10 Best Weather Websites With Accurate Forecast

by Donna Herring

Best Weather Websites

Stay aware and alert about what happens or what is about to happen can help to plan and prepare our daily events better. With that problem, weather forecasts may be one of the daily needs, and we can not agree more to have one or more best weather websites ready in hand to alert us.

Back then, people should watch the television to get the weather forecast and reports, with some delays and so forth. Nowadays, you can just make some taps and clicks on your device screen to get the live forecast or reports to your option.

Still don’t know which one suits your needs? Check out the list of the weather sites below and star one you love the most.

Best Weather Sites You Can Access Anytime

Less is More

Various features are great, but staying with the most important weather forecast and reports elements can be more than enough for one to get a clear understanding instantly.

While getting recent and latest news related to weather and science won’t hurt, here are some of the weather forecast sites with radars and live weather reports to be bookmarked on your browser.

1. Accu Weather

Accu Weather

AccuWeather is a well-known weather site that also provides weather forecasts in mobile apps format. Just as simple as the mobile app is to use, you can use the AccuWeather site with ease.

Type your location on the search column and check on Location scroll down beside the Search column, the site will immediately reveal the current weather condition. Web visitors can discover the hourly, daily, and monthly forecasts.

As one of the top weather sites, it also provides information about the air quality which is good particularly for sensitive groups to prepare better before going out.

To make it even better, check out the allergy outlook feature it has. It informs you about the tree’s pollen to dust dander concentration level for the current day and the weekly outlook.

2. The Weather Channel

This weather forecast website gives a live weather report of a visitor’s current location. Once you enter the website, it detects your current location right away under the logo then you can explore the hourly to monthly forecast.

To the right of the Radar and Video Menu, you will see a dropdown menu of More Forecast where they prepare to advise visitors about specialty forecasts like Cold & Flu, fishing, allergy tracker, yesterday’s weather, and air quality forecast.

Advanced radar maps on the website will indicate a range of weather events like rain, clouds, to nearby storms. Useful for more advanced level visitors with needs of broader information about the weather pattern.

Just to make everything even more amazing, visitors can choose the language based on geographical region, and the temperature scale, switching between Fahrenheit and Celcius as you wish.

Get in touch with the recent news update, containing news related to weather, science, etc.

3. Wunderground


Wunderground, also known as Weather Underground, provides basic live weather information on their homepage once visitors get to their homepage.

It lets visitors see the current weather conditions of the most popular cities just right under the main menus.  The main menus themselves are equipped with Sensor Network, Maps & Radar, Severe Weather, News & Blog, and Mobile Apps that visitors can tap into to get the most suitable information to their needs.

In case you need to dig deeper into additional conditions related to weather, this weather forecast app lets you scrutinize through the Full Forecast button from the homepage. You can get various data from the weather forecast of today’s night till tomorrow night to clouds, rain, and humidity level.

Still not enough? Prepare better with the UV index, precipitation, air quality, and pollen concentration. Wunderground goes a bit further with the news and blog where visitors can find weather infographics, and weather posters to share their scientific knowledge about the remarkable weather phenomena in an artistic way.

4. Weather Bug

Weather Bug

“Get Your Local Weather On The Go ” is the tagline of WeatherBug. Once visitors get to the homepage, they will get to see the online and live weather conditions which will be updated hourly or in 10 days.

Visitors can also see the weather details just below the live weather condition information, it shows the wind chill, dew point, humidity to sunset time. You are also allowed to check out the air quality, pollen, and spark lighting concentration around your proximity.

Similar to the top 3 mentioned above, this weather forecast site also carries the live radar feature to help visitors get a broader view of the weather of the visitors’ area.

Weather Bug is equipped with a dedicated menu called Hurricane that is made to give alerts related to weather, hurricane, spark, fire, pollen, air quality, severe storm risk, and commuter. Someone really will get all of the necessary information about the weather and things related to it on the go, in one place through Weather Bug.

Advice To Plan A Travel or Sport Trip

Exploring a new place is fun, but knowing how the weather goes from time to time is a necessary thing to do in order to make the most of your visit time to that place.

 If you plan to do some specific sport, you don’t want to go and get nothing, so take one of the following weather forecast sites to help you arrange the trip during the best time.

5. WindFinder


Happen to like kitesurfing, sailing, windsurfing, surfing, cycling, fishing, paragliding, hiking, or concern about detailed weather and wind reporting and forecasting? If yes, then let’s meet Windfinder!

With Windfinder, you really can find spots with tide data, or with wave forecasts. When you let the website detect your location, you can have the basic information like temperature, wind direction, and speed, then you can go into details by clicking either forecast or measurement.

The menus that appear closer to the right side of the website are Search, Favorites, Setting, Account, and More. Under the More menu, you’ll get to explore various features from Find Wind to Services.

An interesting sub-menu under Find Wind brings you the options to Weather & Spot Map and Most Visited Spot. These two will help a lot to plan your next sports adventure.

Under Settings, visitors can set up the Units and Measurement of wind speed unit, wind direction unit, and clouds unit to make it easier for you to read.

Windfinder is surely one of the top weather websites to accommodate your sports needs.

6. World Weather Online

World Weather Online

World Weather Online works similar to the previous top weather sites which detect your location once you, as a visitor to the website, get to their homepage. You’ll see the menu rows containing Weather Forecast, History, Graphs, Averages, Widgets, API, and a small gear icon that lets visitors switch the temperature scale ( Celsius or Fahrenheit), with a search box.

Through the Averages menu, visitors can get a bigger image of how the weather goes from month to month in the location they prefer, from the day, night and the number of rainy days. It also indicates the Ultraviolet index just at the right of the full weather forecast information.

Back to the full homepage, visitors can collect information about holidays and sports weather. They even list out the top holiday destination section with holiday destination weather.

With all of those types of information, this site is really a great one for those who want to prepare their travel planning to somewhere around the world. You can easily get data about the best month to visit a location or the coldest month of that area.

7. Meteoblue


Meteoblue goes beyond a weather forecast by offering many features that support activities like sports and travel. When visitors land on their homepage, the website will expose the current temperature based on the location, with a weather forecast for days after.

If details like temperature felt, wind direction, wind speed, precipitation, and rain spot are considered important, they are easily found on the homepage.

Still at the homepage, you can even identify the weather alert of the current location. Meteoblue also offers a 5-day Meteogram with 3 simple graphs, with another feature of the weather forecast for places around Medan.

On the left side of the homepage, you get the menus bar which allows the visitors to get further detail for the weather forecast. Under Outdoor and Sport menus, you can find the best weather around the chosen location for you to go for outdoor activities. To unlock the vast features it has, visitors can go to the product page.

8. WeatherSpark


Another forecast website with good features to plan your trip or travel plan ahead, Weatherspark, which also provides detailed and good accuracy about the weather forecast.

The homepage user interface may look uninteresting, but as visitors scroll down the page, they can find the Interactive Maps, Past Weather, and Compare Cities menus button.

While visitors can’t change the temperature scale between Celcius and Fahrenheit, it provides yet different options of wind speed scales. Visitors also get to see the weather pattern color on the maps, with the legend of the pattern colors: the gradation from frigid to sweltering.

Going to Interactive Map, visitors can place the cursor on one location to their preferences and by clicking it, the weather will then direct them to another page containing the details of the weather report and forecast.

Broad information is shown from average highs and lows temperature, cloud cover, precipitation, rainfall, sunrise and sunset, moonrise and moonset, humidity, wind, water temperature to the best time of year to visit.

In case you have some places to visit, try comparing the information to get the best description of the weather forecast and report.

Great Display Map

Seeing a good display map of the weather forecast may help visitors to get the big image of what and how the weather is going on around their location. Some of the top weather forecast sites are already one step ahead from the others with that moving map feature. Take a look at the two below.

9. Windy


Windy has a fascinating user interface with the display map moving with the wind direction, with a section of temperatures for the location, showing up on the homepage screen. This weather site is better for visitors who want to look up more detailed weather conditions.

Not to mention the details of the location visitors can get. Visitors can see the condition throughout the webcams in the vicinity feature above the forecast section on the bottom left of the site.

The weather pattern and condition menus are available for visitors to dig deeper about the wind, rain & thunder, temperature, clouds, waves, and air quality, with a drop-down sub-menus for further details for each one of those.

Another great feature this weather forecast website offers is the Alert For This Spot feature. Visitors can set up a Windy alert to not miss an update of the weather condition in a location by their preference.

10. Ventusky


Like Windy, the homepage appearance of Ventusky is very pleasing with the map moving within the wind direction. Visitors can see the temperature right away just the moment of landing on the homepage.

On the left side, visitors can choose the types of view from precipitation, radar, satellite, clouds, wind speed, wind gust, air pressure, thunderstorm to air quality; and also change the time.

Venstusky allows the visitors to share the weather information visitors have from the website with links, screenshots, live screenshots, or embed format to social media or email.

Since the change of the season and the weather is now quite extreme, the shift from sunny days to thunderstorms can go quickly. So, having one website of weather reporting and forecast ready to serve you is not a bad idea. It helps you to decide not only when to go outside with an umbrella, but also which clothes to wear according to the time.

From all of the best weather websites mentioned above, trying one by one may be the best way to check the accuracy since accuracy is the most important thing to consider when it comes to the weather forecast. Share your opinion on the comment column below to rate your favorite one!

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