13 Best Stud Finder Apps for Android & iOS

by Thalia Woods

Best Stud Finder Apps

Most people will use a conventional metal detector to find studs and other similar things. However, you can turn your smartphone into a reliable metal detector by using these best stud finder apps. Yet, your phone has to meet a list of requirements before using an app to detect stud and metal.

In this article, you will find useful information about apps that will turn your phone into a metal detector. Several apps below are available both on the Play Store and App Store while the others may only be compatible with one operating system.

Best Metal and Stud Finder Apps That Actually Work

Generally, they do work fine. The key of using these apps is to make sure that your phone comes with an in-built magnetometer. As long as your phone has that sensor, the apps on the list below will show you useful features when it comes to detecting metal and studs.

1. Stud Detector by Chatterbox

Stud Detector by Chatterbox

As a stud and metal detector platform, this tool helps the users to find metal in the surroundings. Just like most apps on this list, this platform allows the user to detect metal effortlessly. If all you need is a wood stud finder app designed for Android devices then this one developed by Chatterbox is the answer. 

You can adjust the sensitivity and the feedback level through a slider. All the tools and features are available on the dashboard. This is why everything is effortless and adjustable. The slider bar also allows you to choose how strong the sensitivity level, depending on your need on the field.

Another thing that makes this detector tool different from other platforms on the list is its accessibility. All left-handed users can operate this app effortlessly because they can choose a mode, depending on their hand preference. All in all, Stud Detector by Chatterbox is an excellent app for those who use Android phones and need a reliable stud finder in the first place.

Download on Google Play

2. Free Metal Detector by Rich Dev

Free Metal Detector by Rich Dev

Rich Dev has also created and developed the best wood stud finder app for Android. By using this app, you can detect any stud and metal items in the surroundings. This app will work fine if your phone has a built-in metal sensor.

Other than that, you can find any kind of metal by using this app, instead of being solely a tool to detect studs. This metal detector app comes up with tons of extra features but the UI design is aesthetically pleasing – it is clean and neat too. Thus, if you prefer something neat and sleek then this platform is a perfect choice.

Other than that, this app is free. Thus, you don’t need to spend money on using this kind of app in the first place. Rich Dev’s app allows Android users to own a reliable app that provides great features.

Download on Google Play

3. Cable Detector & Stud Finder

Cable Detector & Stud Finder

The app’s name surely reflects the function of this app in the first place. By using the cable detector and stud finder app, it will be easier for everyone to detect those things behind a wall, plasterboards, and many more. So, do stud finder apps work? Yes, they do.

Of course, you can always use a real metal detector tool – yet, it costs a lot. Thus, if you are on a budget and want to stay that way, this detector app will do you a favor.

This stud detector doesn’t require a paid subscription, just like most apps on this list. Other than that, the app comes with a nice UI design – it replicates the standard features of traditional magnetic sensors. There is no reason to not give this app a try, after all.

Download on Google Play

4. Metal Detector by Smart Tools

Metal Detector by Smart Tools

Smart Tools also develops an app that helps to detect metals. On the other hand, this metal detector too is a good choice, especially for those who need a free wood stud finder app. The interface and functions are similar to those analog tools. But the best news is now you can access that kind of tool on your phone.

Generally, metal detector apps come with tons of tools and features. Thus, it is common if that kind of app features a cluttered UI design. However, this metal detector tool promotes an effortless UI design with a user-oriented goal. Yet, those simple things don’t interfere with the main functions in the first place.

Just like most legit apps on this list, this metal detector tool also comes with a built-in GPS. Thus, wherever you are going, this app will send information about metal substances in your surroundings.

Download on Google Play

5. PRO Metal Detector by FML Creations

PRO Metal Detector by FML Creations

As the app’s name suggests, this app requires you to pay before using the services. However, the developer promises that all the features and functions are worth the penny. Generally, the UI design looks like a barebone app. Once it detects any metal substance, the app will release a sound – just like that conventional tool.

Even though it seems a bit annoying, it shows that this app gives excellent feedback. Thus, if you need a legit iPhone stud finder then you should consider downloading this app.

Since this app offers paid services, you have more liberty to adjust the feature in the first place. This paid app also offers a series of convenient options, such as adjusting the sensitivity level of the sensor. Thus, the tool will accommodate your needs in the first place.

Other than being a legit app, you can also use the fun mode. As the mode’s name suggests, you can use this app as a prank app as well. By that, you can set the trigger when the app gives you feedback.

All in all, this paid metal detector is a must-have app for all iOS users. Instead of buying a conventional app, it seems like using this paid app can be a better investment option – as long as your phone has met the requirements in the first place.

Download on the App Store

6. Metal Detector for iPhone

Metal Detector for iPhone

You may all agree that all the apps designed for iPhone are mostly user friendly. This metal detector platform also brings user-friendliness on a different level. Despite being a free app, this app comes with a neat yet aesthetically pleasing UI design.

On the other hand, the functions are ample and useful. A lot of elements and aspects are adjustable. Thus, you can use this metal detector app for various purposes effortlessly. All in all, Metal Detector is an excellent stud finder app for iPhone devices.

Download on the App Store

7. Stud Finder for iOS

Stud Finder for iOS

As the app’s name suggests, this tool is specifically designed for iPhone – and its friends. Thus, when it comes to the stud finder apps for iPhone then you should consider using this tool before looking elsewhere. You can detect studs effortlessly. The only lacking thing about detector is that you cannot detect other types of objects.

Download on the App Store

8. Stud Finder Detector by Guylyhey

Stud Finder Detector by Guylyhey

You can say that Guylyhev has created and developed the best free stud finder app on the Play Store. By using this app, you can turn your smartphone into something more useful during a project – one of them is being a metal detector.

This app will help you to detect any metal that is stuck behind a mirror, plasterboard, drywall, and many more. Of course, there is no need to buy a stud detector in the first place. Still, you have to make sure that your phone has a magnetometer sensor. Without that sensor, it will be a bit difficult to be a metal detector in the first place.

This stud finder detector comes up with three different indicators for different purposes. All in all, you can use this app to accommodate your needs before starting a construction project.

Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

9. Metal Detector EMF

Metal Detector EMF

Do iPhone stud finder apps work? Yes, they do – but it depends on which app you are using in the first place. Metal Detector EMF, on the other hand, is a tool specifically designed for iOS devices. Thus, whether you are using an iPhone or iPad, this tool will work fine.

Once you download and install the app, the system will run its functions automatically. If the machine detects some kind of magnet thing then a notification will show up on your screen. EMF’s metal detector tool is a free app. So, why don’t you give it a try?

Download on the App Store

10. Stud Detector to Detect Metal

Stud Detector to Detect Metal

On the other hand, if you are looking for a stud finder app for Android then you should consider the US Apps’ app. This platform is specifically created for Android phones. 

Stud Detector from the US App comes with more complex features and functions while being a free platform. You will find that this app will show so much data on your screen but it won’t interfere with how easy and effortless this app to use.

Just like the previous app on this list, this detector comes with an audio trigger. Thus, every time the system finds metal substances then the sound will beep annoyingly. 

Despite being a free platform, the functions are as effective as other paid apps. It is safe to say that this detector tool is reliable.

Download on Google Play

11. coreSpecs


coreSprecs is always part of top stud finder apps in the entire universe, whether you are using iOS or Android phones. This platform is free but you can always upgrade the features and functions by using the Pro version. It costs USD3.99.

On the other hand, if all you need is a reliable app that helps you to detect metals and other similar apps on any kind of environment, then you should consider coreSpecs as your tool. This tool is an excellent app because it has every aspect you need from a metal or stud finder.

However, this app doesn’t work on just any phone. Other than only compatible with the Android system, your phone needs to have a magnetometer in the first place. If your phone has that spec then you can use coreSpecs effortlessly on your phone.

Download on Google Play

12. Metal and Gold Detector

Metal and Gold Detector

Are you looking for a free stud finder app for Android that comes up with advanced features? If so then you should consider using the Metal and Gold Detector app created and developed by TownHouse.

As the app’s name suggests, this platform is created to detect metal and other similar things in your surroundings. The app works effortlessly and prettily. For instance, you only need to put an item behind your phone and the app will detect whether or not it is metal.

Other than that, the app can detect the presence of metal in 30 centimeters of proximity. The only thing that makes this app a bit odd is its obsolete UI design. Still, the functions and features are way more interesting.

Download on Google Play

13. G-Detect


On the other hand, if you are looking for a robust platform that allows you to detect studs and metals then you should consider trying G-Detect. This metal detector is among studs finder apps that deliver excellent services in many ways.

Once you’ve downloaded and installed this app on your phone, the system will integrate with your phone’s map. Later, you can collect and catalog all the findings by using images. The system will send statistical reports instantly.

Of course, using a spreadsheet might be a good idea when it comes to cataloging. Yet, G-Detect will make the entire thing prettier while the results are accurate. This app offers free services but you can always get better features by upgrading your plan. The paid version costs up to USD5.99.

Download on Google Play

Are there stud finder apps that actually work and show accurate results? Of course, there are names and apps that you may want to take a look at. Several apps are even worth considering – even though they are free.

Thus, if you want to know the accuracy of each app, it is better to give each of them a try, right? And that’s a wrap – this is everything you need to know about the best stud finder apps that will turn your smartphone into a legit detector app. To pick a specific app, you better try each app in the first place. That free plan is always tempting, after all.

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