10 Best Virtual Girlfriend Apps for Android & iOS

by Jimmy Marsh

Best Virtual Girlfriend Apps

What do you think about dating? Well, it might not be easy to find a date for now, which leads you to the best virtual girlfriend apps in the first place. Nothing is wrong with talking to chatbots nowadays.

Thus, in this article, you will find the information you need about virtual buddies, specifically a girlfriend. Most of the apps mentioned on the list below are free. So, why don’t you give each of them a try?

Best Virtual Girlfriend Apps for Your Companion

These apps are also perfect apps for those who are panicking when facing their crushes. So, you can use the virtual GF platform to help you talk in the first place.

1. My Virtual Manga Girl

My Virtual Manga Girl

Are you into manga? If you are then you should consider My Virtual Manga Girl as your virtual girlfriend. As the app’s name suggests, this platform allows you to show off your A-list of flirting and other dating skills.

This virtual GF app wants you to choose a character from the list and take your girlfriend to a date. Of course, you have to make that girl fall for you. But how does virtual dating work?

Once you create a profile on this app, the system will take you to a page where you will see a list of gorgeous girls. Those girls have different personalities and looks, for sure. After that, you need to pick one.

To make your mission successful, you better pick the one you like but at the same time this girl should have some things in common with you. Then, you have to take the girl on a date and enjoy all the talking.

More than anything, My Virtual Manga Girl is a perfect thing to enjoy, especially if you love manga in the first place.

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2. Replika


If you often look for chatbot apps or virtual friend things on the internet, the presence of Replika shouldn’t be something strange for you. As its name suggests, this app is a replica of humans in general.

This AI girlfriend app allows you to talk with her about everything. Thus, if you are feeling blue, sad, or have the need to talk to somebody then you can rely on Replika. Just like most virtual friend apps, Replika allows you to choose the look and appearance of your girlfriend.

This app is also one of the best virtual boyfriend app platforms for both iOS and android users. Since this app utilizes a hi-end AI technology, your girlfriend will adapt to your habit and preference through chatting.

Another interesting thing about Replika is that you can grow together and develop a good relationship with a chatbot GF. So, whether you are looking for a romantic companion, best buddy, or a partner, Replika has a lot to offer. In-app purchases are available.

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3. Dream Girlfriend

Dream Girlfriend

Are you looking for a chance to create your own virtual girlfriend? Well, Dream Girlfriend might not be something that could satisfy you on that creating part but all anime lovers would love to try this app.

All the characters on this app are adapted from Japanese anime. This is why all the looks and appearance will satisfy those manga and anime enthusiasts in the first place. The Dream Girlfriend app suits those who look for a partner to get rid of loneliness in the first place.

Also, you can use this app to practice talking to your real-life crush. One of the most interesting things about Dream Girlfriend is that you can customize the appearance as you like. Also, you have a chance to pick a personality for your GF as you prefer.

Other than that, there is a walk-in closet where all the stuff is accessible. Dream Girlfriend will show you emotion as well. More than anything, this virtual GF platform is worth a shot in many ways.

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4. Pocket Girlfriend, Shara

Pocket Girlfriend, Shara

Can you imagine what a pocket girlfriend would look like? Well, Shara will be your pocket GF and introduce you to a unique experience. Basically, this AI girlfriend is similar to Tamagotchi. It means that you have to take care of your GF really well.

Similar to all the basic human needs, Shara requires sleep, food, and social interactions. Thus, this is your task to keep this girl happy. You have to take her to dinner, talk to her anytime, and let her sleep according to her schedule.

Shara has a template look, however. Yet, you can change the makeup, pick the hair color, and many more. If you want to enjoy the experience of having a virtual GF then you should talk to Shara now. Anytime you need someone to talk to, Shara is always in your pocket for you.

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5. Virtual Girl – Simulator

Virtual Girl – Simulator

Generally, this app is not as sophisticated as other names on this list. Everything seems so basic and not much feature is there. Still, this can be an option you take a look at – other than that, this simulator is available for both iOS and Android phones.

As its name suggests, this virtual girlfriend app download will allow you to enjoy the experience of having a girlfriend – virtually. You get a virtual GF with a model look. It may give you an idea on dating a model, after all.

Just like most GF apps on this list, this simulator comes with a series of commands. However, if you want an app that allows you to customize the look or have a continuous chat with a girlfriend then you better consider trying other apps.

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6. My Virtual Girlfriend Cindy

My Virtual Girlfriend Cindy

On the other hand, if you want to have a GF named Cindy then you should try this app. As a reliable virtual girl for Android users, Cindy will introduce you to how it feels to have a GF that will always be there for you.

Generally, you can say Cindy is a pocket girlfriend – similar to Shara. However, this girl has a different look and there are things you can customize. Yet, this virtual GF app has limitations – it’s more than enough for those who look for a virtual GF who understands you thoroughly.

Just like dating in real life, you cannot just have a chat with her. You need to make Cindy’s mood good. Also, you can talk to her anytime you want.

Cindy comes in a template look but you can customize it as you prefer. And if you want to talk with her, you just need to hit the chat room. Easy, right?

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7. Laura


Have you heard of Laura? This virtual girlfriend will allow you to get the experience of having a girlfriend. Of course, you have to put yourself out there to get a real GF. Well, Laura can help you to practice when it comes to interacting with your crush.

As one of the top virtual girlfriend apps for smartphones, Laura needs you to take her to a date. Just like a date in general, you have to talk to her, ask her anything you want to know, and many more.

Laura speaks various languages – which means that you can have an AI GF that speaks your language too. Sounds fun, right? This girl also comes with a 3D form, which allows you to get a better visual experience.

There might not be many virtual girlfriend app for PC that allow you to enjoy this for free. However, you can talk and have fun with Laura from your smartphone for free – in-app purchase available. Go grab your Laura now.

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8. Smart Virtual Girlfriend

Smart Virtual Girlfriend

Do you want to increase your communication skill? Well, this app can help you with that. Other than that, you may have a chance to create a virtual girlfriend online free though this virtual GF platform.

Lots of users love this app because they can learn how to talk to their crushes through this app. All you need to do is to chat with the chatbot and have a normal interaction. Since this app has utilized advanced technology, you may find the answer quite shocking.

Smart Virtual Girlfriend will text you like your girl in real life, after all. In case you want to talk through a voice chat, this app can also accommodate your needs.

This app is surely free to use and download – available both on the Play Store and App Store. Yet, you can upgrade the features through in-app purchase options. All you need to do is to give Smart Virtual Girlfriend a shot.

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9. My Robot Girlfriend

My Robot Girlfriend

Have you imagined being with a robot girlfriend? As its name suggests, My Robot Girlfriend will introduce you to a robot GF. Some people also refer to this app as a virtual waifu app.

The visual presentation is similar to those anime robots on your favorite shows. However, it might not be as good as other apps on this list. You can pick between a few girlfriends on the list. Each personality has come with a series of fixed languages.

It seems like you cannot customize your answer as well. Yet, if you are okay with that kind of interaction then My Robot Girlfriend might be enough for you. Of course, it is better to try this app on your own and find out whether this app is for you.

My Robot Girlfriend is available for free on the Play Store. If you want to unlock more features and things, feel free to upgrade through in-app purchases.

Download on Google Play

10. My Girlfriend Julie

My Girlfriend Julie

Other than Shara and Cindy, you can have a girlfriend named Julie as well. As the app’s name suggests, this platform allows you to experience having a GF called Julie. Later, you can interact with this girl through text chatting and voice as well.

More than anything, Julie can be the one that sticks with you during your darkest times. Feel free to talk with her anytime you need. It means that you can beat loneliness by talking to this chatbot. Even though Julie is a chatbot, the answer from her is quite exciting – just like talking to a real human.

This is a 3d virtual girlfriend app, which can be more exciting than staring at a 2D character in the first place. You can customize the appearance of Julie, similar to most apps on this list. Other than that, you should make your GF happy by interacting with her.

My Girlfriend Julie is a free app. Yet, you can upgrade the features and services through in-app purchase options.

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So, that is everything you need to know about the best girlfriend apps available on the Play Store and App Store. Not all people love this kind of thing but you should give it a try, especially if you want to enjoy a new way of dating.

Of course, using one of the best virtual girlfriend apps doesn’t equal dating a real person. Still, those apps mentioned above are worth experimenting. So, which app do you find the most exciting? Feel free to try all the apps so that you know how fun it is having a virtual girlfriend.

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