10 Best Shazam Alternatives & Similar Apps

by Thalia Woods

Best Shazam Alternatives

Shazam identifies a song just like magic. Let it record the music for a few seconds and it will discover the artists and lyrics. Despite being a game changer in music discovery, it has a few drawbacks that make you look for Shazam alternatives.

Whether you are done with speed issue or wrong identification on Shazam, there are several alternatives that promise different experiences. These apps can be a good complement or even replacement so you can identify new songs anywhere anytime.

Best Shazam Alternatives to Discover Music for Android and iOS

Music recognition apps use your phone mic to record the sound before it processes the identification. This is why you should allow the apps to access everything it needs for the best result. Some apps offer more features than others, so choose wisely. 

1. Genius


Genius is an awesome song lyric finder with more than 1.5 million songs in its library. With a big collection of song lyrics and musical knowledge, it is easier to figure out a good song at a coffee shop, café, shopping mall, or elsewhere.

In addition to annotated lyrics for all songs in your playlist, it gives you the option to browse what’s new on Genius. Keep yourself updated with the latest trend in the music industry and join crowdsourcing of millions of fans in the Genius community.

How Genius works is very simple. When you feel a new song, hold your phone and tap the soundwave button. In a matter of seconds, the annotated lyrics will appear on your screen. This is a brilliant way to learn new songs and make them your new favorites.

Many music enthusiasts use Genius to get lyrics. What’s interesting, you can get verified content or facts behind the track directly from the producers or artists. Made with a simple and user-friendly design, this is one of the best Shazam alternatives for Android and iOS.

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2. MusixMatch


Similar to Shazam, MusixMatch is a great app to discover song lyrics. The world’s largest song lyric collections have helped millions of people to get synced with their favorite songs on Spotify or YouTube. Thanks to beautiful design, song lyric discovery is never a headache.

Using MusixMatch you can have a better experience of enjoying music on your favorite streaming services. It also lets you show the floating lyrics widget simply by tapping on the notifications. Other than that, you can identify the lyric that is playing around in a matter of seconds.

Translation feature makes this lyric finder amazing. If you happen to listen to a song in another language, it helps you understand the meaning by displaying the translation. Not only can you have fun, but also you can learn new languages easily.

MusixMatch comes packed with additional features such as smart seek to find your favorite lyrics using progress bar, LyricsCard feature to share your favorite lyrics, and navigation button to play, pause, or skip track from your screen.

Not least of all, MusixMatch keeps yourself updated. When your favorite artists release new lyrics, you will get notified as soon as it is available. Overall, this is a free Shazam alternative you shouldn’t miss out on.

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3. SoundHound


Do you need a simple app to discover playing music other than Shazam? SoundHound is a brilliant alternative that will let you know music around you. With just a tap of a button, you will be able to figure out the title and more detailed information like the artist, album, and lyrics.

This Shazam alternative lets you do several things from saving your music search to playing discovered song via YouTube music player. It provides you with a personal history with which you can view songs you’ve searched. It also lets you connect with Spotify to build your own playlists.

Featuring real-time lyrics, SoundHound makes it possible to sing along with music playing around you. It supports popular songs from various genres and categories so you can always find songs of your favorite. 

To discover songs on SoundHound is completely simple. All you have to do is tap the orange button and let it work like magic. In a matter of seconds, it will provide you with song title, album, artist, and lyrics. You can even sing to it and get the song identified.

Your friends and family need to know your music discoveries? Use built-in share button to share your discoveries on your favorite social platforms.

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4. Beatfind Music Recognition

Beatfind Music Recognition

Another alternative to Shazam that allows you to identify music quickly and easily. Beatfind Music Recognition is designed with a clean and sleek interface, promising an easy access for every music discovery. Whenever you listen to a good song, get your phone and let Beatfind do its job.

This music recognition app is powered by ACRCloud that helps you find a song within seconds. It provides crucial information such as the song title, artist, and album. Once identified, you can play the full song on streaming services like YouTube Music, Deezer, or Spotify.

If you want to tell your family about the new song you have discovered, simply use the share button to share it on Facebook, WhatsApp, or other social networks. Song discoveries are saved in the history page which can be accessed anytime.

One interesting feature on Beatfind is the flashlight party mode. It lets you transform your place into a disco club simply by pressing the lighting button. Within seconds, it will give you flashing strobe light effects that are synced with the music beats.

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5. Song Finder & Identifier

Song Finder & Identifier

Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=app.realvision.songfinder

Identify music in a few seconds with Song Finder & Identifier. Working in real time, it allows you to find out the title and artist of a song as long as you can listen to it. Even it provides you with a link to listen to the full song on streaming music services like Deezer or Spotify.

Loaded with features, this is one of recommended Shazam alternatives for Android users. Besides music discovery, this app comes with a personal history page that allows you to access any song you have searched. You can also send it to your loved ones.

How does it work? Song Finder & Identifier is a fast and efficient app to figure out songs you have never known. When you hear music around you, simply launch this app and tap the button. This finder app will tell you what song it is.

This song identifier app is free to use with in-app purchases. Make sure your device has internet connection for online search. You will also want to grant permission for microphone access so it can record the song for identification.

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6. Song Finder

Song Finder

Song Finder should be on every list of music recognition apps. It is a simple and easy-to-use music identifier that allows you to find song title and more detailed info like artist, album, release date, and more. Keep yourself updated with the latest song of your favorite artist.

With just one click, you can recognize music anywhere anytime. Whether you are on the street or in a café and you listen to a good song, simply grab your phone and launch this app to identify the music. Give it a few seconds to provide you with the accurate result.

What makes Song Finder a recommended Shazam alternative is the feature to save discovered songs, allowing you to access it at any time. It also gives you an option to discover songs in the cloud anytime as long as you are connected to the internet.

One great thing about Song Finder is that it supports multiple languages such as English, Spanish, Germany, and French. Use this app as your music identifier on the go and be the most up-to-date in your circle.

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7. Song Finder: Music Identifier

Song Finder: Music Identifier

Available for iPhone users, Song Finder is a music recognition and lyric app that comes in handy to find out new songs, new artists, and playlist. This app is completely free to use with in-app purchases so you can get more content inside.

Not knowing music around you is annoying. While it’s impossible to ask people or your friends who don’t have the answer, Song Finder comes to the rescue. Only with a click, it will record the song and quickly identify the title, artist, album, and lyrics.

Even better, it has song stats feature with which you can check detailed stats about discovered songs. In addition to basic information, song stats let you check audio features and popularity. You can also check top tracks of the album and the number of followers of the artist.

To make it work optimally, connect Song Finder with Apple Music or Spotify. It allows you to play discovered song on your favorite streaming service. This app is supported by a vast library so you can search millions of songs on it, find details, and translate lyrics.

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8. Music Finder – Recognize Songs

Music Finder – Recognize Songs

iOS: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/music-finder-recognize-songs/id1502844689

This is another Shazam alternative that offers free music discovery service. Music Finder recognizes songs from your phone by recording through your mic and identify the song in question. No more guessing what song is now played on a club, pub, or anywhere.

Designed with a simple and clean interface, using Music Finder isn’t a hard task. All you have to do is press the button and it will recognize the music to detect the song. You will receive suggestions of what song you are listening to so you can put it into your playlist.

Music Finder requires internet connection to work optimally. It is also crucial to grant permissions for mic access unless this app won’t work. However, this app comes with ads which can be removed with an in-app purchase.

Are you looking for a lightweight music identifier? Music Finder is made just for you. With a small download size, it won’t cause a significant effect on your iPhone. Instead, it puts a lot of change in your life especially if you are a music enthusiast.

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9. Music Identifier

Music Identifier

Enjoy fast and fun music discovery from your iPhone. Music Identifier has everything you need to identify any song from various genres and categories in a matter of seconds. Plus, it gives you additional information from title to artist and album cover.

Music Identifier is handpicked as one of the best Shazam alternatives for some reasons. First and foremost, it has auto-recognition feature that lets the app identify the song as soon as you open the app. Without having to tap the record button, this app gets the job done for you.

Besides, Music Identifier highlights audio identification that allows your phone to listen to the song and browse from its catalog to tell you which song it is. You can enjoy a video identification feature with which you can import video from gallery and identify using this app.

History feature comes standard, allowing you to keep track of songs you have searched previously. It also has a quick link that allows you to play the song from streaming services and add it to your playlist.

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10. What the Song

What the Song

Music recognition made simple with What the Song. Available for iPhone users, it works amazingly to tell you what song is playing around you. No need to ask your friends and get disappointed because this app is made to help you identify songs in a few seconds.

What the Song has much to offer. Other than fast music recognition, it comes packed with recognition history emailing to access your previous music discoveries. You can also share your favorite songs to your loved ones.

If you want to listen to the full song, this app provides you with iTunes download link and iTunes preview. This is a perfect combination that makes What the Song worth trying.

Download on the App Store

Shazam is not the only player in music discovery. A long list of Shazam alternatives allows you to find new songs along with their details to keep you updated. Use this recommendation to help you get the best alternative based on their features.

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