11 Best Crossword Solver Apps for Android & iOS

by Jimmy Marsh

Best Crossword Solver Apps

Exercising your mind-muscle accompanied by a crossword puzzle to kill time is one of the everlasting activities since the newspaper version to the handy app in your devices. But sometimes, it can be more than challenging to solve it. The best crossword solver apps come to help you along the mind-training journey, so you won’t lose the fun parts. 

With crossword puzzles, you will not only learn new words, train your mind to strengthen the memorizing machine inside, but also gain other soft skills like analytical, cognitive, and problem-solving. It can be a way to regulate your emotions.

Therefore, this game should not be another stress or negative emotional trigger. With a crossword finder solver, you can get help to solve the puzzle and keep up the fun parts throughout the game while cultivating the brain cells to stay active in a good way. 

So let’s find out some of the best crossword finder solver apps and pick one that can bring a transformative contribution to your crossword puzzle activities!

11 Best Crossword Solver Apps for Android and iOS

The list is completed with some basic crossword solver apps, some of which present clues and hints using pictures, and others that build features and make a real game-changer to a crossword dictionary app. They all are available both on Apps Store for iOS users, and Google Playstore for Android users. 

1. Crossword Solver by Havos Words Games

Crossword Solver

This crossword puzzle solver has shown much from the name itself. The user interface looks slightly traditional but it provides an easier way to use it. They allow users to download and save it to the SD card of their devices, and users do not necessarily need to be always connected to the internet when playing the game.

The internet connections should be ready when users want to view detailed word definitions of possible answers, or when users need to solve a crossword puzzle related to general knowledge clues such as famous people, places, books, etc. 

In Addition, users can choose a language from the word list, the app is equipped with a downloadable dictionary with approximately 36 languages. They help users to filter down the list of possible answers, and view answers in multiple columns. 

Other features you should know about Crossword Solver by Havos are :

  • 5 different modes to solve the puzzles: Codeword, synonyms, crosswords, anagram, cryptic crosswords. Codeword mode indicates to users which letters are already known, and which unknown letters are the same. On the other hand, Cryptic crosswords give many examples to help users more. 
  • A quick search engine provides fast-finding words to be displayed
  • Wide range of synonyms and nouns

Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

2. Crossword Clue Solver

Crossword Clue Solver

If you tend to have more possibility of always being connected to the internet, and need a simpler and basic way to help you solve the crossword, crossword clue solver by Diecke may be the right one for you. 

With a cleaner user interface you can see in the image presented here, what you need to do is only write on your screen and choose the word length option. 

The features are very basic but easy to use and quick result-oriented. This crossword finder solver app will then help users solve the crossword puzzle based on two ways :

  1. Clue  where users should write some clues to stimulate ideas, or
  2. Pattern, by writing letter users know and points the letter users don’t know

After that, Thesaurus from this app will present related words and synonyms for users. 

Download on Google Play

3. Crossword Puzzle Free by Redstone

Crossword Puzzle

Bringing out the memory of the old days, Crossword Puzzle by Redstone applies the typical crossword page from the back of the traditional newspaper to your device’s screen. Contrary to how it was with newspapers, this app provides you a help to solve the crossword puzzle. 

Not to mention that it will challenge the users with four different levels and release new packs for each level every week. The app lets users lock the correct-completed words, to avoid erasing them by mistake. On the other hand, it has the feature to show incorrect letters to users, and allow them to clear it. 

Other features they offer for users are :

  • Smart Look Up: suggest users the words if the clues are quite tricky
  • Dim users the letters reveal the words or even the puzzle entirely in case users are stuck with
  • Indicate hint and let the user see if the answers consisting one of two words
  • It offers a smart step so that users can skip cells when navigating the puzzle
  • Want more? You can use it offline, and download the new pack, solve it without internet connection.

Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

4. Codycross


Playing a crossword with a feel of theme parked, Codycross creates an adventure-like user interface to the board. If you are a type of user who also likes to explore adventure games, Codycross will make the crossword puzzle less boring in terms of graphics.

This crossword solver app is reinventing the crossword puzzle game. Each user has a chance to complete the puzzle and reveal a secret word by getting correct answers. There are many themes with different genres and levels. 

The feature of crossword puzzles Codycross offers is by suggesting users to use the power-up. It will then reveal a letter. Experiences that users will get : 

  • Play tons of puzzle free module, or subscription to access special themes in word game
  • Use the app while going offline, it has a limited feature, but users can still finish a different level
  • Synchronize the progress by using Facebook on all users’ devices
  • The app will tell you if you are a word master

Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

5. One Clue Crossword

One Clue Crossword

Easy but eye-catching user interface, One Clue Crossword is another crossword finder that stimulates users to define the correct answers by giving them a clue. 

Instead of hinting at a letter, this crossword solver app shows a picture for the user to deduce words of the puzzle from it. Sometimes the words users look for are in the picture itself, sometimes users have to think deeper about the topic related to it or else. 

Find the features you will love of this crossword solver like :

  • Instant hint to reveal the next letter in clue, or remove unused letter
  • Train your brain with more than 700 puzzles and over 40 chapters
  • Test your words skills at the end of every chapter
  • Choose languages you want from English, French, German, Italian to Spanish

Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

6. Wordalot


Another crossword solver app suggests an approach using pictures. Wordalot attracts users who love to play hidden games as well with the picture as a clue for users to define the correct answer and solve the crossword puzzle. 

In terms of how to play it, this app invites the users to download Google Play Games and play it from that app. Users can also download Wordalot by using the Google Play Games.

It seems to be so much fun guessing the right word using the picture as a primary clue. But beware, since this app presents 1000 levels where each level challenges the users the more as they move forward. 

The unique point of Wordalot is :

  • Coins they provide for users which will be beneficial to ask for a hint when users find something tricky and get stuck during the game. 
  • Stay connected to a friend in-game by sharing or asking for coins

Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

7. Word Search Crossword

Word Search Crossword

Challenge your brain with a word scramble approach by Word Search Crossword! With a much cleaner user interface, all users need to play the game is looking for a word diagonally, vertically, or horizontally then swiping the letter. The app will then cross if off the list. 

It feels like playing a word game from childhood, right? This crossword puzzle game will not only let you train your brain, it will help you learn new words with thousands of levels. 

Explore the perks of Word Search features like the following :

  • Hit the hint option if you are stuck with the game
  • In-built dictionary 
  • Varied pencil colors to use 
  • 17 languages options
  • Daily challenges to 

Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

8. Anagram Solver by MPD Bailey Technology

Anagram Solver

The name of the app may sound too specific but the features it offers for users are quite rich. This app works with a free English Dictionary app, notably to look for a word definition. It provides users the help to solve anagrams and crosswords since users can use blank space when searching for words. Users can type blank spaces among the letters they already know to search for potential answers. 

English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese words are available on the list for users. Apart from that, this crossword dictionary app seems to have a super-fast finder of over 400 000 words and phrases.

As for crossword finder solver, users can use features like :

  • Powerful filters to narrow down the list with a word or to look over 100K phrases which start with, end with, include or exclude with a specific letter
  • Tips and quick reminders to all features

Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

9. World’s Biggest Crossword

World’s Biggest Crossword

This crossword puzzle claims to be the world’s biggest crossword, just like the name, presenting 350 puzzles.

Along with the game, users will experience completing the quests and collecting trophies. The clue they provide is what differentiates their clue feature from other crossword solver apps in the list. 

Users can tap any square and skip from clue to clue to find the pattern, and make a deduction to complete the grid. 

What users will enjoy from this app : 

  • Three different modes to play: World’s biggest crossword, the world’s tallest crossword or daily diamond crossword. There are another 4 game modes aside from the crossword puzzles.
  • Over 10 000 clues
  • Daily notification for new crossword challenges is available

Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

10. Astraware Crossword

Astraware Crossword

Astraware crossword will make you not only enjoy your time stretching out your mind, but also to compete globally with four new puzzles of Daily Crosswords each day. It will record how much time users spend to solve the puzzle and post it on the global leaderboard. 

This app also has a Weekender package offering users a bigger grid, more tricky clues. For this Weekender package, the app won’t monitor how much time users spend. 

Other unique points that will trigger users to use it are  :

  • Unlimited hints, and free built-in solver to help users with synonyms and definitions
  • Over 60 quick-style puzzle
  • Four grid sizes and three-level options.

Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

11. Crossword Solver King

Crossword Solver King

Reassemble to Anagram Solver that can work both for crossword and anagram finder solver, Crossword Solver King is integrated with an in-built dictionary providing in-built thesaurus, works very well. 

Instead of using a combination of letters and blank spaces to search for a word, users need to type letters and (?). Download this app and help yourself enjoy these features :

  • Online users guide to use the app to crack the cryptic crossword
  • Search for definition by holding a word to bring a list of websites 
  • Use the in-built thesaurus to find related words 

Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

From all of the apps mentioned on the list, there are some which provide a graphical feast to your eyes, some compete with a cleaner and simpler or even traditional user interface. 

Competing with each other with the numbers of levels, even with the numbers of puzzle packages and words, synonyms, phrases they had, they really reinvent the crossword puzzle games to give a more engaging experience to the users. 

Users can see that some of those apps are trying to win the game by providing built-in solvers, using a new approach for giving hints or clues, and triggering new ways to motivate the users being the solver itself. Meanwhile, some of them take a specific role only as a solver. 

With those features these best crossword solvers apps mentioned, which one does attract you the most? Feel free to share your opinion or reviews in the following comment column! 

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