10 Best Decision-Making Games for Android & iOS

by Thalia Woods

Best Decision-Making Games

Who says that games do nothing but wasting your time? If you are looking for a game that gives you fun and skill improvement at a time, say no more. The best decision-making games are built to upgrade your decision-making skills and ability to accept the consequences of every decision you’ve made.

Also known as interactive story games, there is a surprising number of apps to download on your mobile device. Considering not all apps are made similar, you need to select a game with your favorite story and genre so you can enjoy it at its most.

Best Decision-Making Games for iOS and Android

How to tell the best choice making games? There are several aspects to keep in mind such as the total of downloads, stars, and users’ review. Finding the best app may sound daunting and tedious but the following list can help you out. 

1. Romance Fate

Romance Fate

Romance Fate is a romantic interactive story game that will take you to an unexpected love journey. Your choice matters so you will have to make the best decision that will affect your destiny. Follow your heart and figure out how you will end up in the story.

Fall in love with the right one or encounter billionaires to find your true love. You can also interact with vampires in a fantasy world or become a lost daughter of the sea. Explore your creativity and boost your decision-making skills by choosing different paths.

Romance Fate highlights beautiful graphics to immerse yourself. Customize the main characters based on your favorite style and enjoy romantic experience in the virtual world. Interestingly, you can make friends with different characters from different words.

There are several stories to choose from, including The Billionaire Neighbor, Forbidden Affair, Obsession, and Love Practice. Each story offers a distinct experience, so pick a story you want to manage.

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2. Decisions


Do you want to get the love you want? Get Decisions on your smartphone and make the right choices to experience unbelievable love life. As one of the best decision-making games, it has got more than 10M downloads on Google Play alone.

Decisions combine interactive story and role play game that adopt realistic love story. Your choices are the thing that will change the whole story so be careful when making decisions. Be confident and get ready to find consequences of your choices.

On Decisions, you can customize characters in different stories. Choose the best outfits that represent your style and wear fancy accessories for fun. With multiple genres to choose from, you can play stories with several choices such as Baby Highness, A Royal Affair, and A Naughty Proposal.

Designed with attractive graphics, Decisions supports multiple languages. Play this game in English, French, Spanish, German, or any language you know. Get this app on your Android or iPhone and play it for free.

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3. Journeys: Romance Stories

Journeys: Romance Stories

Journey is an RPG and decision-based game that helps upgrade your skills in making decisions. Choose the stories you want to experience and start making your own choices. The fantasy game will take you to travel across the globe while playing the stories.

There are several episodes from various genres including romance, drama, mystery, and love that are constantly updated every week. Get immersed in the series and style your characters with a wide selection of beautiful dresses.

This best decision-making game offers a number of popular stories such as Recipe of Love, Linda Brown, Vampyra, Don’t Forget Me, and many more. Each RPG story comes with a set of choices and consequences so you have to make the best decisions.

Journeys is designed with user-friendly and beautiful graphics, allowing you to experience the attractive story at its best. Whether you are into mystery, drama, or romance, it always has the right story to play.

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4. Episode


Episode is arguably one of the most widely used interactive story games on mobile device. Choose stories of your favorite genres from adventure to love and romance to create your own endings. It offers an amazing experience to decide how a story would end.

This best free decision-making game features a huge collection of interactive stories. It has more than 150,000 stories where you can decide the destiny of the characters. Or if you have talent, this app allows you to write your own story and become a creator.

How does it work? Episode is completely easy to play. Customize the characters with your favorite outfits and develop relationships between characters. The destiny of each character is in your hand so be wise when making choices.

Among the most favorite stories on Episode are Love on Fire, Operation: Quarterback, Behind His mask, and Private Lessons. New stories are coming every week so you won’t lose interest in this interactive story game.

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5. Dear Diary

Dear Diary

What if you can decide someone’s destiny? It may sound scary but it can be a fun thing you can do. Introducing Dear Diary, the best decision-making game that allows you to become a master of destiny. Help the main character make life changing decisions and get the consequences.

In Dear Diary, every choice will interfere in the fate of the main character, Anna. You can take a sneak peek at her diary and be part of her marvelous adventure. There are some other characters to find on this app such as Rick the handsome football player and Martin the smart guy.

Sometimes it is tough to decide whether or not you want to go to the prom. This is why you need to help the character to make the best choice. Remember that every decision comes with consequences, so choose wisely.

When it comes to features, Dear Diary has much to offer. It highlights a new and challenging way to finish a story through interaction with the characters. You can also find different endings based on your decisions, which means every story may end differently.

Featuring beautiful doodle art, Dear Diary is a fun interactive story game to play. It is free to play but it has some extra items you can purchase.

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6. Memories


If you love a story about princes, princesses, and royal family then Memories is the one to download. This best decision-making game takes you to an adventure of Prince Lee and Tiara on an island. Help them make choices and experience a lot of fun.

The interactive story game lets you unleash your imagination. Other than Secret Island that features Prince Lee and Tiara, you can find many other tales to pick. Thanks to a vast library of amazing stories so you can choose one that suits your mood.

Adopting manga cartoon animations, you will feel like reading a live manga that keeps you for hours. Immerse yourself in the story and get accustomed to decision making. Become the hero in the story and make your best choices.

Memories offers top interactive stories like Red White Cinderella, Dream! Fashion Star, and Vampire Sonata. Featuring attractive visual and amazing adventure, it offers a fun experience to improve your ability to make decisions.

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7. City of Love: Paris

City of Love: Paris

This is where interactive romance and mystery stories are found. City of Love is a wonderful app loaded with colorful characters that allows you to build relationships and reveal a mystery. You are the heroine and your decisions matter, so you have to choose wisely.

The story tells about you who have an interview for a job in a publishing company in Paris. Raphael Laurent is a handsome guy who happens to be an entrepreneur who invited you to Paris. Enjoy the adventure and build relationships with your choices.

In the City of Love there’s no wrong decision. All choices come with consequences but some are greater than others. Your task is to make a choice that brings the character to a happy ending while exploring the delights of the city of love Paris.

Find iconic locations on this best decision-making game such as Notre-Dame, Le Louvre, and Montmartre. You can also meet sexy characters you wish you can build a relationship with. What’s interesting, it has unexpected plot twists in every episode.

City of Love: Paris allows you to try different paths by replaying the story. And if you are lucky, you can discover exclusive souvenirs while playing this game.

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8. Dead City

Dead City

Dead City is a cross-platform zombie-themed interactive game that promises thrilling and incredible story. You are the only one to help the main character, Sam. His death and life depend on every decision you make, so make the best ones.

Living in a post-apocalyptic world, this chat text adventure game connects you with Sam. You will have to guide him and answer all messages in real time. Your choices have consequences in the story so you will want to make decisions very carefully.

Adding to the list of choices and consequences game, Dead City promises an interactive breathtaking story on your mobile device. Paired with amazing visual, immerse yourself in the adventure and feel the experience at its most. Be a good friend of Sam and save his life.

Dead City is completely free to play. With several days of play time, you don’t have to worry when closing the app. It remains sending you notifications about new events so you can decide when to open the application.

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9. Maybe


Maybe it is among the best decision-making game that takes you to a romantic love story. It has a collection of episodes and novels that combines romance with other genres like secrets, passion, and adventure. Interact with the characters and get immersed in every story.

With Maybe you can choose an episode or chapter of your favorite. Similar to most interactive story games, you have to decide what will happen next. Your choice directly affects the fate of the character and how the story end, making yourself an essential part of every game.

Unexpected things can happen in Maybe episodes thanks to plot twists and turns that make the story more awesome. You will never know how the story would end until you reveal it by yourself. So, why don’t you try an episode?

One interesting thing about Maybe is that you can enjoy nice graphics and animations. The stories are one-of-a-kind so you can find moments full of adventure and mystery. Whether you are into fantasy, friendship, romance, or drama, Maybe has got you covered.

Maybe game app is free to play. But if you want to unlock some extra items, it is jam-packed with in-app purchases you can buy with real money.

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10. Love Choice

Love Choice

Find a collection of romantic stories on Love Choice. This is a decision-making game inspired by a realistic love life that is full of choices and romance. Accept every challenge to get your love and finish every episode with your best decision.

There are several things you can do on Love Choice. Pick your favorite interactive stories and change the fate of every character through your decisions. It also gives you options to make a storyline full of romance and drama while developing your relationship with your characters.

Make your avatar good-looking with outfit and style customization. Made with amazing visual, it takes you in a whole new world of drama. Make your best choices and discover different endings for every episode.

Love Choice has several top stories to choose from. You can start with Demons in High Heels, Runway Runaway, or Stardom is Priceless. You can also continue to play Made Maid or Love and Duty that takes you to medieval French.

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Interactive story games are designed to enable players to interact with the characters so you can decide what happens in the future. There are different ending possibilities so every player may get a different ending in the same episode.

Episode is the best decision-making game with hundred million users worldwide. Featuring attractive visual and a set of wonderful stories, it is rather hard to put it down even after hours of playtime.

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