13 Best Apps for Teenage Girls [Android & iOS]

by Donna Herring

Best Apps for Teenage Girls

There are so many apps you will find on both the Play Store and App Store. But which apps would be the best apps for teenage girls? Well, when it comes to “the best”, everything is highly subjective.

Regardless of your preference, in this article, you will find useful information about apps that will be helpful for teenagers – especially girls. Most apps are quite general, which means everybody can use it. Yet, those apps will add depth to the daily life of teenagers nowadays.

Best Apps for Teenage Girls They Should Have

If you think that all teenagers may need something that helps them with homework then you are not entirely wrong. However, they also need to have fun – with parental guidance, for sure. 

Below is a list of apps that your teenage kids can download and have fun with. All the apps are free to download and use but upgrades are available through in-app purchases. Since teenagers are not a baby and not yet an adult, make sure you hear what you need in the first place.

1. TikTok


TikTok is simply an app that everyone can use. From the catchy visual to a bunch of useful information, this platform is more than just a place to show off what people got. 

When back then this app tried to get as many talents and users as possible by paying them, today people come here voluntarily. TikTok can be touted as one of the girl apps, especially if you are looking for useful information on various subjects. 

Some influencers use this platform to teach math and other school stuff while others show you intriguing how-to videos. Other than that, if you are using Instagram, this app comes with more comprehensive and communicative tools. 

But make sure that you use this app with caution – the internet is surely a place of so many things.

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2. Instagram

Instagram is not necessarily a teenage app that everyone should have. The users even need to be 18 years old to create an account. Despite the controversy and various things that might be out there, Instagram can bring a lot of positivity as long as the users know what to do in the first place. 

This platform is home to tons of inspirations. People show off their pictures and work pieces so that their audience can take one or two good things from them. Generally, Instagram is like any other platform on this list. The users should know where to stop and how to filter the entire information in the first place.

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3. The DailyHoroscope

The DailyHoroscope

When it comes to teenage apps, it doesn’t always mean something that helps them with assignments, right? If you are looking for fun then you should give The DailyHoroscope a try. As its name suggests, this app will give daily horoscope updates.

Zodiacs and other similar things surely are part of those topics loved by teenagers, right? Thus, having this app will give them fun things to read. Other than that, users can check every information aspect about each zodiac sign. So, if you are into this kind of thing then you should go for DailyHoroscope, for sure.

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4. Flo


There are a bunch of apps for teens you can find both on the Play Store and App Store. However, if you are looking for the most practical one then you should take a look at Flo. This app is quite popular and has been widely used by millions of people around the world.

The main function is to track your period so that you get the idea of your menstrual cycle. Other than that, you can input the symptoms that may present before, during, or after your period. Just like other similar apps, Flo allows you to keep track of your ovulation window and many more.

Other than showing the period window, Flo also comes up with information that will be useful for you. Various topics related to women’s health are available to read for free. There are also polls that you can vote for depending on your point of view.

All in all, Flo is more than a menstrual tracker. If you are looking for a period calendar app that comes up with a bunch of other useful features and information then you should go for this app. It’s free!

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5. Wattpad

Reading is such a precious hobby. Once you’ve dived into this hobby then there is no way to go back. Since everything is accessible through your phone nowadays, all the reading materials are also available on smartphones.

Wattpad is one of those apps every girl needs, especially if you love reading fiction in the first place. Thus, instead of buying a book now you can read tons of intriguing fiction stories on your phone.

Other than being a reader, you can also write your story and publish it so that the entire world knows. Wattpad is a free app but some stories require tokens to unlock. Still, every teenage girl should give this app a try.

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6. Colorfy

Coloring is still one of the most interesting things. Not only kids and toddlers but also adults love coloring – whether it is on paper or online. While other apps provide similar options and features, Colorfy comes up with more things for the audience. 

Of course, the main function of this app is to let the user color each page on their smartphone. However, Colorfy comes up with more collections of pictures in its database. 

Thus, you can pick what picture to color depending on the category. All in all, Colorfy is one of the must-have teenage apps for iPhone and Android devices that shouldn’t be skipped.

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7. Duolingo


Have you ever considered learning new languages? The good news is that you don’t need to go to paid classes to learn new languages. You can even learn more than one language through one app. The app is called Duolingo. 

You can say that Duolingo is one of the best game apps for teenage girl. All the learning-language process will feel like playing games – it is fun but you will get what you need in the first place. 

The app comes with an interactive UI design. Other than that, users can pick what languages to learn in the first place. Once you pick a language and enter a class, you will start learning through exercises. 

By that, learning languages can be as fun and simple. Other than exercises, this app also comes with podcasts, interactive stories, and other useful features that will be useful for your learning process. 

Duolingo is a free app but you can upgrade the features and benefits through in-app purchases – downloadable both on the Play Store and App Store.

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8. Pinterest

It is safe to say that Pinterest is one of the apps every girl should have. Of course, it is not just for girls. Everybody who needs something inspirational may go to this place. 

Pinterest is simply a platform where you can get insight, inspiration, and new ideas. Also, one visitation is not enough – you will find yourself wandering around for hours. 

Through this platform, you will meet lots of users who provide information about food, drawing, fashion style, tutorials, and many more. Other than that, everything is free. It is like joining various useful classes for free through your smartphone. 

All in all, Pinterest is a perfect app every individual should give it a try. From something entertaining to inspirations to finish a project, everything is available on Pinterest.

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9. LightX


LightX should be one of those apps for teenager phone. Since photo editing is part of people’s life nowadays, teenagers also need to be part of that euphoria. Instead of dealing with tons of complicated editing steps, LightX offers something simplified without sacrificing the output in the first place.

This app also comes with a series of tutorials. By that, users don’t need to worry about how to operate LightX. Despite the simplicity, this app is a powerful app. You can edit your photos to whatever you like.

From built-in presets and powerful tools to quick access features, everything is available in this app. So, if you are looking for an app that boosts your photo editing skill then you have to consider LightX.

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10. Mathaway


When it comes to basic girl apps that help teenagers with assignments then you should consider Mathaway. As the app’s name suggests, Mathaway will help users to deal with math assignments and tasks.

Math homework is undeniably segmented. This is why some people will get useful benefits from using an app like Mathaway. This app comes up with a series of solutions that will help you with math issues.

Once you enter the problems, the app will provide a series of answers. You can use Mathaway to check whether or not your work is right. Since this app is free, you should give Mathaway a try. It will be a huge help for every math homework.               

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11. My Creative Diary

My Creative Diary

Are you looking for girl apps for free that accommodate your thoughts and ideas? Well, you should consider using My Creative Diary. As the app’s name suggests, My Creative Diary is created for those who need a platform to write things down. 

Other than putting all the emotions, memories, and what just happened today, the users can use this app to track their dreams – if they wanted to, of course. Other than a place to write your things, this app also comes with a calendar. 

The calendar feature helps you to know the time you write each thought. While the features are abundant and rich, My Creative Diary comes with a super minimalistic UI design. It has a neat and tidy look but you won’t find it boring at all. 

All in all, My Creative Diary will help anyone – especially teenage girls – to navigate their life. Most of the time, your thoughts deserve to be written and collected. This app will help you to do that – only for Android devices.

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12. Wishbone Compare Anything

What is the most useful app for 14 years olds? Generally, Wishbone Compare Anything is not the most ideal app for teenagers. However, this app can be fun and interactive, especially if you want to ask other friends to join the hype. 

This app will allow the user to compare two things and ask others to vote. You are in charge of choosing what to compare in the first place. After that, you can ask other users and friends to pick one of them through vote. 

While this app was such a fresh thing, the method has been adopted by Instagram. Still, if you don’t want to get into Instagram but want to do the voting things then you should consider using Wishbone Compare Anything.

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13. Calm


What is the best app for teenager to calm down? Well, since studying and being in a teenage life is quite tiring, you should give the Calm app a try. As its name suggests, this app will recommend a series of ways to stay calm after a stressful day of school or tiring hours of studying.

Once you download this app, you can put aside your tasks and assignments for a while to get a super mindful relaxation. Calm comes up with a collection of calming sounds and tons of guides. By using this app, you will get a chance to perform meditation in the right way.

Meditation might not be the most favorite thing a teenage girl would do. However, if they know how to do it properly from an early age, this could be a perfect activity to shape their upbringing as well.

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All the apps mentioned above can be touted as essentials. However, those apps are useful for all genders and life on stage. For instance, Duolingo is suitable for those who want to develop their skills and ability or want to learn new languages.

Still, recommending specific apps for your teenage girls might be a good idea so that they can develop in the very best way. So, this is everything you need to know about the best apps for teenage girls. It won’t hurt to give each app a try for sure.

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