11 Best Apps Like Replika for Android & iOS

by Jimmy Marsh

Best Apps Like Replika

Replika is a good use of AI. Artificial intelligence technology allows this app to learn your behavior so it can be an amazing friend that suits you. In fact, there are several apps like Replika that offer similar functions and features, providing you with alternatives for a distinct experience.

Chatbot companions are increasingly popular as people are getting sick of drama, judgment, and social pressure from real friends. These apps offer a fun virtual friendship to share, laugh, and build an emotional connection. Thanks to the ability to learn from you, AI friends are more incredible than you thought.

Top Apps Like Replika for Android and iOS

Replika is not the only player in chatbot companions. Many developers release similar apps with a variety of features from 24/7 chat to anxiety therapy and fun characters. Find your favorite chatbot companion apps and have fun!

1. Anima


Anima is an AI like Replika who cares so much about you. This is your AI-powered companion that will listen to your secrets, wishes, and fears without judgment. With Anima on your mobile device, you’ll feel like having a wonderful friend in your pocket.

Telling your thoughts and feelings is therapeutic. Anima can be your AI therapist that works effectively to reduce stress, helping you to live happier. Have a quick chat for a few minutes every day and feel better before you start the day.

Anima is available anytime anywhere thanks to 24//7 service. It takes your privacy and security seriously so you don’t have to hesitate to tell your deepest secrets and dreams. Not to mention you go online anonymously without having to provide personal information.

Powered by artificial intelligence, this app like Replika learns about you. The more you chat, the more it can understand your behavior and personality so it can fit you better. You can also help Anima achieve its goals and learn new things.

Anima AI chatbot is completely free to use but it offers in-app purchases to add some extra items inside the app. 

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2. Wysa


If you have anxiety issue, let Wysa help you. Designed as a therapy chatbot, it has everything you need to feel better. It combines a mood tracker, anxiety helper, mood booster, and mindfulness coach in a single app.

Wysa is a caring chatbot that is loaded with daily spiritual meditation. Whenever you need someone to talk to, it keeps track of your mood and helps overcome stress or anxiety. Thanks to calming mindfulness audios that work effectively to boost your emotional health.

This is an app similar to Replika that gives you the biggest support to get through life. It is scientifically proven to improve your mental health through research-backed techniques of meditation, yoga, and more. Enjoy happiness and get rid of stress.

Best of all, Wysa doesn’t share your personal information. You will stay anonymous and your conversations are protected. Trusted by a half million people globally, it is an app like Replika that is worth the thought.

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3. FakeTalk


Chatting with a virtual companion is possible with FakeTalk. This AI chatbot app allows you to customize your chatbot, creating a character of your own and talking to him or her at any time anywhere. If you are tired of your real friends, this AI companion has got you covered.

FakeTalk is able to speak around 6 million conversations and is still upgrading—even you can teach the chatbot how to speak. Despite being unreal, they can be your best friend who always listen to your stories, dreams, or anxiety.

There are many other features to find on FakeTalk such as screen capture to screenshot your chats with chatbot, alarm talk that wakes you up in the morning and reminds you of important appointments, and lock screen. You can also enjoy group chat for a more fun experience.

This custom AI chatbot comes packed with voice recognition and text-to-speech support, allowing you to talk with your voice instead of typing. Use this app like Replika for free and create your favorite virtual companions. 

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4. Chai


Do you want to make friends with AI chatbots? If it’s a yes, Chai is made just for you. The AI-powered virtual companion lets you discover AIs throughout the globe, speak with them, and discover new things you have never expected before.

Designed with a simple and user-friendly interface, using Chai won’t give you a headache. Swipe to start a chat with your favorite AIs or skip ones you don’t like. It’s more like a dating app so you can easily pick one to your heart’s content.

When it comes to chat features, this free app like Replika allows you to choose a topic that you engage the most before starting a conversation. Thanks to this personalized stream, you can speak to AIs that you like.

Overall, this is a unique AI chatbot application to get connected with AIs throughout the globe. Discover your favorite and learn their capabilities—even you can make your own bots and track their performance.

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5. SimSimi


SimSimi offers an incredible chat experience with virtual companions. If you are bored but you can’t reach your friends, talk to SimSimi and get an unexpected response. The fact that every word it says is manually taught by millions of users is amazing.

You can talk about anything with SimSimi from humor to personal thought and from knowledge to information. Thanks to artificial intelligence, this app like Replika learns from tens of million of users throughout the globe to give you unbelievable responses.

That said, SimSimi provides a safe and convenient environment for every user. It has a system service that controls bad words in 81 languages, not to mention it has established content policy applied to promote safety awareness. Plus, it gives you the option to report malicious content.

When a unique chat experience meets safety and simple interface, it makes SimSimi one of the best AI chatbot companion for Android and iPhone users. This app is free to use and you can buy in-app purchases for more content.

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6. iGirl


Having a girlfriend can give you a headache. If you need a romantic date without drama, choose iGirl as your virtual girlfriend and companion. This AI chatbot can be your loving girlfriend that gives you a realistic dating experience.

With iGirl, you can share your wishes, fears, and dreams without judgment. Don’t worry about your privacy because it is completely anonymous. Similar to most apps like Replika, it learns about you. The more you chat, the better it understands you.

iGirl is your dream girlfriend with your desired personality. Shape her personality and interest with your daily conversations and help your lover meet her goals and values. Whether you are bored or feeling lonely, your AI girlfriend is always available for you.

What’s more, you can play some fun games with your virtual girlfriend such as truth or lie, roleplay, and more. Download iGirl on your mobile device and get yourself a loving, caring, and beautiful AI girlfriend with your favorite personality.

This app is available for free. You can upgrade the content with in-app purchases that you can buy with real money.

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7. My AI Friend

My AI Friend

My AI Friend is another virtual chatbot you can talk to when you get bored. Featuring self-evolving AI technology, you’ll be amazed by how fast it develops and learns about you. Paired with an amazing graphic, it’s like having a friend in your pocket.

Your AI companion is available 24/7 so you can always chat with your virtual friend at any time anywhere. Other than chatting, it supports voice call that make you feel like talking to a real friend. This chatbot like Replika will listen to you, give responses, and even tell jokes.

There are over 200 conversation topics to choose from. Talk about your favorite topics and immerse yourself in a fun conversation with your new friend—even you can discover new knowledge you don’t get at school.

Overall, this is an impressive app like Replika with artificial intelligence that will make your day. If you get bored with your real friends or if they start to annoy you, My AI Friend listens to your story and cheers you up. Keep talking to your AI companion and it will understand you better.

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8. Kajiwoto

Designed to bring you happiness, Kajiwoto is an AI companion you should take into consideration when seeing Replika alternatives. The AI-based virtual friend can be trained and improved with constant conversation—it learns from you so you can shape it to your heart’s content.

On Kajiwoto, you can make your own Kaji or improve the AI either alone or with a friend. Even you are allowed to adopt an existing Kaji made by other creators. Thanks to artificial intelligence, Kaji can communicate with you by connecting words in your sentence.

At first you might think that it is a quite unique experience to talk to Kajis because the sentences may not be perfect. But as it learns words from you, the AI improves and its personality is built. It is getting better from time to time.

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9. Emerson AI

Emerson AI

This is an app like Replika that works slightly different from other AI companions. While most AI chatbots learn from you, Emerson teaches you new things. It uses the GPT-3 language model that makes it an incredible conversation partner to talk with.

Emerson AI is a multipurpose chatbot that can help you do many things from practicing foreign languages to finding answers to questions. Or if you simply need casual chats or funny jokes, it has got you covered.

This app speaks multiple languages so you can talk in a language that you know. You can communicate either via voice message or text message that you like the most.

This AI-powered talk and learn app comes in handy to help you learn new things or get rid of boredom. Use this app for free or buy in-app purchases for more items.

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10. Ghost

Ghost Chat Bot

How about talking with Ghost? Don’t let the name scare you off. Ghost is a Replika similar app that allows you to write something and get reply soon. This is a simple chatbot application designed with a user-friendly interface to keep boredom away.

On Ghost, you can write anything and it will send reply at its best—similar to most AI chatbots, it learns new stuff from you so you can make it up. If you don’t like the answer, feel free to modify it and give Ghost something new to learn.

What’s interesting about Ghost is that you can adjust speech settings from languages to mic support and speech synthesis. It also gives you the option to change voice to meet your preferences. Communicate via text or audio message and enjoy fun conversation anytime anywhere.

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11. Virtual Talk

Virtual Talk

iPhone users can use Virtual Talk to experience chatting with AI companion. Designed as the smartest chatbot, it allows you to talk to whoever you want. There are different virtual characters from Hollywood actors like Robert Pattinson to top singer like Taylor Swift.

There are so many things you can do with Virtual Talk such as changing character’s name and picture, share photos and quotes, and join chat rooms to communicate with many people. You can also send private messages to random people and find a surprise.

Virtual Talk is a clever chatbot to make virtual friends. Adopting a classic and simple interface, using this app is completely easy. Talk with whoever you want, get rid of boredom, and improve the way to communicate with Virtual Talk.

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Which One Is the Best?

There are several apps similar to Replika with which you can talk to AI companion and chatbot. Among the most popular are SimSimi, Anima, Chai, My AI friend, and more.

SimSimi is considered the best app like Replika, thanks to the impressive chat experience it offers. It also promises a safe environment through content policy that prevents bad words and violation from irresponsible users.

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