds. This is a free Snapdrop alternative that is fun and easy to use.

Other than sharing files, Transmore makes it possible to generate a link so that you can share it with many people. Since the link will expire after 48 hours or longer, make sure your friends access it as soon as possible.

Transferring files of any format made simple with Transmore. It works across devices with various operating systems from Android to iOS and PC. This app is free to use and it offers in-app purchases that you can buy with real money. 

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4. SHAREit


SHAREit is a Snapdrop alternative that is widely used globally. Google Play’s download counter shows 1B+ downloads for this app, telling you how wonderful it is to transfer and share files. It supports a variety of files from photos to videos and from apps to games.

Working with large files isn’t a problem with SHAREit. This app is dependable to handle big files with an excellent speed. The best part is that you don’t need internet connection to make it work—share and receive files anywhere anytime!

Furthermore, you can use SHAREit to clean your phone from junk. Besides fast file transfer across devices, this app comes with phone cleaning function. Free up your storage space from residue to speed up your phone and make your battery healthier.

What more SHAREit can do? It gives you more control of your phone with file manager. You can transfer files, manage storage, and delete unnecessary files. It also lets you see how many apps and files you have, so you can decide when to clean the device.

Your data security and privacy are a priority on SHAREit. The team works best to protect your data during file transfer for free.

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5. Smart Transfer

Smart Transfer

If you are seeing a Snapdrop similar app that offers powerful file sharing across platforms, Smart Transfer should be on your list. It offers a fast and easy transfer solution between Android and iOS devices via hotspot, so it doesn’t require mobile data to work.

Smart Transfer comes with an intuitive design, ensuring an easy way to transfer files even the big ones. It is efficient to handle a variety of files such as music, photo, video, calendar, contact, and more with your data security at the top of priority.

What makes this Snapdrop alternative better than others? It promises easy connectivity with QR code. By using genuine QR codes, you can quickly connect two devices and choose the content to transfer. No internet connection or wires are needed.

Plus, Smart Transfer supports multiple languages including English, Spanish, Chinese, German, and Russian. More languages are about to come so you can easily use this app in a language that you know. Smart Transfer is free to download and provides you with in-app content.

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6. XShare


It can be troublesome when your sharing app doesn’t support some file types. Meet XShare, a transfer app that allows you to share all file types. Even if you have to handle big files or if you can’t connect to the internet, this app has got you covered.

On XShare, you can connect with other devices with just one tap. It doesn’t require QR code or Bluetooth, making it one of the easiest Snapdrop alternatives for Android and iOS. Despite the easy setup, you can’t overlook its performance.

This app promises lightning-fast transfer speed up to 45 MB per second. It is compatible with most files such as zip, folder, music, photos, videos, and many more. Simply select files you want to send and transfer it with just one tap.

If you worry about privacy leak or data breach, XShare allows you to transfer files with peace of mind. The developer doesn’t share your information or files with third party, not to mention it has a reliable security system that ensures your privacy.

One good thing about XShare is its intuitive and user-friendly interface. You can experience a fast, simple, and easy file transfer from your mobile device.

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7. Sendo


Featuring hotspot network for fast file transfer, Sendo is a Snapdrop alternative that deserves your attention. This is a file sharing app designed to help transfer any type of files at a powerful speed with simple and easy operation.

What makes Sendo special is that it allows you to use other sharing methods like Wi-Fi Direct or Bluetooth. This means you can collaborate with these services to share any types of files such as images, videos, apps, and more. 

There are several key features to find on Sendo. In addition to hotspot network for fast file transfer, it is designed with a clean and sleek interface that makes it easy to access. Besides, compatibility to various file types adds a plus point to the app.

The developer constantly updates this application for ultimate experience and file transfer convenience. If you worry about phone performance, it’s good to know that Sendo comes with a small download size of 3MB. It is memory-friendly and won’t cause slowdown in your mobile device.

Download on Google Play

8. Send Anywhere

Send Anywhere

Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.estmob.android.sendanywhere

Get Send Anywhere and enjoy quick and easy sharing from your Android. This alternative to Snapdrop supports various file types from photos to music, so you don’t have to convert the original file format before sharing.

To connect with PC or other devices, this app requires a 6-digit key that is valid for one time. Enter the key in the receiving device and it will instantly share the files with lightning-fast speed. Mobile data or Wi-Fi is not needed to accomplish every file sharing task.

When it comes to security, Send Anywhere is reinforced with file encryption. This means third party won’t be able to see any file you sent, providing you with some peace of mind. Share file at any time anywhere without worrying about format type or file size.

This Snapdrop alternative requires some permissions to work optimally on your device. You will want to grant permissions to write and read internal storage, read contacts, and access camera so that Send Anywhere can perform at its best.

Download on Google Play

9. ShareMe


Presented by Xiaomi Inc., ShareMe is a powerful file sharing app that takes your privacy and security seriously. Using this app you can share various types of files and sizes between Android devices wirelessly and without internet connection.

ShareMe is designed with a sleek and intuitive interface that makes file sharing simple. Your files are sorted into various categories, so you can find them quickly and easily before transferring.

One key feature to improve your file sharing experience is resume interrupted transfers. Interruptions commonly happen, especially if you handle large files. Whenever your transfers are interrupted, simply tap the resume button so that you don’t have to start over. 

Share files in a language that you know, thanks to multiple languages support. You can set it to English, Chinese, Spanish, or Portuguese and enjoy easy sharing from your Android. There are many other languages it supports like Vietnamese and Russian.

Overall, ShareMe is a dependable file sharing app to transfer files between Android devices. It is completely free to download and use without hidden cost.

Download on Google Play

10. File Transfer App

File Transfer App

Transfer files to nearby devices with File Transfer App. There are two possible ways to send files using this app: with or without web browser. Using a web browser, this app’s server will host a webpage which can only be accessed within your Wi-Fi network. Download the files as ZIP and save to your device.

If you decide not to use a web browser, you can transfer any type of files with various sizes—it includes photos and videos. Your files will be transferred in original sizes so you don’t have to alter anything. It also has file manager feature with which you can copy, rename, or move files.

There are many other things you can do with this app. For example, you can import and export photos from and to camera roll. It also comes with the play music option that lets you play received audio files. You can also preserve metadata of every photo and convert files to JPG before sending.

Download on the App Store


A wide selection of Snapdrop alternatives provide you with different experience when transferring files. SHAREit and Zapya are considered the best options to share files between devices. These feature-rich apps are super easy to use, user-friendly, and support big files.

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